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Mariella the Black Filia Benedict Follower of Flambeau(Maga of House Flambeau )
Int +4 Str -2 Com +1 Dex +1
Per +1 Sta +1 Pre 0 Qui 0
Age 29 4 Years out of Apprentice ship
Personality traits
Honorable +2, Ruthless +2, Loyal +3, Pious +1

Area Lore (Northern Italian Alps) 2
Artes Liberale (Ritual Magic) 2
Athletics (Running)2
Latin 4
Awareness(Alertness) 3
Magic Theory (Perdo)4 +4
Stealth (Hide)2
PArma Magica (Ignem) 2+2
Survival (Montains)2
Penetration (Perdo)2 +2
Speak Italian 5
Chirurgy(Binding Wounds) 1
Finesse (Accuracy)1
Bows(Crossbows) 2
Leadership(Intimidation) 1
Concentration(Spell Concentration) 1
Hunt(Tracking) 2
Code of Hermes(Wizards Marches) 1
Brawl (Dodge)1
Swim(long distances) 1
Speak Low german(curses) 0 +4
Creo 3 Animal 6 Ignem 0
Intellego 3 Aquam 0 Imagonem 0
Muto 1 Auram 0 Mentam 6
REGO 6 Corpus 6 Terram 6
Perdo 14 Herbam 0 Vim 8

Demon’s Eternal Oblivion 15 (+34)
Wind of Mundane Silence 20 (+26)
Evisceration of a thousand Knives PeCo 30 (+30)
Eviscerations of the ten thousand knives PeCo 40 (or 35)(+30)
Flaws of the Weapon smith PeTe 25 (+24)
Invisible Sling of Vilanos ReTe 10 (+13)
Obliteration of the Metallic barrier PeTe 20 (+30)

Major magical focus Damage
Puissant Perdo (House virtue)
Puissant Parma Magica
Puissant Penetration
Affinity Vim
Affinity Perdo
Inventive Genius
Great Intelligence

Blatant Gift
Oath of Milites
Weak Scholar
Small Frame
True Friend (Odilio brother aged 31 who stood by Mariella despite the presence of the Blatant gift and helped the maga while a child, the Odilio has now joined the church and is a missionary/monk in the Pomeranian area and the Mariella feels she owes a debt to help and aid this person)

Born to a family in Northern Italy , difficult childhood due to the strong Gift until found and recruited by a Flambeau magus. Trained at a covenant in Northern Italy by a Benedict filius Phillipius Niger following in the school and magical lineage of Apromor showed a great ability in destructive magic’s. Soon grew to disdain melee believing a magus should be above such things but at the insistence of her parens learnt the use of the X-Bow for those cases where magic would not suffice. The covenant located near the border with the Transylvanian tribunal was the home of several Flambeau magi, as well as several members of House Ex Miscallanea whose origins lay with a group of necromancers similar to those recruited by the Tremere these mages had stayed out of the order until Apromor brought them into the order after the founding mainly to spite Tremere they live quietly at the covenant staying out of Hermetic politics and avoiding the notice of the Tremere. In return for the protection of the Flambeau magi of the covenant they help in training new magi and in the case of Marialla they where able to teach her the basics of their leadworking technique

Initially unable to find a covenant to settle in traveled to various flambeau covenants learning of the ideals of the house, learning of a new covenant trying to bring more mages into the Order traveled there to assist in the noble endeavor of recruiting into the order and also protect those involved in the endeavor should they face any dangers.

Short, and small framed women with short black hair and pale skin, dresses in plain black robes

My character sheet is here

In short: Born in the novgorod tribunal to a anastacia, a young maiden, and a faerie prince who impregnated her, and later made her beleive it was a dream. The maiden was ousted by her family, and had to fend for herself.
However, the faerie prince was married, and her wife pursued both stacia and ardath with her hate.
Ardath had sad and solitary young years, and life was hard. When ardath was still young, her servants killed stacia, and ardath herself was cursed and left to die in the woods. She was rescued by a magus, Konstantin Ex Miscellanea, who took her as her apprentice, and inducted her into his tradition of summoners, the Children of Kalesh. This destroyed ardath's wild talents with earth and stone, leaving only the cold shard of Obsidian to it. However, ardath took remarquably well to hermetic magic, mastering every spell taught to her.

