Character Creation for Red-Shadow-Claws

Must have been a while ago, or I missed them, for I couldn't remember. :innocent:

Not a problem.

I assumed Lambert as he is presented at 30 years out of Gauntlet, since that's when he has all Arts at 5 at least, was when he took her as an apprentice.
Anyway, regarding Lambert teaching her, his highest Lab Total is InMe, for a total of 44, assuming Aura of 3. Which goes up to 46, since i established that he was teaching her at night (Nocturnal adds +2 to Lab Totals).

Since he used 20 levels to teach her The Inexorable Search, that means he has 26 levels left to teach her.
So, I will add Thoughts Within Babble as another spell he has taught her.

Maybe he taught her that because the lady he planned to ask her to court for him, isn't speaking a language Celeste speaks.

The second spell doesn't have to be relevant. Or rather, it is only relevant inasmuch as Celeste needs to be able to learn it.

The lady might be a mundane, so using a spell to communicate with her might be inappropriate. Or she might be a grog, a giantess, a centaur or even a wolfwere (depending on how silly you want to be about it). Doesn't matter. In the end, what matters is that Celeste will end up spending a lot of time getting to know her, introduce Lamberto to her, negociate, unruffle any feathers (which could even be litteral) and such, for a whole season. At the end of it, she might succeed or not, and Lamberto may be satisfied or not with the result, but the task will have been completed.

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Does this mean that Lencor is approved as presented? Or is there anything that needs to be changed?

While we wait to Arthur, i will say that u still have a companion level familiar, so even if its approved like that u should ask players to play with it. I recommend you to start adding a small description about his personality and things like that, so it serves as a guideline :slight_smile:

Regarding Faerie Familiar:
Unlike RoP:M, RoP:F doesn't have rules for grog level. Even if I just took the Faerie Hound from it, which is a Might 5 not very powerful creature (and which Lencor is based on), it has 8 points of Virtues, and 5 points of flaws, one of the Virtues is a Major Virtue, because Faeries can apparently get a Greater Power even if not very powerful.
Faeries, unlike their Magic counterparts, do not get to choose Magical Qualities. Their powers all stem from Virtues, so even with 10 virtue points, it still has less options than a Magical creature of grog level, which can have 3 V&F, but add Magical Qualities in addition.
A Character can take a virtue (Magical Animal), that gives him a Magical Animal with a Might of 10+Size, which is way more than a grog level Magic Animal. No such option for a Faerie Familiar.


Yeah, i dont find your faerie familiar so powerfull either. But im telling you just in case :person_shrugging:
Developing a little his personality is not bad at all anyways.

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Spring 1202
With Spring, Celeste casts The Inexorable Search once again, hoping maybe she can find the man once more, but with no luck. It seems he has used the time to move away. Cursing herself for not keeping up with it, she decides that she needs something else to do, to occupy her, but keeps trying to cast it, in the hopes that he will resurface on the map.
And so, she asks Henri to get access to a book, to read, and gets access to "The Kingly Art" a Rego Summa.

Study experience: Rego Summa L17Q14

Summer 1202
Near the end of Spring, Celeste once again finds the strange man on the map. Knowing she and Lencor barely managed to hold him back last time, she decides to ask Henri to use the lab, to research a spell to stop him, if only briefly, from hitting her, or Lencor.
Initially, she deliberated researching a spell that will stop a human dead in his tracks, but her knowledge of Corpus wasn't great, so she quickly abandoned that idea, and instead decided to research a spell to put a person to sleep, and with a bit of spare time, also put together a spell to awaken someone sleeping, just because she had the time for it.

