Character Creation for Vortigern (OOC)

May I offer a few suggestions that seem appropriate? These all could count as unproductive seasons for Vorsutus. He is also due a couple of seasons of service for the covenant.

  • Teaching a younger apprentice of your lineage for a season while his master is in twilight (or otherwise busy)
  • Helping a senior with lab activity
  • Enchanting an item for the covenant
  • Writing or copying a set of lab texts to be traded with another covenant
  • Helping with seasonal cult activities (meriting exposure on Cult Lore)

You could also have a small adventure to bring the XP down.

  • Hunt for an Arcane Connection to the birds
  • Help a young Quesitor with an investigation to which Q is badly suited, but Vorsutus is not.

Another suggestion: you can adjust the xp given by the summas on year 2. 15xp is a lot for abilities (reasonable, but on the high end). So maybe change it for a lesser source? A tractatus, a (poorly) translated/copied summa, or a book written by the magus who knew the subject but wasn't the better one at passing his knowledge (for an exaggerated example, an incomprehensible (as the flaw) Flambeau who wrote an incredible L6Q18 summa on penetration that no one can quite understand).


Thank you Rafael. I will use some of those ideas once I have time to think on this subject some more.

Hermetic Astrologer Tradition (Oracles of Salerno)

Major Non-Hermetic Virtue: Divination & Augury (Astrology)
Minor Hermetic Virtue: Planetary Magic
Major Hermetic Flaw: Twilight Prone

Note: This Ex Misc. Tradition was designed as a variant of the Hermetic Haruspexes found on Societates pg 108.

The Hermetic Astrologers are a small but continuous tradition of Astrological Oracles that have maintained their ways since Roman times. Long associated with the Empire and the original Cult of Mercury the Astrologers once were referred to as the Oracles of Salerno, where their home Temple remains intact in a sequestered Regio.

The Oracles have intermittently had a well developed relationship with the great school of Salerno but as they do not recruit for the Gentle Gift this has at times been a strained relationship. The Oracles however take scholarship and and learning very seriously and emphasize the synergistic applications with Ritual and Ceremonial magic as magicians of Latin and Mercurian bent.

While their own tradition and minor cult the Oracles are a continual line of pagan Mercurian priests and have maintained ties to the Cult of Mercury in any incarnations in which it has existed throughout their history. Today they are core members of the Cult of Mercury in the Roman Tribunal and at times consulted as Oracles by Mercurians from throughout Europe. They take their paganism seriously yet do not have qualms about concealing it in a world which would be unreceptive, thus relatively few have the Pagan Flaw though some do.

The Oracles recruit most particularly for those with pre-existing oracular expressions in their Gift. Apprentices are often foretold by prophecies and visions and then sought out very particularly. Frequently the apprentices have similarly foreseen the coming of their would be Master, due to their own powers and the significant shift in their lives such an even represents. Thus Oracle apprentices frequently if not quite invariably have Premonitions, Second Sight, or other abilities of a like nature.

The Temple is regarded as the true and sacred home of the Tradition, a place both dedicated to studying their particular oracular abilities and of refuge from a world that can be all too hostile to Oracles. Members of the Oracles also often congregate there, in meetings called Assemblies, from throughout Mythic Europe in the year immediately preceding Regional Tribunal and Grand Tribunal meetings to discuss the interests of their Tradition... and anything they may have foreseen of significance to the broader Order. Members then are urged to take what they can garner of value from these Assemblies and attend their respective Tribunals to lend what counsel they can.

As a minor Mystae Cult the Oracles of Salerno focus on deepening and expanding abilities of an oracular nature and on the mysteries of Hermetic Astrology and Celestial Magic due to their particular emphasis on Astrology as their core divinatory method. It is customary for newly Gauntleted Magi of this Tradition to come and spend a year in service to the Oracle Temple in Salerno. It is preferred if this year is during an Assembly of the Tradition, yet this is not a requirement.