However, near the end of her apprenticeship, her stepmother learned of Ardath's continued survival, and soon renewed her efforts toward ardath's doom. Her master advised ardath to flee until she gained enough strength to protect herself (which they both beleive she will if she tries hard enough), and she did this, applying for membership in a young covenant, where she'll be a peer and not a lowly magus, and settled for ad fons, hoping to improve her magic through contact with the pomenarian witches.
She arrived a short while ago, along a french shield grog, but carrying herself a sword, and isn't acquaintanced with the covenant or the local language yet.

While beautiful and visibly wanting to make things work with others, she doesn't seem to be a fool either.

I'm going away a few days, see you later everyone!

Apparently, I was mistaken about the views of Bjoernaer-magi in repect to shapechanging.
I decided to change the house. One more Ex Miscellanea, that is :slight_smile:

So, after a couple of last-minute changes...

Yannick Ex Miscellanea, Aged 27, 5 years out of Apprenticeship

A man of average height and weight. Short clean-cut brown hair. Brown eyes. No beard at all.
Wears the clothing of a peasant rather than flashy wizardly robes.
He only carries the least equipment possible (including a dagger, a short spear and a piece of chalk), as he needs to leave it behind quite often anyways, due to shapeshifting in more or less appropriate situations.
A little luxury must be though: He travels on a horse of the patient coldblooded type, more by his animal ken than his riding skill. You find him arguing with "Ludwig" now and then. The horse is a Schwarzwälder Fuchs, wich is often used for work in the black forrest.

Yannick was often sent out for tasks amongst "mundanes" during his apprenticeship, due to his gentle gift.
Though he very often enjoyed them, he sometimes got bored as well.
How often can you tell a baker that his tarts are tasty?
How often argue with a fisherman about his fish being fishy?
Out of sheer boredom he started sticking his nose into other peoples business. That was fun. So he just kept getting into trouble time and again.
Somehow, his preferred shape seems to have an influence on his mind...
Yannick is fully consient, that his skills in espionage need improvement.
His magic centered on himself and Animal make spying a challenge.
He spent the last two years preparing to join in Justus Felix project. He's more interested in the witches than the lycantrophes though :slight_smile:

Possible Companions:
It is very likely that Yannick travels with one of the more action-oriented companions. A rogue, bard, hunter or a downright bully would fit. Would anyone like to slip into that role?

Place of origin: Rottweil, Rhine-Tribunal

The Wizards Sigil:

Targets of Yannick's spell and/or surrounding persons tend to have the feeling that they saw this coming.

Warping 10 / 1

Intelligence +2
Stamina +2
Communication +1

The Gift, Hermetic Magus (free)
Shapeshifter, Affinity with Muto (free House-Virtues)
Gentle Gift, Skilled Parens, Quiet Magic x2, Subtle Magic
Lesser Immunity (serpents poison; there's few poisonous serpents in Europe and their poison will usually not kill and adult. Being bitten by a serpent is rather a rare occurence.)

Difficult Longevity Ritual (free House-Flaw, how can you conserve a single lifeforce so many shapes draw from?)
Study Requirement (Gone fishing...)
Blackmail (you know, sometimes people just don't pay enough attention to animals...)
Reckless, Hedge Wizard, Busybody, Disjointed Magic

Personality traits:

Reckless +3
Nosy +3
Opportunistic +1
Enthusiastic +2

[b]General Abilities /b xp / score

Animal Handling (serpents) 15 / 2
Athletics (climbing) 5 / 1
Awareness (alertness) 5 / 1
Brawl (bite) 15 / 2
Carouse (games of chance) 5 / 1
Charm (first impressions) 5 / 1
Chirurgy (binding wounds) 5 / 1
Concentration (spells) 5 / 1
Etiquette (peasants) 5 / 1
Folk Ken (peasants) 15 / 2
Guile (disguises) 15 / 2
Hunt (tracking) 5 / 1
Intrigue (gossip) 15 / 2
Native Language 75 / 5
(German, expansive vocabulary)
Organization Lore (OoH, Ex Misc) 5 / 1
Profession(Scribe / copying) 5 / 1
Ride (long distance) 5 / 1
Stealth (leaving discreetly) 15 / 2
Survival (find water) 5 / 1
Swim (hold breath) 5 / 1

