List of characters

A listing of all the player characters appearing in the saga.


  • Sophie. Faerie Doctor (Callen)
  • Darkwing : Folk Witch.
  • Yannis (Gifted Companion). Spiritual pact with Ardennia and a protector of the wilderness (MalakhGlitch)
  • Frere Sulpice (Gifted Companion). Ars Notoria Franciscan (One shot)
  • Daria laGris, filia Anaxagoras. (NPC). Mature Augustan Sister, ravaged by age. Stern and serious, but with a reputation of being fair and having a keen mind. She would prefer a courtly life than the one she has in Triamore, but has a strong sense of duty towards the legacy of her parens.
  • Remi of Mouseau (NPC). Nightwalker folk witch. Gentle Gifted and easy going. Liked by the covenfolk.

In reserve
DeedNay : Alchemist (Learned Magician)

Companion characters

Custos grogs of the Magi

NPCs (unless someone wants to play them) that live at Lucien’s Folly and the covenfolk that depend on them.

Morris the Steward (specialist)

  • Elias Clericus, clerk and scribe
  • Froese, thug

Richer, cellarer (specialist)

  • Alma, cook
  • Edith, Joan and little Matilde (12 year sold), scullery maids.
  • Edwin, boy that tends to the sheep and goat herd

Beatrice, Housekeeper (30 years old)

  • Margery, Alice and Goscelyna. Housemaids
  • Athelina, Geoffrey, Sophie, Gerard. Personal servants for the magi (will be reduced to 2 if you bring your own). Sophie is mute but is implied to have Animal Ken.

Cortini, Stablemaster (specialist)

  • Thurold, huntsman and master of kennels. Acts on his own most of the time.
  • Brendan, stablehand
  • 9 riding horses (2 are in the village), 10 plow horses, 3 mules, 4 hounds, 8 cats

Isabel of Bruges, Librarian (flamboyant woman (!) and lover of books (specialist)

  • Martin, scribe
  • Richildis Illuminator [COMPANIOMN LEVEL NOBLEWOMAN]

Johan, Captain (specialist). A knight and nobleman [CAN BE A COMPANION EASILY]

  • 5 guards.
  • 2 Custos (Gigot and Gerard) belonging to Remi and Daria.
  • There are 5 semi-trained peasants in the village that will also act as officers if the village needs to be mobilized in times of war.
  • A castle the size of triamore could use a second knight easily.

Other NPCs in the castle:

  • Brother Chretien, a visiting monk scholar
  • Nasir, a Moorish from the court of Granada.
    these 2 are not given much role in the covenant, so we can use or remove them as we see fit.

Nature magic x Mechanica Faerie Doctor
Summoning x Ars Notoria
Folk Witch x Virgilians

I can foresee lively dinner conversations.

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XD quite true.
Forgot that Callen was going for faerie doctor in the end. Just replaced it.

I am getting confused as to who is playing what...

It should be in the first post of the thread. If there is a mistake, tell me and I will correct it right away.

I think I figured out why I got confused.

  • Sophie (Faerie Doctor) got replaced by Wilhelm (Mechanic of Heron)
  • Callen switched from Summoner to Faerie Doctor

Did I get that right?

That means we currently have 3 Gifted Companions, 1 Mythic Companion, and 1 Hedge Wizard.

Sophie started out as a Greek daughter of erichto. Was changed to become a summoner. And then Callen said "screw that" and is designing a faerie doctor.
You have what should have the current list of characters in the first post, with links to the characters that have a character sheet, even if they are WIP.

Ah right. It was Plot_Device who changed from Vikti to Mechanic and it was Callen who switched from Summoner to Faerie Doctor.