How large a tradition are we talking here? The text makes it appear as if there are dozens of them, which I find unlikely.

If the tradition has such strong Latin roots, how come they haven't been completely integrated into one of the other Houses? Usually, the Ex Misc traditions are from the fringes of the Order. Here you have a tradition which has its roots in the heart of the Order, is widely spread through it, and yet has kept its identity seperate... So why and how did that happen?

So I don't think there would be dozens (at least not high multiples of dozens for sure), maybe a small number to perhaps a handful in each other Tribunal and then a somewhat higher concentration in Rome/Thebes as their homeland(s). My intent was/is for them to be a presence but still definitely a minor tradition. It wouldn't strike me as strange or impossible to say there may not be any in residence in sufficiently removed Tribunals like say Novgorod or Hibernia. (which would also explain the reason Vorsutus was "found" by a Pater from Rome I suppose)

So for a bit of context and/or background on my thinking, first a citation.

I see them being very similar to the Haruspexes and the Oracles of Didyma from Through the Aegis, as a line of wizards still existent from pre-Order times. And who have sufficiently idiosyncratic ways and not-fully integrated methods (divination+astrology etc.) that they don't wish to be subsumed into a large House and their tradition and magic lost. The recruiting process they follow in searching via oracular means for the "right" sort of apprentices for them means they have a harder time finding/recruiting apprentices ... but I'd say they end up finding candidates that "more suitable" for their particular purposes when they do find them. This keeps them relatively smaller even compared to other Ex Misc traditions, but not as small as say the Oracles of Didyma who are only blood descendants of the same lineage.

They would I imagine have a somewhat nonstandard view of the world/mindset that ties them all together as being a community composed of people with these sorts of oracular gifts and burdens. For example ... Vorsutus I think would have trouble imagining being trained outside of such a tradition given the nature of his Gift/powers. A sense that "only" these people really understand me, even among Mages, if you will. Oracles understanding and training fellow Oracles. This I think would be part of their sense of purpose as a tradition, that they find those like themselves and train them. A subset even among Gifted, and therefore correspondingly even more rare.

I find it hard to believe that there would be 2 seperate traditions based on Divination.

Why don't you simply go with an Haruspex and tack on Planetary Magic as a personal virtue selection, instead of designing an all-new tradition?

Several reasons come immediately to mind, both mechanical and story/fluff.

The first, mechanical, reason would be that Divination only gives you one method before requiring another distinct minor virtue to select an additional method. If he was trained by the Haruspexes then that first method should arguably be Haruspexy and not Astrology. So that would require both Planetary Magic and another Minor for doing Divination as Astrology as personal virtues. Doing it as a new tradition literally saves two virtue points in the build.

I'm also not really wanting to be focused on Intellego per se as one of his early/primary arts because I am much more interested in Rego Vim for tunnels etc. in the concept. So that is taking the build in a different direction that I didn't really want to do either. So that is three points going in directions that aren't desired. And we already have a resident Intellego Specialist who isn't me!

Conceptually I came to the idea for putting these elements together (tunnel focused intangible assassin style caster + astrology divination) because both use Arcane Connections for their effects and Astrologers also already inherently have the skills for creating horoscopes for sympathetic bonuses (among other things). So there seemed to be natural synergy there.

I'd also question the idea that there wouldn't be multiple diviners out there. It isn't an uncommon theme in different cultures for various types of magic etc. Also the material on Divination even specifically mentions that Astrology is a particularly popular method amongst Hermetics. And given the deep Greco-Roman cultural ties with Hellenic Astrology etc. it doesn't just seem like something that "could" exist to me, but rather to be something that "should" exist and feels like a distinct lack that it doesn't.

Fluff-wise for me personally I also just don't like (find interesting) Haruspexy and like (find interesting) Astrology/Celestial Magic etc. That is more just my own predisposition but ... hey that is also part of why I was striving to build it a certain way.

But otherwise the flavor of the Haruspexes is exactly along the lines of what I want (a latin/roman magical tradition inside Ex Misc), and am trying to somewhat emulate. Though I won't say I haven't made some tweaks as it were.


