The Covenant of Tugurium

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Covenant Description

About 30 miles southwest of Basel, along the Brise river and nestled in the Jura mountains, is the town of Laimunt. South of Laimunt is the village of Chastellion; southe of Chastellion is a little valley where several small streams merge to form a larger one that flows through Chastelion and into the Birse.

Leonardus of Jerbiton, when he first discovered the valley, initiated the construction of a manor house at the spot where the aura was strongest, adjacent to a small waterfall. Construction continued over the years, expanding the manor house with additional structures for the mundanes who lived there permanently, but also room for additional magi for a future covenant.

But, before construction was finished, Leonardus apparently suffered from an experience that affected his mind permanently (perhaps Twilight). It made him confused about the overall plan. He had the workers stop some of the work, add differents wings that sometimes made little sense, tear down parts of the structure and add some independent buildings with no apparent purpose, as well as create decorative elements that clashed with each other.

The result is a fairly chaotic collection of buildings centered around a manor house that sprawls out in erratic ways, with a confusing floor plan. Corridors that circle around a room to reach its door, a flight of stairs that lead nowhere, a half-finished square tower, columns, terraces and gardens (that are either bare or growing unchecked) are all elements of the structure. With so few mundanes present, an ever-changing focus to their work and the absence of full-time occupants, certain parts of the covenant have fallen into disrepair.

There is a magical oak tree of huge proportions growing in the valley, lumpy and twisted. The magical aura is strong there, but strangely enough this is not where it is strongest. That occurs about sixty paces away, near the waterfall. A narrow opening in the cliff face lead to a large cave (the opening is now inside the manor house). There are a few tunnels leading to secondary caves, but one does not notice them immediately.

For on the jumbled rocks to one side of the cave is a something completely incongruous - a Roman galley, broken in half. Wrapped around it is a petrified sea serpent, its body as thick as a man is tall and its head raised in a soundless roar.

Covenant Boons and Hooks

External Relations

  • Tribunal Border (major hook) - The covenant is located at the collective border of three Tribunals (Rhine, Normandy and Greater Alps), with all having some claims to that territory and its vis sources.
  • Local Ally (minor boon) - The old magus had made a deal with the Telsberg family, providing some magic (perhaps even a minor longevity ritual) in exchange for their assistance and rights to build the covenant where it is. The family remains an ally of the Heir (and thus the covenant), though they might expect some occasional magical help.
  • Favors (minor hook) - If we want the three filii of the old magus to have a minor role to play in the saga we could pick this hook.


  • Aura (minor boon) x2 - I think an aura of +5 makes sense, considering the remote location of the covenant and the plentiful vis sources.
  • Poorly Defensible (minor hook) - The chaotic buildings and the fact that the covenant is at the foot of a cliff make it difficult to defend the covenant against mundane attacks.


  • Manor House (free) - The main building.
  • Important Buildings (minor boon) - To represent the additional wings, the towers, etc.
  • Crumbling/Outbuildings (minor hook) - Several parts of the covenant are in poor condition. Plus, the covenfolk live in their own houses near the covenant buildings, adding to the confusing state. I don't think those issues warrant seperate hooks, so I would suggest combining them into a single hook.


  • Vis Grant (minor boon) - This is how the Heir recruited the magi of the covenant, by promising them a share of the raw vis harvested by the covenant.
  • Right (minor boon) - Our main source of income is recognized by mundane authorities and secure.
  • Contested Resource (minor hook) - At least one of the vis sources is known to magi of the nearby Tribunals and they try harvesting it before we do. This could be taken multiple times.


  • Peasants (free) - The villagers of Chastellion can be called on to defend the covenant.
  • Veteran Fighters (minor boon) - A small cadre of experienced grogs is the core of the covenant's defenders.

Covenant Charter



Hermetic Books

Creo: Root summa (L5Q15)
Intellego: Summa (L18Q12)
Muto: Root summa (L5Q15)
Perdo: Nothing
Rego: Root summa (L6Q18)

Animal: Root summa (L6Q20)
Aquam: Nothing
Auram: Nothing
Corpus: Root summa (L5Q15)
Herbam: Root summa (L5Q15)

Ignem: Summa (L15Q15)
Imaginem: Root summa (L5Q15)
Mentem: Root summa (L5Q15)
Terram: Root summa (L5Q15)
Vim: Root summa (L5Q15)

Magic Theory: Summa (L5Q15)

Lab Texts for Spells

Corpus: Gentle Caress of Aesclepius (CrCo 30), The Inexorable Search (InCo 20)
Vim: Scales of the Magical Weight (InVi 5), Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi 5), Piercing the Magical Veil (InVi 20), Wizard’s Communion (MuVi gen/15), Wind of Mundane Silence (PeVi gen/20), Aegis of the Large Hearth (ReVi gen/25, includes a +1 Size magnitude), Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi gen/20), Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi 15)

Casting Tablets:

Vim: Aegis of the Large Hearth (ReVi gen/25, includes a +1 Size magnitude), Wizard’s Vigil (MuVi gen/20)

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Vis Sources


Vis Reserves







  • Julius the Steward: An awakened magical item imprinted with the personality of a Roman grammarian and geographer.

Grogs and Covenfolk

  • Louis, a youth rescued by Clusius (being trained as a grog as of 1200 A.D.)
  • Adeline, a young scribe