Companion: Thorsten the Jotun (Stats)

For the companion's stats. Played by Vortigern.


Virtues & Flaws


V: Cautious: Single Weapon (1), Essential Virtue: Strength/Killing Blows (1), Inspirational (1), Large (1), Magic Blood: Human: Jotun-Blood (1), Mercenary Captain (1), Puissant: Leadership (1), Puissant: Single Weapon (1), Tough (1), Unaging (1)


F: Curse of Venus (3), Slow Reflexes (1), Proud (1), Uncertain Faith (1), Uncontrollable Strength (1), Wrathful (3)

Personal Details

Starting Age: 39


Confidence: 1 (3)

Warping: Zero

Personality Traits:

Loyal: +3
Brave: +3
Methodical: +1
Cautious: -2



Thorsten is from a remote and small village in Norway that he hasn't seen in over twenty years, since he left seeking his fortune. A place untouched by time almost where he received a very traditional norse upbringing. As a warrior abroad and adhering to the old ways Thorsten's innate prowess came repeatedly to the notice of others, and as he achieved greater reputation and ability both he followed the offers of greater spoils and glory south and east. Eventually recruited into the elite Varangians of Byzantium he dwelled there and served the Empire with honor for nearly fifteen years up until the recent troubles and occupation.

For several years prior to these events Thorsten came to have a relationship with the Magi of Thermakopolis, recruiting and leading his fellow Varangians in moonlighting as security for the Covenant. During this time he developed a stronger bond with Belisarius, participating in several adventures and exploits with the Magus, to the point where when the Magus quit The City in the occupation Thorsten unquestioningly gathered a retinue to join him.



Big, muscular, with fiery red hair. Thorsten is an imposing and scarred figure from his many battles and wounds. While the history of wounds is written across him it is plain that he unflinchingly endured much that would have felled a lesser man. A brooding heavy brow projects a certain power and confidence, augmented by a thickly braided beard whose red is only slightly darker than that on his head. A significant gravitas and only partially contained aggression hangs heavily in his every movement.



Int: -1
Per: -1

Str: +3
Sta: +2

Prs: +1
Com: 0

Dex: +2
Qik: -1



Norse (Spc: East): 5 (Native)
Greek: (Spc: Romaic) 4 (50xp)

Animal Handling: (Spc: Horses) 1 (5xp)
Athletics: (Spc: Endurance) 3 (30xp)
Awareness: (Spc: Threats) 1 (5xp)
Bargain: (Spc: Mercenary Contracts) 1 (5xp)
Brawl: (Spc: Grapples) 2 (15xp)
Carouse: (Spc: Staying Sober) 1 (5xp)
Charm: (Spc: First Impressions) 1 (5xp)
Chirurgy: (Spc: Binding Wounds) 1 (5xp)
Etiquette: (Spc: Military) 1 (5xp)
Great Weapon: (Spc: Great Sword) 4 (50xp)
Hunt: (Spc: Human Tracks) 3 (30xp)
Leadership: (Spc: Soldiers) 6 (105xp)(+2, Puissant)
Profession: Soldier: (Spc: Siege & Fortifications) 5 (75xp)
Ride: (Spc: Battle) 4 (50xp)
Single Weapon: (Spc: Heater Shield) 5 (75xp)(+2, Puissant)
Survival: (Spc: Mountains)1 (5xp)
Swim: (Spc: Endurance) 1 (5xp)
Teaching: (Spc: Soldiers) 3 (30xp)

Combat Notes

Combat Notes

Dodge: (Init: -1)(Atk: -)(Def: +4)(Dmg: -)
Fist: (Init: -1)(Atk: +4)(Def: +4)(Dmg: +6)
Kick: (Init: -2)(Atk: +4)(Def: +3)(Dmg: +9)
Dagger: (Init: -1)(Atk: +6)(Def: +4)(Dmg: +9)
Sword, Long: (Init: +1)(Atk: +13)(Def: +10)(Dmg: +12)
Heater Shield: (Init: -1)(Atk: +10)(Def: +13)(Dmg: +6)
Sword, Great: (Init: +1)(Atk: +12)(Def: +9)(Dmg: +15)

Soak, Unarmored: +5
Soak, Chain, Partial: +11
Soak, Chain, Full: +14

Fatigue Levels: (Fresh)(Winded)(Weary: -1)(Tired: -3)(Dazed: -5)(Unconscious)
Wound Penalties: L(-1/1-6), M(-2/7-12), H(-3/13-18), I(19-24)

Encumbrance, Unarmored: Zero
Encumbrance, Chain, Partial: Zero
Encumbrance, Chain, Full: Zero (Potentially 1, adding Great Sword)

Significant Gear

Significant Gear

Daggers x 2 (Belt, Boot)
Sword, Long (Load 1)
Heater Shield (Load 2)
Sword, Great (Load 2)(Not usually carried.)

Chain, Partial (Load 4)
Chain, Full (Load 6)(Not usually worn.)

Advancement Log

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