I don't see anything in the Hermetic Haruspexes section of HoH:S (p.108) which leads me to assume that all members of the tradition use haruspicy as their default method. I could certainly see a member of the tradition selecting a different method. It seems more sensical to me to have the Hermetic Haruspexes tradition integrate other divinatory methods over time, than create a competing tradition.

I can understand that you would feel that the default Affinity with Intellego would be less appropriate for the build you want. This could be simply a case where your magus is part of a sub-tradition (of a few magi) which offers a different Minor Hermetic Virtue.

So the fluff would be basically the same, with the Hermatic Haruspexes being a bit more broad than the bare-bone description of the tradition that HoH:S gives. The tradition basically invited along other divinatory traditions to join them over the centuries. This gives you basically the build you are looking for, while also making use of something that's already partly defined.

I'd propose putting the whole Hermetic Haruspexes tradition's population at around a score, with those practicing the astrological version of your magus at around 6. How does that sound to you?

Just for clarity I googled "score" to be sure I knew how many that was. I always assumed it was around a dozen but google says 20. Either way that makes the Haruspexes somewhat small, but that isn't outside the realm of what I was going for anyway. Though fewer of an astrological bent than I intended. But all in all I don't think I see serious grounds for complaint here at all.

Though this begs the question (I don't think the Haruspex material sets anything specific) as to whether the Haruspexes have a "seat" or "home temple" as I have posited for my Oracles of Salerno writeup. And/or whether my planned for "hermetic astrologer lore" should be rebranded "hermetic haruspex lore", or something else, or tossed as irrelevant now.

Yes, a score is 20. :wink:

I think 20 members doesn't make the Hermetic Haruspexes a small tradition. All of House Ex Miscellanea is about 180, so that makes it 10% of the House, which is about average. HoH:S p.108 mentions that traditions typically have 5 to 25 members. The same chapter describes the Hermetic Haruspexes as one of the 8 larger traditions of the House. If 20 is the average size for those, then they account for 160 of the 180 magi ex miscellanea.

Of course, the exact number of Haruspexes could be somewhat higher (say up to 30 magi), since the accuracy of the Ex Miscellanea's census is notoriously hard to perform. :laughing:

Since the Hermetic Haruspexes have Divination & Augury as the mandatory Supernatural virtue, and it is of a mystic nature, it could make sense for them to have a Mystery Cult Lore. This would make them into a minor Mystery Cult.

However, I think it is more likely that the tradition simply teaches its apprentices their signatire virtues when they open their Gift, as part of their normal training. In that case there would be no Mystery Cult Lore, just a normal Organization Lore, or a specialization in a wider Organization Lore. In that case your magus could have any of the following:

  • Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (House Ex Miscellanea);
  • Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Hermetic Haruspexes);
  • Organization Lore: House Ex Miscellanea (Hermetic Haruspexes); or
  • Organization Lore: Hermetic Haruspexes (Astrological tradition)

(Attempt #2 to balance things as it were.)

Year 4, Spring

Vorsutus receives a letter, handed in ceremonious secrecy to him by the long familiar Redcap who calls on Rellantali, from the the ancient high priest of the sacred grove he had previously tried to assist.

It directly expressed approval and gratitude for his previous efforts on the behalf of the cult and grove, and offered him a position in cadre of young Magi that would be serving as active priests in the grove for the next year. The short notice was due to an unexpected vacancy. Vorsutus immediately wrote his acceptance with an eager hand. He knew this was a key step to moving deeper into the Cult itself and would not squander his opportunity.

Amina however was less than pleased. A year away? Just before her own Gauntlet? Their affair took on a somewhat different tone afterwards, with intense feelings and passion and yet a growing sense that they both knew when he left that it would be over.

A mere week of preparation made smooth his departure. He never questioned the decision. Yet still wonders how this confluence that pushed her out of his life could have been avoided or changed.

