Character Creation for Imreai

From what I can see, you seem to be missing 4 xp.

Childhood (0-5): 45 xp

  • English 5: free
  • Second Sight 1: free
  • Area Lore 1: 5 xp
  • Awareness 2: 15 xp
  • Folk Ken 1: 5 xp
  • Stealth 1: 5 xp
  • Swim 2: 15 xp

Early life (6-7): 30 xp

  • Latin 3: 30 xp

Apprenticeship (8-23): 240 xp / only 236 spent

  • Latin 3 to 4: +20 xp
  • Craft 2: 15 xp
  • Artes Liberales 1: 5 xp
  • Philosophiae 1: 5 xp
  • Code of Hermes 1: 5 xp
  • Finesse 1: 5 xp
  • Magic Theory 4: 34 xp (x1.5 for Affinity = 51)
  • Parma Magica 1: 5 xp
  • Cr 3: 6 xp
  • In 7: 28 xp
  • Mu 4: 10 xp
  • Pe 3: 6 xp
  • Re 8: 36 xp
  • Aq 6: 21 xp
  • Au 2: 3 xp
  • Ig 1: 1 xp
  • Te 6: 21 xp
  • Vi 4: 10 xp

My comments (feel free to ignore any or all of them):

  • Considering your spell selection, Iris has very little use for Creo and Perdo at this time. These points would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Considering Elemental Magic, it would be surprising for Iris to have a score of only 1 in any of the elemental Arts.
  • The Craft score is stil very low. Puissant helps bring up the total, but Verditius pride themselves on their craft skill. Right now Puissant only gives you the equivalent of 35 xp. Any of the xp-boosting virtues would provide you with a greater benefit initially (though this changes over time as your skill in Craft increases).
  • Note that a score in Penetration doesn't help when enchanting items. It is still a useful ability, but less so for a Verditius since they often rely on items for their greatest magical effects.
  • If you selected the spell Gather the Magical Essence because of the vis-harvesting nature of the chapter house, feel free to spend those spell levels elsewhere. Most magi find that Gather the Essence of the Beast useful enough, while just as many simply have their grogs bring the whole carcass home with them. This will also be a spell that is easy to learn when the saga starts.
  • All of your combat spells are Terram-based. You also have 3 of them, which may be overkill for a maga right out of Gauntlet. Consider that Iris doesn't know any defensive spell and very little in the way of general utility spells.

Iris of Brocolitia

Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre -2, Com +1, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik -1

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Elemental Magic, Hermetic Magus, Lesser Immunity (Drowning), Strong Undine Blood (Underwater Actions: +2) [Physical Quirk: Eyes without irises], Second Sight*, Affinity with Magic Theory, Puissant Silversmith, Inventive Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3), Verditius Magic*, Fury - when enchanting ability or creations are mocked (Enraged: +3 damage, -1 on all other scores), Weak Magic Resistance (When Hair is Dry), Driven (Become respected in the order - wipe away the stain of my Parens), No Sense of Direction, Infamous Master, Covenant Upbringing

Personality Traits: Inquisitive +2, Mercurial +3, Pensive +1

Reputations: Parens Stole Vis (Among magi) 3

Abilities: Area Lore: Northumberland 1 (Rivers), Artes Liberales 1 (astronomy), Awareness 2 (searching), English 5 (expansive vocabulary), Folk Ken 1 (magi), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Magic Theory 5 (enchanting items), Parma Magica 1 (Vim), Philosophiae 1 (natural philosophy), Second Sight 1 (regiones), Silversmith 3+2 (Jewelry) , Stealth 1 (In Water), Swim 2+2 (underwater maneuvering)

Arts: Cr 2, In 7, Mu 5, Pe 0, Re 7, An 0, Aq 6, Au 2, Co 0, He 0, Ig 2, Im 0, Me 0, Te 6, Vi 2

Spells Known:

Lungs of the Fish (MuAq(Au) 20) +13
Push of the Gentle Wave (ReAq 15) +15
Broom of the Winds (CrAu 15) +6
The Miner's Keen Eye (InTe 20) +15
The Crystal Dart (Mu(Re)Te 10) +13
Heat of the Searing Forge (CrIg 10) +6
Piercing the Magical Veil (InVi 20) +11
Intuition of the Forest (InHe 10) +9

Ok -Ive bumped up both Magic Theory and Craft by one - I know silversmith's base is only 3 but puissant brings it up to 5 so she's as good as anyone can be at her age without either puissant or affinity - which seems fine to me, she could be better but it would be a case of stealing EXP from Peter to pay Paul.... so I'm ok with this as is, she can improve this in game by practice or finding someone to teach her (which could make for an interesting story?)

