Character Creation for Kareatosys (OOC)

To discuss the creation of all of Kareatosys's characters (magus, companion, grogs, familiar, apprentices). This includes the concept, drafts, background, advancement, lab work, etc.

Final versions of the characters will have their own topic.

So, l would like to play with Merinita Glamour mystery and a warrior-like character, who will be all kind and benevolent mystical knight.
So, what everyone think of this particular Mystery?

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It's a fun Mystery. It's lacking in clarity beyond the base, but I think it can be sorted out pretty well by adding magnitudes any time you would in another case, assuming the base does the minimum to do its thing. E.g. creating a Glamour fire would do +5 damage at the given base, and then could be increased by adding more magnitudes.

If no one else is doing it, I could probably run Merinita initiations. I'm more focused on Tremere and the Lotharingian Tribunal, so if someone else has particular Merinita interests, go for it. But Merinita is so separate from what I'm doing that there won't be interference.

Other thing is that l'm interested in starting with this Mystery (from starting allowance of Virtues, of course).

I have no issue with this as long as you take the appropriate flaw (which I'm sure was your intent).

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Go for it :slight_smile:

Unlike House Verditius, where a score of 5 in the house lore is expected for Major Inner Mysteries, I think House Merinita doesn't have any significant requirement in house lore, just the standard minimum of 1. Unlike others, Glamour does say it is always accompanied by a particular Flaw (Vulnerable Magic), though.

Do note that we are starting advanced, so you could potentially pick it up over those years rather than during apprenticeship if you would prefer.

lt could be done either way, true.
l will think some more at weekends.

You do need some pretty good arts in Creo/muto/imaginem to get a lot of mileage out of glamours. The base effect starts at 10, and it only goes up from there with increased complexity. A friend of mine has been using it in the other saga I'm in, and his maga stacks an applicable focus and cyclic magic to get the higher totals needed for those glamours.

It's certainly not a huge obstacle later on in your magus' career, but early on your glamours might be a little limited.

That's fair, but that's all right.

Starting with a higher Base also means its harder to achieve Penetration, so it balances out the broad application of the limited number of Arts needed.

I'm good with it.

What do you think, "Glamour" is a major or minor focus?
l think, there's some example, but l can't find one.

I think the closest canonically listed one is a Major Magical Focus in illusions. The tricky thing with Glamour is that, while it's only two guidelines, those two guidelines subsume a great many guidelines from a great many Forms. So technically it's somewhere between narrower than necessary for a Minor Magical Focus and nearly four times (two guidelines cover 2x10=20 nearly entire TeFo combos) as broad as the maximum allowed for a Major Magical Focus.

In my saga, the glamor character has a Major Focus in "Phantasms" meaning big illusion/apparition stuff in imaginem, which we take to include some glamors.

Glamour is used as a Major Magical Focus for Scipio in Magi of Hermes (p.118, Scipio +30).

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l think, Focus like Hugo's from MoH (Weapon and Armor) would suffice as l'm mostly going to create those kinds of stuff. Or, rather, as l'm mostly going to find a lot of uses for it.
Does that sound good?

l'm thinking of Lesser Immunity (Lightning) as it is lethal, but very rare occasion. What everyone think about it?

I think it is used in the corebook - and thus totally legit.


Yeah, l should look at examples in core more often :sweat_smile:


Gentle Gift
Affinity with Creo
Affinity with Imaginem
Immunity (Lightning)
Focus (Weapon and armor)
Gift of Tongues
Affinity with Brawl

l'm thinking, character would have Legacy (HoHTL) to some Greek hero with relation to lightning and unarmed combat (they often were into it), but now l'm stuck on Focus: which one l actually want for this...
Maybe, l should (could l?) take Major Focus instead of Gentle Gift and make Gentle Gift astrological mutable per Mysteries p.37-38...