The travel was uneventful, a ship from Rellantali bore him to the very city containing the grove and its temple. Arriving Vorsutus undertook the ritual initiation and ceremonies of new priests then proceeded to live under the strict rule, almost monastic in structure, that governed the lives of those in residence there.

(Exposure: +2xp Cult of Mercury Lore)

Year 4, Summer

His service continued and so did his fascination and intense desire to understand everything he encountered there. Ritual observances and care for the grounds occupied much of his time. Repainting and dressing the statues to be display the ancient Gods in their proper splendor was arduous and detailed work, yet it was also an opportunity to learn about each God and all of their proper associations that affected how they should be displayed and respected.

Again the mystic birds made their appearance in the grove felt by stealing the magical fruit of the trees. Vorsutus was so distracted with his own inner affairs that he did not realize until after their theft was long concluded once again.

Thoughts of Amina lingered with him. And he had another vision of her as Summer came to an end, her face sweat stained in the same chair he had seen her before. She bore the same babe at her breast. Yet this time he was not there and she was not smiling.

(Exposure: +2xp Cult of Mercury Lore)

Year 4, Autumn

Melancholy crept into the recesses of his mind. In many ways he was already certain of what had happened and what was at least in the immediate future. She had borne his child and now she would leave. At least this time for them to be together had closed. Though he was already certain of all of these things he wrote earnestly to both Amina and to his Pater Chaldeaus.

Chaldeaus answered to inform him that Amina has passed her gauntlet, had indeed borne a child though she had told no one whom was the father, and that now she had already quit Rellantali. Dareth had said only that she wished to be elsewhere and he had made suitable arrangements for her.

In the evenings, around his duties as a priest for the year, Vorsutus let his mind wander up and down the pivotal moments that had led to his unhappy state of affairs. And saw none that he thought he would have changed. Or perhaps even could have changed.

His visions were many and varied, for he spent hours staring into his scrying crystal. Yet none were of her, or of his child. This vexed him most of all.

(Exposure: +2xp Cult of Mercury Lore)

Year 4, Winter

He renewed his dedication to his current role. Vorsutus -enjoyed- being a priest of the temple. The entire situation of it. And the atmosphere, the casual teachings of the elder priests and the majestic grandeur of the temple itself, was like another world from Rellantali. Vorsutus determined that he wished to live in just such an idyllic place in the future. That nothing else would do.

In particular he cultivated a relationship with the high priest who had invited him to fill the vacancy. Vorsutus again expressed his desire to deepen his studies and then return to solve the bird problem for the Cult.

When he returned to Rellantali upon the completion of his year of service it no longer felt like home.

(Exposure: +2xp Cult of Mercury Lore)


Year 5, Spring

His time in Sacred Grove had renewed his desire to hone his mastery of sympathy in order to be able to overcome the resistance of the mysterious thieving birds. He pursued his program of study with rigor yet in the mornings he continued writing and answering letters.

He sought the whereabouts of Amina more than anything else. Certainly he kept in touch with his new friends, his fellow priests and members of the Cult of Mercury, as well as the more senior members of the Cult. Yet little was he worried about himself and finding a new situation. Instead the mornings were spent thinking of whom to write to in search of her. And for the time being such inquiries were fruitless.

The evenings however he spent deeply gazing into his scrying crystal. Hours spent questing through visions of time and the critical moments he might walk down, searching for the path that would lead him to her. And still he saw her not at all. How could that be?

(Study Penetration Summa: +15xp Penetration)

Year 5, Summer

He gave up on the letters. She must have traveled outside of Rome for him not to be able to locate her at all. Even bribing his now very familiar Redcap at Rellantali had produced no results beyond that he would send the letters to Harco, and there eventually she would be found.

He continued his studes, of course. Yet in an around his work he stalked Dareth through Rellantali. Learning his habits and routine until one day he confidently braved Amina's old room while he was certain Dareth would be nowhere around. It was a risk. Not technically within his Sanctum, but certainly in his of the great houses of the Covenant in Venice and something of a trespass. Yet all went as planned and he was not discovered.

