Character Creation for FS 2

I am wondering what are the rules if you wanted to create your own character rather than picking an archetype?


I don't think there are rules for that, you'd have to just try some stuff out and wing it :slight_smile:

Isaac is right, there aren't any rules for that. However, I made a 'generic template' which allows you to basically build your own PC. You can find it in the New Archetypes thread. If you do use it, please come back and let me know what you think - what you liked, didn't like, what you'd change, etc.. I'm always looking for constructive criticism.


You could also throw any new character types you make up here on the forums. Plenty of folk here know the system really well and I'm sure would be able to give pointers on any changes that might suit.

I find that the character types in the book cover nearly anything though, just some changes to the character description can cover a whole lot. :slight_smile:


Right now Ive seen I can create a Sin-eater character too.
Ill be able to play as Sin-eater when the new character sheet will be operative?