Character creation

Bump it up by 1 magnitude for full sentence, 1 more for IM requisite to disguise your voice and suddenly you can be the person's conscience.

Verthax knows a character of mine that will be doing this spell soon (she just finished an invisibility spell.

Next up is a spell to hide her shadow when invisible once I figure out how to do it.

Hiding a shadow is usually done as a crig light effect.

Same brightness as whatever light casts the shadow, +1 magnitude for unnatural. (essentially, the side of you in shadow glows enough to counter whatever you are blocking. If the light source is stronger than your spell, you cast a faint shadow).

You could probably also do something with reig, maybe moving the shadow away from you somehow although that's mostly done for things like Image of the Wizard Torn, to make the illumination on the image match the illumination on you.

Other approaches tend to be harder (such as removing the quality that makes you block light).

VErthax and I know each other well. I can't wait to see what he does with his mentem expert after knowing he has been watching me get away with murder with my Mentem expert in our offline campaign.

I loved the reaction 10 minutes after my character had left the covenant, "Wait a minute, we let her go into town with just some grogs? What were we thinking? Lord help the town."

Mentem is nice that way. Subtle.

Not as good on things that lack minds, you do usually need a hammer for that too. But a lot easier to use your full power without accusations of blatant magic.

Unless you are Caput, where the kind of fear he inspires when he turns it up to 11 is so unnatural that it's going to be noticed and commented on.

Amphora is all about the subtle, but she's a good soldier and less likely to mess with the mundanes' heads for fun; it's her ability to impale people with icicles from half a mile away (assuming that she can see her target) that really makes her scary. :smiling_imp:

I must admit I'm a bit unclear on just how Penetration works. Amphie has a CT of 22 for a level 15 spell, plus Pentration 3 and two levels of Spell Mastery in Penetration for her icicle arrow spell; does this mean her Pen total for that spell is 12? There was a mention of multipliers, which I know involves symapthetic magic, but I wanr to have a good iea on just how good she is at taking out marched magi, y'know, should it ever come up.

(Yes, I know it would take a few ice arrows to drop a magi if they only do +5 damage.)

If you have arcane connection, you get to multiply your pentration score (that includes penetration mastery) so for this spell: You would be

7+die roll+(5x multiplier)+aura for pentration. Default multiplier is 1 but arcane connections can increase it, sympathetic connections can increase it more. A good AC and 2-3 sympathetic multipliers could mean +35 or +40 on top of hte 7+die roll+aura.

Wait, shouldn't it be 12 instead of 7? On page 82, it says Penetration total = Casting total + Penetration bonus -Spell level. Since it's a level 15 spell, it should be five points higher, right?

The multiplier is only applied to the penetration score (plus any penetration from mastery)

The true formula is

Penetration = Casting total + penetration bonus - spell level

Casting total = Stamina+arts+aura+specials (like exaggerated gestures, virtues of special circumstance, etc)+die roll
Penetration bonus = (penetration + mastery penetration) * multiplier

So for your spell in a neutral aura of 0 with no arcane connection would have penetration of 22 + (3+2)*1 - 15 + die= 12 + die

If say you had arcane connection of the class that last years (blood or hair): your penetration bonus would be (3+2) * 4 (base 1 + 3 for arcane connection lasting years or decades. This would raise penetration to 22+ 20 - 15 + die or 27+die. If you were to take that blood and had the signature of the target (sympathetic connection) and a good symbolic represetation of the target (another sympathetic connection), the multiplier would be base 1 + 3 (arcane connection) + 3 sympathetic connections or 7 and formula then becomes 22 (base casting total) + 35 - spell level + die or 42+die.

This is explained on page 84 of the main book. Sympathetic connects though do not work unless you have arcane connection first.

I am sorry I never finished my character, I won't be able to participate due to personal issues. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll return but if they are places open by then I might very well set up a beginners game. Sorry for wasting your time!

You are welcome back if you wish. Take care.

(Saved this as a draft by mistake!)