Everything looks fine, except perhaps her spell selection.

She still seem heavy in offensive spells to me and has no defensive spell. You might want to consider Circling Winds of Protection as a fairly nice defensive spell. But that's really up to you! :slight_smile:

Piercing the Magical Veil has a bit of overlap with Second Sight, but since her score in Per + Second Sight total is low I can understand the choice.

If you are satisfied with the character, go ahead and create the final version in its own topic, named "Maga: Iris of Verditius" (you can include Brocolitia as well if you want, but I want the House name to appear in the name of the topic). Include a finalized background (make any adjustment you feel justified based on the new stats).

Take some time to think about her shield grog. He/she will need to be statted out as well (start in this topic), though that shouldn't be as time-intensive as the maga herself. When that's done, I'll start you up with an introductory story as soon as I can.


I unfortunately cannot learn it as character creation says I can only learn spells with a level of Te+Fo+MT+Int+3 according to the book (so CrAu would be 2+2+5+3+3 = 15) I will have a look at replacing Pearce the Magic veil with a more defensive spell if I can find one - or I will look at creating one myself and get your approval

True enough. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, your character is heavy in offensive spells. Yous should consider removing one of the offensive spells instead of Piercing the Magical Veil in order to get one (or two low-level) defensive spells.

Something like Doublet of Impenetrable Silk works for your grogs too and makes a nice enchanted effect.

I'll revise some of the spells and post the full character some time tomorrow

My idea for a shield grog is Brynn, a gregarious albino musician. Unable to hold down any kind of regular work both because of his temperament and because of the fact that as an Albino he seems to draw negative attention if his is in one place for any period of time. Brynn is a relentlessly cheerful character who can't hold down a stable job and so makes money traveling and entertaining - he probably fell in with Iris when he found a way of 'working' in the covenant she was apprenticed in without actually having to do any work - He's followed Iris because he has some loyalty to her - though he will not actually admit that and claims that he was getting bored and his innate wanderlust has again claimed him so he quite fancies a trip to Germany.

Brynn the White
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Pre +2, Com 0, Str +1, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +1

Size: 0
Age: 24 (24), Gender: Male

Virtues : Puissant Music, Improved Characteristics, Wanderer, Warrior (50/50)
Flaws : Carefree, Disfigured (Albino), Ability Block (Crafts and Manual Labour)
Personality Traits: Brave +1, Gregarious +3, Loyal +3

Dodge: Init: +1, Attack --, Defense +3, Damage --
Axe & Shield, Round: Init: +1, Attack +10, Defense +8, Damage +7
Fist: Init: +1, Attack +4, Defense +4, Damage +1
Kick: Init: +0, Attack +3, Defense +2, Damage +4

Soak: +2

Abilities: Area Lore: Norfolk 2 (legends), Awareness 3 (keeping watch), Brawl 2 (Fist), Charm 3 (Patrons), English 5 (storytelling), Folk Ken 4 (Patrons), German 2 (storytelling), Music 5+2 (sing), Guile 2, Single Weapon 4 (Shield, Round), Stealth 3 (natural areas), French 4(Story Telling), Teaching 1 (Music)

Shield, Round (Init: 0; Atk: 0; Dfn: +2; Str: -1; Cost: Inexpensive)
Axe (Init: +1; Atk: +10; Dfn: +8; Dmg: +7; Cost: Standard)
Encumbrance: 1 (2)

Welcome Imreai! I look forward to when your characters join the covenant. I do have some questions about Iris' and Brynn's Presence scores though, to help fill in some gaps in my mental picture of these people. Firstly, what is it about Iris' appearance or demeanor that causes her to be so uncompelling (Presence = -2). Secondly, with Brynn, you've taken the Disfigured flaw, and then given him a presence of +2, so the flaw is substantially mitigated. What is it about Brynn that allows him to almost overcome the negative impacts of his extreme whiteness?

Hi Emelric,

For Iris Im seeing her as having a rather weak charisma and having problems with social interactions with strangers thanks to her covenant upbringing - particularly as she has lived almost all her life with people who have gotten used to her gift, interactions with people being rude or innately disliking her are going to be even more shocking for her. I also see her as being very deferential and self conscious, so whilst she will put forward ideas she will not push them unless someone else also seizes on it.
Physically I see her looking quite meek - usually very reserved, and a little shy - which is going to make it all the more shocking when she finally succumbs to her fury flaw and tries to tear someone's face off with her bare hands.