Spell Research: Call to Slumber (ReMe10) & Slap of Awakening (ReMe5), 2 xp exposure in MT

Autumn 1202
Celeste has kept track of the person’s wanderings during Summer, and when Autumn came around, armed with her new spells, she once again sought him out, hoping for a better result this time.
Having learned from her previous encounter, she didn’t approach it to talk, but to try and take it out. But it was Lencor that told her that there’s more than one human there. Was this other person the one controlling her quarry? Might she be able to find out more if she knew what they were talking about?
Lencor definitely didn’t like the idea of her trying to stealthily approach them, so overhear their conversation, but Celeste was adamant. Luckily for her, she didn’t make much noise, or they were too engrossed in their conversation to hear her approach.
The man she was following was chatting to a man in a hooded robe, so she couldn’t tell who this other person was, but the man she followed was giving him a complete, and kinda emotionless account of the things he’s seen and done. Some of it was disgusting, like telling, in gruesome, and emotionless, detail, how he killed people, seemingly for no real reason.
In her shock over these accounts, she stepped back on a branch, and made some noise.
Both of them turned towards her hiding place, and she began to flee, but she fell, and they began to close the distance.
She and Lencor faced them off, and now she could see the hooded man’s face, but she didn’t recognize it. She managed to get the first spell off, and put the murderer to sleep. And when the hooded man tried to cast a spell to control her mind, it bounced off her Parma, not having enough Penetration. But her own Call to slumber spell bounced off his Parma, and as Lencor closed the distance to attack, the hooded man simply teleported away.
Partially satisfied that she got the man she was after, she tied him up, and proceeded to wake him up. The man looked at her in a blank stare, and when asked, he started telling her, in a strange voice, that she will pay for this, and then the man in front of her died, the flesh melting off him.
Realizing that this must be the handiwork of this other Magi, Celeste quickly gathered her stuff, and went back to Oculus, to decide on her course of action to uncover this unknown Magi.

Adventure: 7 xp, 5 xp in Stealth, 2 xp in Parma

Winter 1202
The time has come for Celeste to provide a service to Oculus once more. And Henri sends her to Terschelling (Later Waddenzee) to negotiate with them a deal regarding a trade route. While she’s not privy to the goods transferred, she manages to do well enough to make sure Waddenzee will foil any pirate attacks on this route, in a 30-mile radius from their covenant.
While there, she and Eric Ribecus seemed to strike a chord, and while she resisted giving in to temptation, he proved quite charming, when he set his mind to it. Some nights they shared a few hours drinking and talking, and in one such evening, after negotiations were complete, he let slip that Lamberto is involved in some dark mystery cult, and that she should beware being entangled in his machinations.
When she gets back to Oculus, she finds a letter awaiting her from Lamberto, that he has need of her skill set, to finish repaying for his tutelage. At the end of winter, she bids Henri, and Boris, farewell, and heads to Durenmar, to see what service Lamberto wants of her.

Exposure: 2 xp in Intrigue.


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Spring 1203

The travel to Durenmar is uneventful. Celeste has resigned herself to travel in male form, to be less attractive to bandits, and Lencor’s appearance helped as well. But the night before she arrives there, Lamberto, or rather, his image, appears to her in her camp.
He tells her that he is seeking to woo a noble lady, and that he needs her assistance in doing it, since she has a way with words.
The lady in question is Margarete of Holstein, whose father had just surrendered his title as Count of Holstein, and was then released from captivity. But his youngest daughter was faced with a situation where she had little to no prospect to marry.

And so, Celeste made her way to Schauenburg, to meet the lady, and woo her on behalf of Lamberto. And so, she did. It took all of her skill, and patience, to convince lady Margarete to even meet him, and act as chaperone. There were times when she was about to give up, but eventually, she managed the feat, and was relieved of this, in her eyes, shameful duty.

Exposure: 2 xp in Intrigue.

Summer 1203

Her service to Lamberto complete, Celeste felt adrift a bit. She could go back to Oculus to serve there, and study more about Mentem, but she felt it was time to raise other Arts as well, but she hasn’t decided where to go to study. And so, she slowly, perhaps unconsciously, made her way east, following rumors of ghosts, and trying to get further clues as to her mother’s murderer.

And it was during that wandering that she heard rumors of a ghost haunting near Naumberg. While she was investigating it, she came across a young looking girl, beset by a ghost. With a few castings of Lay to Rest the Haunted Spirit, it was lain to rest, and it seems that the young looking girl is actually a fellow Maga from House Merinita, named Alba.
Alba seems lovely enough, but a bit monotonic, showing little in the way of emotions, unless she starts talking about trees, and then, there’s likely very little force that can shut her up.
But she is friendly enough, and even volunteered to help Celeste in her quest to find her mother’s murderer.

Since she’s not in a hurry, she decided to help Alba find her way to irencillia, and on the way, to find maybe a prospective Familiar. The strange girl didn’t seem interested in a Faerie familiar, but Celeste just shrugged. And Alba seemed to have something of a fixation, since no potential familiar seemed to measure up to her standard.

The journey itself was nice, as they explored the area, and exchanged stories of their respective covenants. Alba’s pater seemed a bit too focused on teaching her things that were of use to him, and less things that were useful to her focus, unlike her pater. Which made Celeste appreciate her pater even more.

When they finally reached Irencillia, she probed Alba to understand how she sees the covenant, and presented her to their fellow Merinita.

Adventure: 5xp in Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal, 5xp in Penetration

Autumn 1203

On the journey, Alba was persistent about some of her spells, and it seemed like she wasn’t very good at spontaneous casting, so Celeste agreed to have them teach each other spells. It would lay a foundation for the future, and it will give each useful spells, while cementing a bond.

Alba insisted on being the first to teach, so Celeste was a dutiful student in Autumn.

Learning Spells:

Intuition of the Forest (InHe10)
Pass the Unyielding Portal (MuHe5)
Traveler's Foresight (InIm5)
Sense the Weight of Faerie Power (InVi3)
Evening's Comfort (CrIg5)
Probe Nature's Hidden Lore (InHe4)

2 Exposure xp in Magic Theory

Winter 1203

There came the time to teach Alba some spells she was interested in. It wasn’t onerous, much as she feared, and in fact, she found she quite enjoyed it, though the initial part, where she needs to try making the gestures and saying the words, trying to cast the spells, since she hasn’t fully grasped the formula, was a bit hard, when the Maga you’re teaching is so bad at spontaneous casting. And this despite the fact that Celeste did try to convince her that spending a season learning Mentem would make it easier, but Alba was adamant she didn’t need to, yet, so Celeste didn’t push it.

Teaching Spells: 2 exposure in Teaching.

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Spring 1204

While Alba was busy in the spring in service to Irencillia, Celeste had Lencor show her where the books on the history of the House were kept, and she began to pursue them. She needed to learn more about her house, so she would have a clue as to it’s mysteries. Her pater has shown that he can use the Realm of Faerie to travel, but she wasn’t sure if that’s the right thing for her. Might there be other mysteries that might appeal to her more? Is there something more to the Charms that she learned the basics of?

Lencor was always there by her side, discussing what she’s read, and dropping hints at deeper mysteries. He definitely knew how to pique her interest.

Reading: Secrets of the Fae - House Merinita Lore Summa (L5Q14).

Summer 1204

Alba was talking reading the Summa that Celeste has read last season, so she decided to pursue another goal of hers: improving her Rego, so she might be powerful enough to bind Lencor as a Familiar.

The moment she suggested this to him, Lencor was ecstatic. He literally dragged her to the library to find the right book. But it seems like someone, in their eagerness, hopefully, to find a book, has made a mess of the library. Lencor, while he has spent a few years by Celeste’s side, still felt a great connection to the library that he served as a librarian in, and wanted to find the culprit and make him fix it, and it took all of Celeste’s focus to steer him away from it. And so, Celeste spent the first few days of Summer organizing the library, so that Lencor would be mollified.

And then, she found the Art of Motion book, and delved into its secrets.

Reading: The Art of Motion - Rego Summa (L15Q15).

Autumn 1204

At the end of Summer, Celeste went to see Vinaria, and asked her if she could get two more of the devices to enter the Regio she explored a few years ago. Vinaria was against it, saying that some ghosts have managed to escape it since she’s explored it, and that she’d like it to go dormant again, but Celeste pleaded with her. It might hold the key to her mother’s murderer, and she has learned much since, and is more than willing to lay all the ghosts to rest.

