Character Creation for Red-Shadow-Claws

You can always just put the information in the post where you launch it, like you did in your test post:

Yeah, but i meant in cases when you want to do several rolls at the same time, so the discobot answers tells you which is each one :open_mouth: But well, we will just need to do it with some care, and if we roll several, we just pick them in order of mention :wink:

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Before I continue, especially with a posisble spell experimentation, I wanted to take a snapshot of Celeste at this point.

At the end of 1201

Name: Celeste of Merinita, fillia of Lambert of Merinita
Gender: Female
Age: 29 (gauntlet at 27, apprenticeship starts 12)
Size: 0
Personality: Friendly+3, Violent -2, Optimistic +3
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs. (67 kg)
Sigil: Shadowy Crows
Soak: +1 (+2 Corpus, +1 Herbam, +1 Imaginem, +3 Mentem, +1 Vim)
MR: 5, Corpus 16, Herbam 6, Imaginem 10, Mentem 20, Vim 6
Combat: Dodge, Ini +1, Attack -, Defense +1, Damage -

Characteristic Score
Intelligence +2
Perception +1
Presence +3
Communication +1
Strength -2
Stamina +1
Dexterity +0
Quickness +1
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Hermetic 0
Hermetic Magus Free hermetic 0
Faerie Magic Minor General 0 House Virtue
Affinity with Mentem Minor Hermetic 1
Minor Magical Focus (Ghosts) Mnior Hermetic 1
Skilled Parens Minor Hermetic 1
Faerie Blood (Sidhe) Minor Supernatural 1
Deft Mentem Minor Hermetic 1
Gild Trained Minor Hermetic 1 Linden Gild
Venus' Blessing Minor General 1
Gentle Gift Major Hermetic 3
Total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Unimaginative Learner Minor Hermetic 1
Incompatible Arts Minor Hermetic 1 Rego Imaginem, Rego Animal
Offensive to Animals Minor General 1
Covenant Upbringing Minor Personality 1
Optimistic Major Personality 3
Plagued by Supernatural Being Major Story 3 Mother's Ghost
Total 10

General Abilities

Ability Specialty Score XP
High German Bohemia 5 0 (Native language)
Covenant Lore: Irencillia Politics 2 15
Order of Hermes Lore Politics 2 15
Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal Covenants 1 5
Awareness Alertness 2 15
Bargain Faeries 2 15
Charm First Impressions 3 32
Etiquette Faeries 3 30
Folk Ken Magi 3 30
Intrigue Alliances 3 30
Guile Fast Talk 2 15
French Lorain 2 15
Leadership Inspiration 2 15
Survival Forest 1 5

Academic Abilities

Ability Specialty Score XP
Artes Liberales Ceremonial Casting 1 5
Latin Hermetic Usage 4 50
Philosophiae Ceremonial Casting 1 5

Arcane Abilities

Ability Specialty Score XP
Code of Hermes Political Intrigue 2 15
House Merinita Lore Initiating Others 1 5
Faerie Lore Faerie Forests 2 16
Faerie Magic Charm Magic 2 13
Magic Theory Mentem 3 30
Parma Magica Corpus 1 5
Penetration Mentem 2 19
Art Score XP
Creo 5 15
Intellego 6 21
Muto 6 21
Perdo 6 25
Rego 6 23
Corpus 6 26
Herbam 1 1
Imaginem 5 15
Mentem 15 83(124.5)
Vim 1 1
Spell CT Level Notes
The Inexorable Search +13 InCo20
The Succubus's Trick +13 MuCo5
Step Sideways +13 ReCo15
Aura of Ennobled Presence +12 MuIm10
Sight of the Transparent Motive +22 InMe10
Posing the Silent Question +22 InMe20
Thoughts Within Babble +22 InMe25
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit +28 PeMe5 Ghost Focus
Loss of But a Moment's Memory +22 PeMe15
Confusion of the Numbed Will +22 ReMe15
Aura of Rightful Authority +22 ReMe20
Coerce the Spirits of the Night +28 ReMe20 Ghost Focus
Voices from Hollow Places +28 ReMe25 Ghost Focus
Unseen Arm +7 ReTe5
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I've created a character stats' topic for your magus. Put his final stats there at the time of his Gauntlet.

