Character Development: Maga Leah of Bjornaer (Player: Pendry)

I look forward to seeing how this progresses this time!

I've not posted anything here yet as I'm looking at my prior build, rereading the Ars Magica rules and flavor, and thinking. Don't worry...I haven't forgotten!

Also, is there a primer on how this forum works? As an example, I'm used to being able to PM other players. Is that an option here? How do you roll dice? Etc.


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By all means if you have character specific questions, lets hear them!

@Nithyn will get back to you very quickly I promise. :innocent:

Haha, bus, me, thrown.

Seriously though, always happy to, you know that.

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I have always found you helpful when I have questions, yes. And I've been poking around a bunch of stuff (clearly) and I think I have (mostly?) settled on Flaws. Some are familiar, some I've changed from prior as I've thought more about Leah's personality and history.

Dependent (Major Story)
Compassionate (Major Personality)
Nocturnal (Minor Personality)
Deficient Form - Ignem (Minor Hermetic)
Weird Magic (Minor Hermetic)
Motion Sickness (Minor General)

Some quick flavor on these:
Dependent (her son, whose age I will have to seriously consider)
Compassion (perhaps surprising, but it's a driving force in her life. She enjoys helping people and has a great deal of empathy)
Nocturnal (she's a big cat)
Bad Ignem (Nature lovers don't necessarily like fire. It's dangerous, hard to control, etc. Not Leah's style)
Weird Magic (This should be fun and I was thinking tied to her parentage)
Motion Sickness (What animal wants to be carted around? Not this one)

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Sounds good so far, looking forward to seeing the rest!

Can I develop a companion for your character? The idea is that this human poses as the cat's owner, when that is necessary.

It could be a hunter type of person (Magic Air), a loner with a love for the outdoor places


It could be an urban type (Ways of the town? Touched by Magic?), a traveling taylor/trader who keeps replacing all those torn clothes with items of the finest quality.


I could work from your idea

A companion would be wonderful!

‘Cat-owner’ would be a very interesting take as Leah’s Heartbeast is ‘Lioness’.

Hunter or urban-type are both great ideas. Leah isn’t particularly fond of cities, so the urban-type could be her representative in those places. Hunter would probably operate side-by-side with Leah who enjoys a good hunt.

Oh I thought she was a normal (?) cat. It really depends on what kind of adventures your character wants to play. Creating an urban type that never sees a city is little fun. On the other hand, if she is a lioness, she won't need an assistant with hunting skills. What does she need?

Something tells me Leah won't want to be the "dancing bear" if she can help it. :wink:

The idea is creative, intriguing, and potentially provides Leah a way to paw about urban areas without causing extreme levels of alarm. Of course she could potentially do that in human form as well. Either way, a companion that is good with people would be an excellent companion for Leah as that companion would help cover one of Leah’s weaknesses.

I've found a companion for the maga (details in char creation discussiont thread)

Just read it, and I really like him! Excellent fit and a wonderfully creative idea.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am still traveling and so not fully engaging here until next week, but I like what I see!

Let's throw some Virtues in here for starters:
Hermetic Maga
Skilled Parens
Subtle Magic (minor, no gestures)
Puissant Parma
Puissant Penetration
Unbound Tongue
Second Sight
Flawless Magic (major)
Minor Focus (Tracking or Hunting or something along those lines...assuming that's allowed)

Nothing is jumping out to me as problematic, and I see where you're going with the character. It's a Ramius-style Bjornaer, which I'm all for!

If I remember correctly, this is basically a focus in a relatively small bit of Intellego magic across a few forms?