Character creation

You look like you are far enough along to start a thread with your character's name - so you can show the gauntlet like you did above, plus character progression and final result.

I see we're going to have to lay in more food supplies. This guy eats even more than our shapeshifter does.

I wonder if my character ever pirated one of your family's ships in his youth? That could be awkward :slight_smile:

Likewise, if your old covenant was in the Rome tribunal, we might have a passing acquaintance with each other in our hermetic lives post-gauntlet. I'm not sure how much, unless we were actually in the same covenant, as I wasn't politically active there, but one of my covenant-mates and one of yours might have gossiped about either of us in our hearing. Given that I have all kinds of bad reputations and you don't, it is more likely you've heard of me in one of my identities than I'm aware of you if we didn't study at the same covenant.

Obviously your character has a very strong talent for Auram, but as a Bonasagus what are your interests research-wise? Or are you mainly a Bonasagus because your Parens was?

And the wine, don't forget the wine.

I'll probably get over it, he does not really like his family that much and no doubt one day he will probably try to turn his back on them.

I am imagining that he interected very little, even with other Magi and even post-gauntlet has generally pursued his own agendas. We could think of something though if needs be.

Yea I have been thinking about that... I have a few ideas actually but I'll get back to you!

I've PM'ed Max about joining.
I've got a concept for a Tremere ReTe specialist, with secondary emphasis in Herbam Form.
I'll be posting a topic for him in the next day or so.

If I understand your character writeup, your approach to the problem to Lycanthropy during your apprenticeship was to learn how to grow a prison for yourself?

That is certainly unique, quite different from the more typical approach of Bjornair will over form or specializing in co/an/me type magics.

Going forward you might want to invest in learning Preternatural Growth and Shrinking, as the giant size+gift may make things like boat travel difficult.

A prison for one evening per month, yes. Otherwise, it would be a fine home. Consider the impact ont he Order... Magi with Lycanthrope running amok would be disastrous. Indeed, Tremere seems the perfect house to have an "Infamous" Master who would train lycans. The Order wouldn't like it, but couldn't really prevent it. And a Tremere would instil a sense of self-control and heirarchy and understanding into any Gifted lycan. And, my Master and I could be kicked out of any covenant at almost any time, unless we walk a fine line, finer than any other Magus. Control your curse or be cast out and probably die.
The element of control is central to the character. The apprenticeship, under the direction of the Master was to first be assured that he could create a home. My parens, doesn't have a terram affinity, and probably doesn't have that spell. He [parens] had his arts opened, and that's when his curse manifested. That relationship quickly deteriorated and he was traded to a Tremere who saw a fine opportunity with a gifted apprentice...
And I'm already a step ahead of you on learning that spell. I've almost completed the 7 years post gauntlet. I've learned the spell and invested the effect into a leather hat.
I'm looking forward to being chained to the mast on the night of a full moon!

You might want to enchant your lab with a MuCo spell to turn you human on nights of the full moon. This way you can be safe at home but on the road, in danger.

You might have the mind of the beast that night but you will have only body of a human.

I thought about that, a human with the mind of a beast could do a heck of a lot of damage, still.
Tear up notes, break equipment.
And then, I'm not even sure that MuCo[An] would be effective on a lycan... Although it's certainly something to explore, and something I'd thought about as I approached Atlas' post gauntlet years...

Might do better to turn you into a toad or a mouse :slight_smile:

Although you'd then have to be sure there were no ways for such a small creature to escape.

Maybe something really slow but big, like a tortoise....

Coming back to my character after several months' absence, I'm making a few minor changes; though she has a good CrAq attack spell (and will invent another during her 7 years post-gauntlet), Aquam is actaully not a big part of her build, though it does give her a good second 'tine' for certamen. Based on this, I think she makes more sense as a Signaller than as a Scout within the house, since her spells and arts allow her to communicate information rapidly via maps, illusions and mental messages.

To this end, there will be a few changees to her backstory and a change in spells; I had originally planned for her to use Human Figment of the Waking Mind (pg 32 of A&A) as a way to communiate one-on-one with individuals, but that would be very hard to accomplish without putting a ton of xp into Concentration. I now see Amphora being more about rapid bursts of information than extended conversations, so I might drop her Concentration entirely for now. Between Phantasm of the Talking Head and Exactly to Scale, she has other more intriguing methods of expressing herself that don't require Concentration, though I admit they will present interesting roleplaying challenges amongst her sodales. In the mundane world, she just passes herself as a mute, which I imagine might have the effect of folks getting chatty around her almost unconciously, as they tend to forget she's around (we'll see if this actually happens in play).

Getting rid of HFotWM frees up 25 spell levels, and Look at Me, from the same page in A&A as the previosu spell, really intrigues me; not only can it set up Eye range Mentem spells (which she plans on learning in the future), but it can also direct attention away from a comrade and onto Amphora or allow her non-verbal signals (I see her using hand gestures and/or small colored flags) to be seen by a comade some distance away, without having to shout to get their attention. Due to Parma, this tactic would mostly be of use in dealing with grogs and other covenfolk, but for a Tremere in the field or in battle I think it would be a big help.

Not sure what I'll do with the other 10 spell levels; possibly some Creo effect to create puffs of colored smoke or light for long-distance communication.

Found a cool bit about Roman signalling methods; I will look for other articles on the same subject, if only for my own amusement :smiley:

And since we're involved in maritime affairs, signaling between ships at sea or ship-to-shore might also be important!

A level 10 crig (light) type spell could actually be pretty flexible for signaling - make it concentration duration so you can ramp the light up and down within the duration of the spell. Or heck, just use straight up flame but have some way of making it vary, so you have more options than "on" and "off".

If you are already good at Imagonem something like simple colored smoke is the kind of thing you might be able to spont for free, but light is nice at night for communicating over long distances.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking off; the idea I came up with was a spell to create up to four floating 'lanterns', the shape, size and color depending on the wizard's sigil. Based on house protocol, they are usually arranged in a one of a series of predetermined configurations, such as square, diamond, vertical line, horizontal line, etc. If you add a second color (all the same color, 3-1, 2-2) you can easily come up with twelve signals that can be accuaretly read for several miles in any direction.

Bascially this is the classic D&D spell Dancing Lights, which I always thought would be great for this purpose. I was thinking Voice range would be best to get a little altitude for the lanterns, but Amphora cannot speak! However I believe Voice works on any vocal sound, so a yelp or even a loud grunt should suffice, correct?

Yeah, something could easily be sponted most of the time; smoke in the daytime (on land or at sea), lights at night. I mainly like the Four Lanterns spell because it implies official sanction and standardization, which seems very appropriate for Tremere.

Wait, if there's more than one 'lantern', would the Target be Group instead of Individual?

Target group with creo doesn't really seem to work that way. You just get "more" creo. (eg, can summon 10x more gold, affect a 60 degree cone, or similar)

So if your four lanterns add up to an "individual" amount of light for cr/ig, you won't have to bump the magnitude for size reasons. You might have to increase it for "unnatural/complex" reasons.

With ignem though, even quite complex shapes seem to be just one level of unnatural (eg, a flame that is in human shape, or that wraps itself around a sword).

The main variable is brightness with light. So what I'd say is work out your range/duration that you need, add +1 magnitude for unnatural, and see what brightness "base" that leaves you with. If the storyguide disagrees, worst case your lanterns aren't quite as bright, as you bump the base down a magnitude.

Base 3 for Creo Ignem gives you light equivalent to a torch +2 for Voice +1 for Concentration +1 for unnatural/complex = level 10 spell, right? Or would that make it Level 15?

I think I like Hoist the Spectral Lanterns Aloft for the spell name, since it implies nautical connotations. Or does 'Haul' sound better? Hmm...

Okay, I've completed my XP spending breakdown for Amphora from her birth through the seventh year after her Gauntlet, and changed her original build slightly (pretty much just swapped Penetration 1 for Concentration 1).

I still need to come up with story details for the 5xp seasons, detail her backstory and write up her two new spells (one she learned from her parens, and the other she invented herself), plus I'll need much help in setting up her lab :smiley:

Actually I think I need to do a die roll for the invented spell, as her lab total was 29, just one point short of being able to invent it in one season without experimentation! How do we handle such rolls here, and who determines any weird results?

I have to do my lab write up too but I will get you access to covenants book. My lab is in the sea cliff and hard to get access to without flying or swimming underwater.

(You can rappel down the cliff and indeed lower supplies on rope is how I got the lab equipment in initially, but that is only until I get defenses up.)

For die rolling: roll there and then post the link to the results roll into your post:

like this (ignore the humor)

As for the lights, I could see group working: You create four blocks of stone instead of 1 single block of stone. You create four lanterns in places around the lab so that the lght and shadows work right instead of 1 central light source.

As for weird results, suggest something and check with SG. As long as it fits the guidelines on the experimental table it should be ok.

I did several seasons of experimentation in the last couple years of my character and just made stuff up when I got a story event, just like I made stuff up for "scheduled" stories.

Okay, I think I'm doing this right.

  1. Roll a simple die roll and add it to lab total.

Creo 10 + Aquam 10 + Intellegence 1 + Magic Theory 5 + Aura 3 (this is thwe default, yes?) + 3 on die = 32! Success, unless I roll crappy on the-

  1. Stress die for possible wackiness!

Stress die = 4 (no extraordinary effect)


I made a few more changes to the character, both freshly-Gauntled and seven years past versions. I toned down her Amorous personality trait, made her Patient instead or Restless (which somehow makes more sense for a person who doesn't talk) and changed Woodworking to Leatherworking, so she can repair her own travel gear, but still be able to make little leather ragdolls as Arcane Connections!

I'm imagining the effects of Aura of Rightful Authority and Words of the Unbroken silence on this character on poor hapless mundanes.

Did anyone else see True Genius with Val Kilmer? There is a scene there that is kind of what I'm imagining...

(spooky unnatural voice in your head)
*This is Jesus Speaking. You have been Very Very Bad. Follow these instructions precisely and you will be forgiven."