  • First post should always be his current stats
  • Second post should be his advancement log
  • Third post should be for custome spells he has
  • Additional posts can contain past versions of his stats (for example if you want to keep a snapshot of him at Gauntlet and another one at the start of play), description of his lab, enchantments of crafts, additional details, etc.

Once that is done, then you can start on the first year (only) of pre-play advancement here (not with the stats). Let us review that before you keep going. You can start with just a single season, or do the whole year if you prefer. Then we'll comment on it and give you the go ahead for additional years. That gives us a chance to check for assumptions before there are too many layers built on top of something that might need to be adjusted.

Your maga is a time traveller! :wink:


Quick! Buy Bitcoins!

Spring 1200: Should get 2 xp of exposure while inventing the spell.

Winter 1200: Should also get 2 xp of exposure while inventing the spell. Learning spells directly from a teacher is not limited to a single TeFo combo in the season -- see ArM5 p.95 "Learning Spells from a Teacher". So she could learn more than one spell -- though some might not be spells should would otherwise feel the need to learn. But it might be fair for Lamberto to ask for more than a single season of service if his seasons are more valuable than Celeste's (since he is older than she is, presumably).

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I will have to see then what Lamberto's Lab total is, and then see what other spells he might teach her.

Since we've already moved away from irencilla, I can have her perform another season of service for him later, not a problem. He travels around.

Teaching spells is unusual, so the second season of service might be something... unusual? :smiling_imp:

I am open to suggestions on what that could be, so I weave it in her backstory.

Hmmm... here's an idea. He needs help wooing a certain lady and convince her of marrying him. But he's bad at social stuff and Celeste looks like she is good at that.

He'd have left the second season of service as "to be determined later", at least until he felt comfortable enough around her not to feel judged. Self-conscious and all.

Do you need more details or is that enough to work into her narrative? :rofl:

Edit: Active help, BTW, not teaching him Etiquette. He's not interested in learning that, he just just wants to move straight to winning the lady over and get her to marry him.

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Note that in Autumn 1200, Lamberto could have asked her to fix the arcane connection during the rest of the season, if he needs it for the long term.

BTW, the seasons of advancement should be posted here for review before being added to the character's topic. It is easier to refer to them when they're in the same topic, and only the final version gets posted in the character topic (instead of going through several edits over there).

Why, Celeste would never insult her Parens by suggesting he needs to learn Etiquette from her...

And all the seasons posted on the other thread, have been posted here first...

Must have been a while ago, or I missed them, for I couldn't remember. :innocent:

Not a problem.

I assumed Lambert as he is presented at 30 years out of Gauntlet, since that's when he has all Arts at 5 at least, was when he took her as an apprentice.
Anyway, regarding Lambert teaching her, his highest Lab Total is InMe, for a total of 44, assuming Aura of 3. Which goes up to 46, since i established that he was teaching her at night (Nocturnal adds +2 to Lab Totals).

Since he used 20 levels to teach her The Inexorable Search, that means he has 26 levels left to teach her.
So, I will add Thoughts Within Babble as another spell he has taught her.

Maybe he taught her that because the lady he planned to ask her to court for him, isn't speaking a language Celeste speaks.

The second spell doesn't have to be relevant. Or rather, it is only relevant inasmuch as Celeste needs to be able to learn it.

The lady might be a mundane, so using a spell to communicate with her might be inappropriate. Or she might be a grog, a giantess, a centaur or even a wolfwere (depending on how silly you want to be about it). Doesn't matter. In the end, what matters is that Celeste will end up spending a lot of time getting to know her, introduce Lamberto to her, negociate, unruffle any feathers (which could even be litteral) and such, for a whole season. At the end of it, she might succeed or not, and Lamberto may be satisfied or not with the result, but the task will have been completed.

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Does this mean that Lencor is approved as presented? Or is there anything that needs to be changed?