I have a few ideas for both her backstory and her lab; I'm not entirely sure how an anarchy covenant works, but it sounds a bit like we have our own 'mini-covenants' in close proximity? I'm going to actually read the previous and ongoing threads to get a better idea.

Amphora's family are camp followers, mainly launders, muleskinners and sutlers; she spent her early childhood on the move as her family followed the Byzantine army in it's clashes with the Bulgars at the northern edge of the tribunal. She will show up at the covenant with some of her family in tow, several of the men hauling three long boxes that look like coffins, but in reality store her 'mobile laboratory'. This is not 'mobile' in the sense that you can pick it up every night and relocate at the drop of a hat; it's more like a pre-fabricated structure made of sections of wooden panels with leather hinges that can be assembled over the course of a day, topped with a roof made of tanned skins stretched over a wooden framework. I see it looking like a cross between the army tents on MAS*H and a Mongolian yurt.

Most of her family would pitch a set of laundry tents downwind from the magi, using collected urine and sea water to scrub clothing and linens clean for any and all magi.

(New stuff!)

After speaking with ladyphoenix at our tabletop game, I edited one of Amphora's post-gauntlet seasons and the mastery for her mastered spell, so that Arrow of the Moon-Maiden now has both Pentration and Multicast. I also think it might be cool if she had instructions from her House to help erect and maintain an observation and signal tower on the island to assist Tremere vessel comminicating while at sea, as well as watching for seaborne enemies!

Also I may be changing Amphora's Hermetic name, as it seems less and less relevant to the character.

I would welcome you with open arms as a fellow Tremere. There may be reasons you would have a bit of emnity behind me, namely my infamous master who has a reputation for training lycanthropes with the Gift.
Whatever your reaction to Atlas, raising a tower is easily achievable, of course, recompense would be required... :slight_smile:

Just read Atlas' intro thread, and yes, it looks like a tower would present little difficulty for her fellow Tremere! Unlike the bear magi's tower, Amphora's would need to be fairly visible, and if made from stone would more than likely serve as her sanctum and lab. Having these two magi at the same covenant could well be part of a greater Tremere strategy in the area.

Also found this cool little reconstruction of a Roman signal tower that could serve as the basis for Amphora's project. Of course if she's supposed to maintain it and it's also her lab, there's the issue of who's in charge if she's out? Any mundane servant is bound to suffer warping if they spend any length of time in the local aura.

Another reconstruction here.

The aura is only at 5, so no warping.
Cutting stone into blocks for assembly isn't a problem either, with The Stonecutter's knife.

That's right, I forgot; so her family members could live nearby (though still downwind!) with no ill effects.

I dropped the 'Exploratrix' from her name, but am sticking with Amphora for now.

In the Fall of her 29th year, I have Amphora spending 10 xp to purchase the first level in Skill Mastery for a spell, but it only takes 5 xp to purchase the first level; can she use the other 5 xp to master a second spell the same season? I know the second level for Arrow of the Moon-Maiden would use the whole 10 xp the following season.

Please ignore the previous inquiry, as I have made my final revisions to Amphora which make it unnecessary. After much thought I decided to drop her Venus' Blessing, as I realized I was really just using it as a cheap and easy way to bypass the effects of her Gift. So instead I gave her Mastered Spells; since so many of her spells are used to cope with her muteness or as part of her job as a military communications specialist, it seems like a good idea to make sure they go off more often than not.

I also swapped out Aura of Rightful Authority for Aura of Ennobled Presence and Sight of the Transparent Motive (both mastered), as I think they will be of more use in the long run, as well as having more clealry defined game effects.

With these last changes, Amphora is complete, at least from a rules standpoint; her backstory needs to be written up and I need to describe her more adventurous seasons after Gauntlet, and I'll need to stat up her lab, but otherwise she's ready to go!

Is there anyway she can be brought into the mutant sheep storyline? I guess she could have arrived at the covenant while Polycarpus and Atlas were out in the fields.

Sounds like a good idea. We're heading back to the covenant to get some stores.

Added a bit of description and history to her sheet, so folks will have a better idea of what she's like. By the way, do I get a free shield grog with purchase? :smiley: