Character: Remi of Mouseau

Remi of Mouseau, Adventurer folk witch
Int +2 Str +1
Per +1 Sta 0
Pre 0 Dex +1
Com +1 Qik 0

Age: 47
Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues & Flaws
Gifted Folk Witch (Changed skills: Mythic Herbalism, Hex, Skinchanger [Wolf] M. Sensit)
SUMMON ANIMALS (Com + Summon 9+ summon 10 wolves)
Well-travelled (in his army days)

Deleterious circumstances (-3 casting total. Winter)
Study requirement
Short ranged Hexes
Animal companion (his familiar’s pack of wolves)
DEPENDENTS (M): Coven (Marie and Little Mathilde)
ENEMIES (Infernal witches)

Abilities lvl
Animal Handling (wolves) 2
Animal Ken (wolves) 4
Area Lore: Ardennes (supernatural areas) 2
Area Lore: Lower Lorraine (politics) 3
Area Lore: Iberia (geography) 2
Area Lore: Triamore Library (research) 2
Artes Liberales (logic) 1
Athletics (swim) 3
Awareness 2
Bargain (military) 2
Brawl (dodge) 2
Charm (first impressions) 3
Chirurgy (bind wounds) 3
Civil & Canon law (heresy) 1
Concentration (casting) 2
Flight (endurance) 2
Folk Ken (military) 2
Folk Witch MT (potions) 4
Forest Lore: Ardennes (animals) 1
Hex (major curses) 3
Leadership (command) 3
Legend Lore (forests) 3
Magic Sensitivity (vis) 2
Mythic Herbalism (healing) 3
Org Lore: New OoH (Lorraine) 1
Org Lore: Church (figures) 1
Org Lore: Folk witches Lore (covens) 2
Parma Magica (curses) 3
Penetration (hexes) 2
Play Pipes (solo) 2
Profession: Scribe (Latin) 2
Ride (speed) 2
Summon Animals (Wolves) 4
Survival (forest) 2
Second Sight (regios) 1(1)
Single Weapon (longsword) 4
Speak French (Norman) 5
Speak Flemish (trade) 2
Speak Latin (academic) 3
Speak Low German (common) 4
Speak Spanish (common) 3
Thrown weapons (javelin) 2

Witch mark: Wolves present in all mystical effects
Familiar: White Paws, a large wolf of virtie (size +0, Magic Might 5) and leader of a pack of Ardennian wolves. White Paws provides a +3 bonus to the lab total
Longevity ritual: +4 (+1 living conditions)

Init Attk Def Dam
Brawl (dodge) -1 +3 +3 +1
Knife ( incl. thrown ) -1 +4 +2 +3
Dagger -1 +5 +2 +4
Sword +1 +10 +6 +7
Sword & Shield +1 +10 +9 +7
Javelin -1 +6 +3 +6
Thrown stone/item -1 +4 +2 +3

+3 attk/def if mounted

Longsword (1)
Heather shield (2) +3 def OR 2 javelins (2)
Partial metal reinf armor (2) OR Full chain (6)

Soak +2 or +9 depending on armor
Encumbrance : 1 or 3 (depending on armor)

I will not put background because you all can read it in his background.
I changed it somewhat and made him a folk witch. Abilities try to be a conversion from his ArM4 abilities and, like those of Daria that I will put later, are not the best spread possible. I actually like it since it makes them more believable characters than highly focused ones.

I opted for him to be a folk witch AND nightwalker. IIRC this is illegal by the rules since nightwalkers cannot be gifted. Screw that :stuck_out_tongue: I made him into an infernal witch hunter, so he can be out of the covenant for long periods. He is not the most powerful magician around, but he certainly can stand his ground in combat thanks to his abilities, martial skills, parma and the support he can call in.

Remi has a low Forest Lore score, so Yannis will know about him. The pack of wolves that he is linked to roams the Ardennes and he has a witch kitchen hidden in the forest, in a small hut, for when he needs to do some real magic.

it was fun converting him. he will get the usual 15PX per year form now on to invest in his skills, but with a total of +5 to his longevity he might not be around for a very long time.

I am considering making Little Mathilde (from Triamore) and Marie into unGifted witches, so that they form a small coven at Triamore. They represent the Dependants flaw of Remi. Marie will have Mythic Herbalism (and enfeebled) and Magic Sensitivity. Little Matilde has Animal Ken and the Mute flaw. They may or may not be related by blood.

Reserved for advancement