For Brynn I'm imagining that his presence represents the incredibly gregarious and friendly nature he has - I'm seeing him as having had to work all his life to overcome peoples immediate reaction to his albinism so I'm seeing him as having to always convince people to accept him, but once that has happened his force of personality will allow him to ingratiate himself in spite of his albinism .
I see him being almost aggressively friendly, first to offer a drink, crack a joke, always trying to diffuse any situation with humor. Once he has managed to break the ice his personality and skills should allow him to be accepted - but it is something he has to work for all the time.

I hope that makes sense as to why I gave the characters the

Coming up short on Brynn's xp. Looks to me like he should have an additional 35 xp in his abilities.

With all this travelling, this would make sense in various Area Lore. Depending on how long he has spent at a covenant, then some Organization Lore: Order of Hermes might also make sense. Other abilities he would have been likely to pick up during his wanderings are Carouse and Bargain.

I'm still getting this as correct - age is 24 so he should have 45 for childhood and then ((24-5)x 15)+50(Warrior) exp - Total experience to spend being 380 - which is what I have spent?

English 5 - free
Area Lore (Norfolk) 2 - 15xp
Awareness 3 - 30xp
Brawl 2 - 15xp
Charm 3 - 30xp
Folk Ken 4 - 50xp
German 2 - 15xp
Music 5+2 - 75xp
Guile 2 - 15xp
Single Weapon 4 - 50xp
Stealth 3 - 30xp
French 4 - 50xp
Teaching 1 -5xp

Total - 380

I can look to move some XP into additional area lores and carouse and bargaining - just want to make sure i have the total XP i should be spending correct first

You're right, my mistake! I made some errors when putting things into my spreadsheet.

Ok - revised skills taking into account what you said

Area Lore: Norfolk 2 (legends), Area Lore: Champaign 2 (legends), Area Lore: Flanders 2 (legends), Awareness 2 (keeping watch), Bargain 2 (In Taverns), Brawl 2 (Fist), Carouse 2 (drinking songs), Charm 3 (Patrons), English 5 (storytelling), Folk Ken 3 (Patrons), French 4 (storytelling), German 2 (storytelling), Guile 2 (fast talk), Leadership 2 (inspiration), Music 4+2 (sing), Single Weapon 4 (Shield, Round), Stealth 2 (natural areas), Teaching 1 (Music)

Not sure if the specialty for Bargain is OK - otherwise do these look ok?

Yes, thanks for the additional background. Definitely makes sense.

Looks good to me, even the Bargain specialty. I assume "Champaign" is actually Champagne? If you want to pick a location that may be more useful for the saga, I would suggest Lorraine -- it is still a French-speaking area but it's also part of the Holy Roman Empire and the Rhine Tribunal.

Note that German should be Low German, as per GotF p.138.

Sounds good, I will change area lore to Lorraine - Ill also note low German for the German.

You can put Brynn's final stats on the Grogs and Covenfolk topic.

Do you have any preference on the nature of the introductory story for Iris? I like to run a story for each magus character before they arrive at the covenant/chapter house. That way, both I and the player gets more familiar with the character's capabilities and personality.

Do you have any preference on the nature of the introductory story for Iris? I like to run a story for each magus character before they arrive at the covenant/chapter house. That way, both I and the player gets more familiar with the character's capabilities and personality.

As a note regarding Iris' listed personal possessions, she needs a seperate casting tool for each of her spells. It would probably be better to note the tool after each spell, rather than using the section on personal possessions.

EDIT: All of her casting tools could be bracelets, of course, but if she learns too many spells she may not be able to wear all of them at the same time.

I wasn't seeing her casting tools as individual bracelets, but individual charms on a charm bracelet.

As for adventures I'm not really sure, I prefer to stay away from combat in general and enjoy either more political stories or more mystery stories - an idea may be playing with how others in the order see Iris though the reputation and how that is affecting her life as a magus?

Is she carrying all the charms on a single bracelet? I short description of each charm might be interesting, though not critical. :slight_smile:

(nods) I'll try to figure something out along those lines. :slight_smile:

Not sure I'll be able to start the story today, but I will try to get this out as soon as possible.