Character Development

For growth and shrinking spell effects: each extra magnitude allows an a change of an extra 3 size ranks. We’ve confirmed in game with some of Fray’s spells and also on the forums a while back.
Spell looks ok.

The power looks reasonable to me.

I've finished checking all the arithmetic now, and I think statwise he's good to go (although you might want to add a bit more background / character fluff to his character sheet, such as who his parens is and why he has those Favours).

How do we want to introduce him? At tribunal? We were planning to have a short session there anyway.

I should have time to type in the background tomorrow. I would like to join ASAP so if tribunal is soon then that is fine.

Tribunal is Autumn 1228 - we were planning to something fairly light touch for it, and then / in parallel fastforward onto the next main adventure in 1230.

What is the current saga season and date please?

That's slightly more complicated to answer than it might be.

The last big set of stories was set in Spring 1228, with the tail-end of Viola's story going into Summer 1228.

Viola's next story was meant to be in Summer 1229, which is why the thread title says that; however, we then realised there was an intermediate stage to the story which is happening in Autumn 1228, after the tribunal. We should probably get the thread title updated.

There's also "the Toymaker's Favours", which I think is happening very early Autumn 1228 before the tribunal.

For non-Viola people, the next main story was planned to be in Summer/Autumn 1230. However, there are some things that need to happen at the tribunal (like getting made citizens, and Viola finding an apprentice), so we were going to do something fairly quick for that. I'm not sure if we were going to run that first, or have two threads in different time periods happening at the same time - note that non-Viola people are not currently in a story.

So there isn't really one "saga date" as such, but best estimate is probably Autumn 1228.

OK so a reasonably quick start if we go with starting at tribunal. Wishbone can be looking for a new covenant to join and the gathering at Delos would be a good place to do that.

And there are definite reasons for the covenant to want a Flambeau present.

That said, note that due to the fact that the covenant's purpose is to provide hospitality to any member of the Order, under the Covenant Charter you wouldn't be eligable to be an actual member for three years - you'd be a visiting magus (with a right to a sanctum and library access) until then.

...and that distinction won't matter for most purposes. The point of it is to provide an in-game reason that most PC's are temporary (which is, inevitably, what happens with these online sagas).



How are mystery cult like the Neo Mercurians (TMRE 114) handled during character generation and then later in this game? I'm current consider building a Pagan Merinita (probably with Faerie-Raised Magic) that already spend 1 year at a Neo-Mercurian temple to gain the Mercurian Magic virtue. (I'm extrem early in the character conception phase)

Also would a outspoken pagan fit at all in the already existing group?
Ohh and what is the patron of this covenant?

I'll leave it to MTKnife to answer the mystery cult question.

In terms of outspoken paganism - it's likely to cause a fair amount of IC conflict with my character, Gregorius, who tends to have a fairly Tremere view on paganism. That's not me saying OOC don't do it, but you should be aware.

The patron is currently the faerie Zethos, a greek patrician Viola (MTKnife's magus) picked up as part of an adventure. This is intended to be a temporary position whilst Viola works on changing the role of the gorgon inhabiting a regio in the covenant.

Since the saga doesn't impose an age range on magi, I think we can be pretty flexible on this, as long as it doesn't smack of gamey optimization--say, having a magus spend the first year out of Gauntlet learning a mystery without a darned good story reason for it (like being initiated by his parens).

Viola would find this effect on Gregorius hilarious.

So much work just to get a decent lab....


I'd like to apply with the following character idea:

The amazons have struck a chord with me. I'd like to create a maga ex Flambeau (or Verdi or Craft ex Misc) with a focus on bows. She is fascinated by stories of amazons and wants to meet (or fight) them.

Ideas are:

  • Animal Arrow Talisman (feathers + bone + tooth as a tip): effect to ignore wind, effect to down parma/resistence (unless you want to avoid PeVi for balance's sake)
  • spells that improve the bow
  • spells that improve sight/cancel out range penalties
  • effect that make the bow more portable (change form)
  • virtue to wave gestures
  • virtues to boost characteristics
  • warrior
  • maybe a range restriction

Because my character idea was developing to bit to close to the char from MTKnife as I also would like to follow the the Arcadian path in the mid - long run I current reconsider everything. :blush:
Its also because I'm current unsure how ritual magic and Faerie-Raised Magic would work with the Becoming.
Ritual Magic is always giving fatigue what isn't possible when you no longer have fatigue level from Transforming the Body (But I think to remember that Ritual magic still works)
Faerie-Raised Magic either become complet irrelevant because you can't learn real new magic after Transforming the Mind or get past the downside of Transforming the Mind (You "just" have to find a creature that have the power you want to learn as spell and convince it to demonstrate it).

I gave it some more thought and now have a concept

Philippa ex Flambeau

Appearance: Blond curls, large blue eyes, petite, right breast removed

Background: The young woman's first memory is her real name, Philippa, which is a Greek name, like her looks at odds with her upbringing with the western traders/scouts of the Mongol horde. Her childhood is spent on the plains of the East.
Was she sold? Or robbed? She'll never know. All she knows is she doesn't fit in as the adopted daughter of the local chief. So she steals his magic horse Kublai. Together they ride west and west, hoping to be welcomed there with open arms. But the curse of the Gift, her lack of Greek and her strange ways quickly sour the relation. When she and her horse are whisked to safety by a redcap before a mob can lynch her for stealing and brought to the apprentice market, she doesn't know yet that something good has happened to her. And when a Flambeau, impressed with her skills with the horse and a bow, picks her up as his apprentice, a new world opens to her....

Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre -2, Com 0, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +2 Qik +1
Size: -1
Age: xx
Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: xx
Confidence: 2(5)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Cautious with Bows, Cyclic Magic (positive: Fall/Winter), Inoffensive to Animals, Minor Magical Focus (horses), Puissant Animal, Puissant Bows, Puissant Parma Magica, Self-Confident, Skilled Parens, Subtle Magic, *Warrior; Short Ranged Magic (Major), Driven (Major): Stop the Mongol Invasion, Disfigured (one breast removed), Magic Animal Companion (story), Small frame, proud (minor)

Where exactly is the covenant? I'm asking because I was wondering if they speak Greek or Latin, and which language is used by the locals?

"This saga takes place in a newly founded covenant on the northeastern edge of the Thebes Tribunal"
So the locals should speak Greek but as it is a foreigner covenant within the Thebes Tribunal the covenant language appears to be Latin. (keep in mind the Tribunal language is Greek)

It's actually at the north-eastern corner of the Black Sea - on the ruins of Tanais by the delta of the Don river.

The locals speak Kipchak. The covenfolk speak greek natively, but are being trained in Latin. The magi speak Latin (and no greek, which probably isn't ideal from the tribunal's point of view).

It's probably worth MTKnife commenting on how he feels about the emphasis on the Mongols - they haven't overtly appeared yet in the saga.