It seemed like Vinaria would refuse her, when Alba came in, and said that she’d assist her friend in this. For some odd reason, Vinaria agreed to the plan. While Celeste was a bit suspicious about the sudden change, she took it, and explained to Alba what she found on her previous visit.
The two of them went together, along with Lencor, and the ghostly inhabitants had little change to stand against two Maga with ghost-eating spells at their disposal. But Celeste didn’t come there just to destroy all ghosts. There were a few that she spared and used her spells to force them to answer her questions.

From her interrogation, she learned that a maga, learned in the arts of necromancy, has used this place as a testing ground. He lured innocents and murdered them to learn how and why they became ghosts. She also learned the name of this Maga, Luna of Tytalus, was the one who performed these killings, with the help of her dwarf apprentice, whose name meant little, since he probably took a different name after his Gauntlet, but was called Emilio.

The regio was still likely under some Infernal effect, what with all these murders, but at least they’ve laid the ghosts there to rest.

When they came out, she asked discreetly, and learned that Emilio has passed his Gauntlet in Irencillia, just before he and Luna left, and that he took the name of Lamberto. The implications were clear to her, but she still wasn’t sure that her mother was one of their victims. It seemed like they were there far earlier than her mother was killed. But he might have some answers, if she dared confront him.

When Alba told her about the Tortoiseshell cats, it was a very nice idea, but Celeste feared that if they stayed in the regio too long, if it is Infernal in nature, it might taint them. But she did talk to Vinaria to have them stay close to it’s entrance, incase a ghost rises, and wanders out of it.

Adventure: 5 xp in Rego, 5 xp in Perdo

Winter 1204

It was time t provide a service to the covenant, but before Celeste could even suggest something, Lambert, her parens, came back, his ass all hurting. Apparently someone has made his donkeys terrified several times during his trip to Irencillia, and the donkeys didn’t just bolt, but also left him falling on his ass.
He called Celeste to help him in his lab, to develop a spell that would prevent such a thing from happening again, promising to also give her a copy of the lab text. It wasn’t her idea of fun project, but hey, it was a chance to help her parens, and get a lab text, even if she had no idea what use such a spell will be for her.

Exposure: 2 xp in Corpus, and lab text for Stance of the Firm-Buttocked Knight.

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@RafaelB @Arthur
A question that crossed my mind. If Celeste wanted to make Lencor bigger, which Form would it be? Animal, because he's a big dog-like creature? Vim because he's a faerie? Mentem because that's the Form he derives his Might from?

I think Animal. He is not made of mental matter, neither of pure magical energy.

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Well... he is made of glamour... So technically he is made of energy :stuck_out_tongue:

But Alba had to smell him after rain, and she is pretty sure that he is made of dog hair as his base material :pensive:

Animal. Faeries are affected by the Form which corresponds to their apparent shape. That is the power of glamour, which manifests their body into the corresponding Form.

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@Arthur This will appear in the return letter to Quitus Clusius in an in-character way, but what Celeste would ask for a Lab is:
Size +1
Dedicated building
Lesser Focus (Mirror)
Haunted (I expect this to come from her mother's ghost)

They'll do their best, but some of the requirements are incompatible for the covenant as it currently exists.

So she'll have to choose betwen Dedicated Building and Elevated, since none of the independent buildings are 4 stories high.

The Lesser Focus flaw isn't something the covenant can install for her, since it requires the existence of a Lesser Feature, but the raw materials she will need to add those can be provided.

Decaying isn't really something appropriate, since the lab will have just been set up for her. The covenant wouldn't have selected shoddy furnishings and materials.

As for Haunted, Celeste carries that with her. :wink:

So we would end up with: Size +1, Dedicated Building or Elevated (0), Basic (0), Haunted (-1).

I will select a Minor Virtue to complete the lab, if you want. Let this be a surprise when she arrives. :slight_smile:

טsorry, it was meant to be Lesser Feature (Mirror)

Yes, I thought that may be the case. Trying to find some reason why a "grand and ornamental silvered
mirror or other reflective surface
" would already be there at the covenant.

I am coming up blank, which is why I think it might be easier to say that they've ordered the mirror, but it will take some time before it arrives and can be installed.

Ok, sounds good