And the prize he sought was his. A small clump of her hair painstakingly harvested and collected together from the various effects left behind in her vanity. It should be all that he needed.

(Study Penetration Summa: +15xp Penetration)

Year 5, Autumn

With determination he paused his studies to spend the fall in the laboratory. He would not let his find go to waste and to spend his time productively in the process. Though inwardly impatient to put his find into immediate action he instead exercised restraint and unwaveringly waited for the lab process of fixing the connection to complete before doing anything further with it.

Vorsutus determined that since, after all, this was the mother of his as yet only child this would not be the last time he might need to even simply divine information about her if nothing else. He purchased a small silver ring, set with a small tiny topaz, and therin fixed the connection concealed under the stone.

(Fix Connection: Amina: -1p vis)
(Invent Spell: Panic Of The Trembling Heart (Mod.) - CrMe 10: Lab Total: 22)
(Exposure: +2xp Magic Theory)

Year 5, Winter

And the laboratories of Rellantali were not his own. In payment for the use of a lab Vorsutus served, not entirely eagerly yet by all means without rancor, as lab assistant for his Pater Chaldeaus once again. Therein he assisted his erstwhile Master in designing a new spell for improving the performance of arcane connections. Vorsutus bargained for his own copy of the laboratory text in exchange for some future additional service to Rellantali.

In the meantime his evenings he began practicing his astrological arts in search of Amina. And his connection and more advanced skills together yielded results. Somehow it was clear she was trying to protect herself from his divinations. Yet he garned enough information to craft her Nativity Horoscope and thereafter was able to determine that she was alive, well, full of conflicting emotions, and in Constantinople.

Constantinople? She had run far away indeed. Yet now he could see her again.

Once again he began having visions of her, like before. It was like she had been cut out of one of his natural senses. The constant flow of possibility and probability that never left his sight. Now she was back before his sight and he would not lose her again.

(Exposure: +2xp Magic Theory)
(Lab Text: Fortify The Ethereal Threads - CrVi30)

Fortify The Ethereal Threads - CrVi 30

Fortify The Ethereal Threads
CrVi 30
R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle

Decrease the rate of decay of any Arcane Connection within by three steps though unable to exceed the category of lasting "years" as an AC.
(Base: 15, +1 Touch, +2 Ring)

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A few minor points:

  • Fixing a connection requires a full season. You can't do it and invent a spell at the same time (unless we are adopting a house rule).
  • Year 5 Winter, usually an assistent gains nothing except for exposure, so I assume Chaldeaus gifted the notes to Vorsutus after the work was done?
  • In case you end up going to Constantinople, Regulus was in Thebes from 1201 to 1204, and spent a few weeks in Constantinople after the fall. Feel free to intermingle Vorsutus and Regulus backstories, if you so desire. =]

I am planning (and had all typed up before I lost it and rage quit this evening) to have him perform an extra season of service in the following year to pay for the lab text!

I am planning just that! And Nithyn's new concept is from there.

Perhaps we could work in something where all three of them met there?

The plan currently is that Amina has gone to the Covenant of Thermakopolis, which is also where the new concept (Belisarius I am told) is from.

I'm currently toying with idea of staying through the fall myself, so that puts us there together for a few years all three of us! Interesting.

I always saw it as a minor background lab activity, but I'm open to learning I'm wrong? It certainly seems like something that shouldn't take all of your attention to me.

That would be nice. =]

Regulus stayed at Polyaigos, and went to Constantinople twice. Once before the fall with other Guernicus and quesitores, to give advice about what is legal under the code and what would count as mundane interference, and once more after the fall as humanitarian aid.

I partially agree that it's a minor activity and shouldn't take that much daily time... but the rules don't support that. =/

There has been some discussion regarding this in the forums, and a common houserules are to fix a number of ACs equal to your magic theory score, or to allow fixing together with other activities (kinda like attuning a talisman).

