Character Creation for Julia (OOC)

She has had that since gauntlet. I thought she'd be one of those people who look younger than they are, probably because of her fairy blood. Plus, I've since learned that Venus blessing doesn't make a woman look younger, but that is the joie-de-vivre that makes us attractive (good for me :smiley: ).
I just improvised it - I didn't use any rules or rituals. I thought it didn't change anything anyway, especially for someone as skilled as she is with Imaginem. If it bugs you, I'll change it of course.

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I've just learned about the 32000 character per post limit. That's why I need 2 posts for her background story.

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I think you have overlooked this - is that an okay solution for her "gap" season between 1204 and 1205?

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Oh, and please give me some more posts to structure my sheet thread!

How dos invisibility work with clothes and dirty clothes? How about carried items?

EDIT: Sheet is more orderly now

Invisibility of clothing and dirty clothing?

There are many possible situations:

  • Clothing worn by a person is a part of the individual, so all the clothes worn become invisible with the person.
  • Small items being worn or carried are also part of an the individual. That includes personal weapons, a bag being carried. Even a small familiar sitting on your shoulder or held in your arms. As a general guideline, so long as the total of what you carry doesn't exceed half your weight or your volume, I'd say it is invisibly along with you.
  • By itself, an item of clothing is an Individual, so it can be targeted by a R:Touch (or higher) invisibility spell.
  • Dirt on an item of clothing is not T:Ind, but T:Part. So the standard spell Veil of Invisibility cannot target just the dirt or stains on an item of clothing, leaving the item visible but not the dirt.
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I'd like to create a shield grog for Eikona next

I'm thinking of a crusader who realized he was fighting for the wrong side. Eikona ran into him when returning the vis to Michael's Tabula. He was berating himself in French. He feels that protecting her is some kind of penance for things he did in the war.
He won't be the best soldier, but he'll be able to speak German.

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Works for me. I can transfer the post directly to the Grogs and Covenfolk thread and reference him in the Inhabitants from the covenant thread, if you want.

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Done. Feel free to create more grogs or covenfolk, either that Eikona brings with her, or who already live at the covenant.

You can also now introduce your maga in the First Wave story.

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I'm still reading into the other characters, but I'll write an ic post tonight.

I think I'd like to create a companion of sorts, as independent of Eikona as possible, someone more martial, a hunter, probably. But I'll need a day or two until I have the idea sorted in my head. He'll be out hunting or scouting or whatever, so there's no need to rush him (her?).

Let's see if one of the other magi would find that companion a good fit. Show of hands! :smiley:

I didn't want to pressure you, but my quarantine makes me creative. Maybe a new vis source is more urgent? Or a specific role at the covenant? I think, I'm good at ideas and mediocre at rules-intensive things.

There should be any number of misfits living at the covenant, as Leonardus gathered them there to give them a place to live in peace. An example is the servant Mathias, who doesn't speak (he is not actually mute). Many of them may be getting old, after all it's been over seven years since Leonardus was last there, but may have had children. Others may be touched by magic in some ways (although probably not downright magical characters) that makes them ill-suited to mundane society.

Feel free to offer suggestions. We probably won't need stats for most of them (servants and craftspeople), so a general description may be enough for those.

At a minimum, there are half a dozen grogs already there, as well as double that number of laborers, servants, etc. The (aging) stone cutter and her family, including at least a pair of (sons who are probably chaffing at the bit and would like to leave and see the world). A carpenter.

There may have been a glassworker who lived here in the past, making the multiple stained glass windows that adorn the covenant in many places. Is he still alive? If not, is his shop still there and is one of his apprentice trying to continue his work?

Have fun! I may nix some of the ideas, but that is unlikely.

Eikona's lab is on the southern side of the covenant. It consists of a large room with windows and a fireplace. Here she has hung her mirrors all over the walls. To a casual observer, this seems to be it.
Only if you go inside the fireplace, which is just under 4 feet high, you see that a short passage leads on to a small door with the sanctum marker.
Behind that door, there is a miniature standard lab, too small for most magi to use comfortably, but just the right size for Eikona and Renardine.

Free virtue: Studio: +3 Aesthetics
Free flaw: Disguised: -1 Aesthetics
Minor flaw (replaces basic): Diminuitive: no consequences unless someone enters the lab who isn't supposed to

Total: +2 Aesthetics (adds to her Artistic talent reputation, but is not enough to change it to the next level)

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Don't know if you're still leaning this way, but this could be a good fit for Perion. I'm imagining your companion helping Perion get to all sorts of remote and dangerous magical locations, as well as helping him keep an eye on things going on around the valley.

Away from the books un til Monday or Tuesday, but I might create someone. Do you want the companion to be socially competent (otherwise it could be some sort of major fairie blooded being). The socially competent version would probably be a shapeshifter.

Bit of a busy week on my end, but I think this is best left to your preference. I think it would be interesting to see what you come up with for a "guide" kind of character, and then figuring out why Perion might end up seeking them out or running across them. Socially competent sounds like a good fit for Perion given his Blatant Gift. Socially "competent" for Perion might as well just be any normal person almost, so it also gives you a pretty broad range to work with.

Idea for story in 1207: Eikona left Constantinople, but maybe Constantinople didn't let go of Eikona? I was thinking of her being summoned back for the Tribunal, either as:

  • a defendant (more political story)
  • a witness (not so political)

I'm not so much of a politician, but I'd love to have her say goodbye to Thebes