Going RAW, fixing an arcane connection is better left to apprentices since magi usually have better/nobler tasks (which is the reason I didn't suggest it earlier as a potential unproductive season). But hey, if it fits the story for a magus...

We could also adopt a houserule. Personally I'm satisfied with RAW (fixing AC's being slow, tedious work that sometimes must be done nonetheless) but that's me. Maybe raising this in the OOC discussion or Saga discussion topics?

Year 6, Spring

Another season of service to Rellantali found Vorsutus once again managing, and sometimes assisting, the criminal affairs of its unacknowledged retainers. Long accustomed to such affairs Vorsutus none the less enjoys the intricate and clandestine dealings that make such business work, and pay.

His particular skills were put to use in a variety of ways. Divining the location of a pair of kidnapping victims. (One that it was desired to retrieve, another to kidnap.) And the whereabouts of the hidden stash of silver belonging to a recalcitrant and proud merchant who refused to pay his "taxes" to the gang lords of the city. Rellantali existed on such affairs and Vorsutus had always taken the lessons of how the world "really" worked to heart. Another season of soaking up such lessons was not a heavy burden for him.

And when all of this work was done a few minutes with his scrying crystal and his lady and child were there to see once again. It was coming, they would be together again, he could feel it in the skein.

Surprise however came when the retainers reported an altercation with a savage creature of some kind lurking in the canals. It had already slain a man, dragging him overboard before any were aware of danger. He surfaced again only some time later, well drowned and less well feasted upon. Vorsutus used the wounded man as a connection to creature with which to divine its nature and whereabouts. A dark mermaid, a carnivorous and predatory creature of entropy, that prowled the darkest recesses of the canals. How had such a being escaped notice until now? Or from whence had it come?

Such questions could be answered later. He methodically took his time to build up his ceremony and then poured it through the connection to the creature, reaching out and firmly suppressing the mind of the predator into a state of sleep. Letting his men know where the beast could be found, with it rendered inert, he cautioned them to be wary yet to retrieve it. It was brought forth in nets and kept in the shallows alongside their boat in the canals as they had caught it.

Chaldeaus he was certain could find a use for such a creature. Perhaps he would more than repay his debt after all?

(Adventure: +8xp Intrigue, + ?Reward?)
(Reward: Astrolabe of Quality (Minor Item))

Year 6, Summer

His debt paid, and then some, Vorsutus set to making his own arrangements. A few welcome bribes to his now well familiar Redcap friends and he was able to narrow down her location in Constantinople to the Covenant of Thermakopolis. He began exchanging letters with the Archmagus Mathieus who presided there. Making discreet arrangements to come, see the city, and study with the Covenant took several letters yet it was no great feat. As these passed back and forth he negotiated passage from Venice to Harco and onward to Constantinople itself.

Within a month all was arranged and Vorsutus found himself discreetly escorted through the city to the waiting doors of one of Thermakopolis' great houses. The city reminded him of his past homes. Wexford, Venice, now Constantinople? All port cities. All thriving places of trade and bustling life. Though life he could only ever partake of in limited ways. It was impressive still, even compared to Venice, and that was saying something.

Being brought in to Thermakopolis as a guest he smiled broadly, his friendliness in earnest as he grasped hands and went through the introductions with his hosts. This was all as he expected and he grew more and more certain as he was brought through to join several other Magi for dinner, including their other Roman guest. He was seated across from Amina whose wide eyes betrayed, if only to him, how very little she had expected to see him here.

A wry smile formed on his lips as he raised his glass to her. "To Roman Beauty."

(Exposure: +2xp Intrigue)

Year 6, Autumn

Amina didn't stay shocked for long. Or cold to him. Soon it was as if he never left for the Grove. They settled into love and their studies. And he met his child, who was a babe no longer really. She informed him, seemingly shy for a change, that she had called him Eadric. Of course she had?

Their association did not escape the notice of their hosts, but clearly they were more than casually together with a young child in tow. The only gentle admonition they received was the suggestion that perhaps the services of a discreet and magus friendly priest were a bit overdue? It was agreed upon that they would wed soon and arrangements began to be made.

Vorsuts renewed his studies on sympathy and connections and finding the library of Thermakopolis a wonder. There he spent hours just poring through the variety of books available, as much as reading anything. This was not the idyllic scene of a Temple in a Grove, yet ... there was a majesty here all the same. And luxury to rival Venice. A man could grow accustomed to such a place.

(Study Penetration Summa: +15xp Penetration)

Year 6, Winter

Vorsutus shifted his program of study. Instead he began to focus more strongly on the Art of Rego. He needed to advance his general abilities. He had focused on the foundations of his areas of interest for too long perhaps. Yet even as he planned his way forward, mystically, he found much to distract him in his daily life.

The joys of a young family. And a wedding to bring it together in the eyes of the world and the gods. They were wed discreetly before many of the Magi of the city. The mystical society of Constantinople celebrated the union of two of their own with enthusiasm that partially shocked Vorsutus, yet warmed his heart none the less.

This was his "society" he reminded himself. Not the one out there in the world. Magical society was where he had always belonged. Perhaps he should ask himself why being embraced by it in turn was something he did not expect?

Even more discreetly they were wed again by the local priests of the Cult of Mercury. And an even smaller grouping of magical society likewise celebrated.

Joys which could never last.

(Study Rego Summa: +15xp Rego)

What is Vorsutus' score in Penetration by now? Is it realistic for him to have access to a Q15 summa of the required level? I know his initial score at Gauntlet was 2, and I've noticed several seasons spent studying that Ability, so I'm wondering what the book is like to support this.

The best high-level summa on Penetration is probably the one presented on HoH:S p.9, Ultor ("The Avenger"), by Elaine of Flambeau, which is L5Q11.

Here is the previous discussion of book levels before I started allotting xp/seasons.

The last season would be enough that he now has raised his Penetration 2 from apprenticeship to a 5, and thus any further progression would need tracts or instruction etc. But regardless 5 was my goal for him and I wasn't planning on trying to go higher during character creation.

I could see Vorsutus visiting there perhaps over his few years in the Tribunal. Perhaps aiding with divinations if called upon? Perhaps during the visit for legal matters he could have been asked to determine the facts of a specific case. Or something else. What year/season did this visit happen if, if I want to make an entry in my history match it?

I currently plan on him (unintentionally) staying through the fall/sack of the city and so those events and Regulus showing up afterward would be another opportunity for them to interact.

I'm currently trying to decide on how/why Amina and children are either mysteriously vanished or absconded with before/during/after the events in the fall/sack of the city. I am kind of aiming for their fates, and him trying to find them, being something lingering over his head as a plot hook.

Not that a Tytalus Girl needs a reason to go missing. :wink:

Spring 1203 - Regulus and a group of quesitores visits Thermakopolis around June and advices them to leave Constantinople (at the time the Crusader army was just a few miles away). Regulus left the meeting with the impression that Thermakopolis is comprised of a bunch of reckless fools who believed, against all evidence, that no evil would befall them (but hey, maybe Vorsutus will give us the other side of the story?).

Spring of 1204 - de facto fall of Constantinople (before that the city was besieged, in Summer of 1203 IIRC, new emperors were crowned, etc).

Summer of 1204 - letters arrive asking all covenants from Thebes for help in relocating surviving magi and covenfolk, and asking cooperation from Quesitores with investigations and legal matters (I don't recall if this is canon or something I wrote).

Regulus rescued a boy (12yo) who lost his family and ended up bringing him back to Tugurium. I wrote him as a little rascal with fast hands and a compulsion for stealing. Regulus was going to try and reform the boy, finding a noble use for his innate abilities... but maybe upon arriving at the covenant Vorsutus would think that the boy is fine as he is and put him to good use? Infiltrating places and stealing ACs?