Academic Abilities

Artes Liberales (rhetoric) 5 / 1
Latin (hermetic usage) 50 / 4
Code of Hermes (mundane interaction) 5 / 1

Arcane Abilities

Certamen (Corpus) 5 / 1
Finesse (grace) 5 / 1
Magic Theory (invent spells) 30 / 3
Parma Magica (animal) 15 / 2
Penetration (corpus) 5 / 1

Martial Abilities

Single Weapon (short spear) 15 / 2

Supernatural Abilities

Animal Ken (serpents) 50 / 4
Shapeshifter 50 / 4
(BLACK ADDER, Cat, Crow, Hound(Rottweiler))

Magical Arts

In 15 / 5
Mu 44x1.5 / 11
Re 15 / 5

An 15 / 5
Co 15 / 5
He 3 / 2
Vi 3 / 2


Arm Of The Infant MuCo20
Beast Of Outlandish Size MuAn15
Bind Wound CrCo10
Circle Of Beast Warding ReAn5
Disguise Of The New Visage MuCo15
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn15
Eyes of the Cat MuCo/An5
Gather The Essence Of The Beast ReVi15
Gift of the Bears Fortitude MuCo25
Intuition Of The Forrest InHe10
Pass The Unyielding Door MuHe5
Revealed Flaws Of Mortal Flesh InCo10
Scales Of Magical Weight InVi5
Shiver Of The Lycantrophe InAn10
Vipers Gaze ReAn15

[size=150]Manius Niger[/size] ex Miscellanea, description:

Manius is a medium sized man with black skin and hair but he isn't an African (for those who know how an African looks). He has a strange face but you don’t know why. He looks like being around 30 years old. Manius looks and behaves threateningly people tend to obey him automatically. Sometimes even their flesh creep in his presence.
He dresses like a lesser noble and wears a hat. When Manius arrived (on horseback!) he wore a hauberk with coif. He usually wears a sword and has a whip hanging from his belt but he didn't used it yet.
Manius sometimes changes his appearance when needed. He often uses telekinesis when doesn't want to stand up, dismount the horse and such.
He speaks low German. Manius is a Latin name and means dawn so his name is a play with words.

Frederick Ex Bonisagus, Aged 26, 1 year out of Apprenticeship

A small man, usually with a friendly expression on his face. He allways has a nasty cough which increases in winter. Frederick walks slowly with his ever-present walking stick. Wearing clean, traditional wizardly robes and long, well tended hair. He carries a bag with some food, a candle and a dagger. If he travels, he usually travels on a cart or on ship, because of his poor health.

Frederick grow at the house of Philip I of Swabia. As the son of the captain, he would be a soldier. But when very young, he got sick. He had a difficult life at the court until his tenth, when he was taken by a magus. The Jerbiton had recognised the gifted child quickly, and taken to his convenant to the relief of the people around the wortheless boy. After one year of apprenticeship, his feeling with magic attracted a Bonisagus from Durenmar. A bargain was made and Frederick went to Durenmar to become an apprentice there. He liked the atmosphere, and the respect he got for being a interested and intelligent student. But at the end of his apprenticeship he had much problems with the older magi, he could not handle the authority and felt cramped in his growth. Especially his parens worked him on his nerves. After hearing about a new-found convenant, he decided that he migth find his freedom there.

Place of origin: Durenmar, Rhine-Tribunal

The Wizards Sigil:
The spells of Frederick contain straight lines, sometimes giving them an unnatural look

Warping 2 / 0

Intelligence +4
Stamina +2
Communication +3
Presence +1
Perception +1
Quickness –1
Dexterity –2
Strength -2

The Gift, Hermetic Magus (free)
Puissant Magic theory (free House-Virtues)
Book learner, Great intelligence, Improved characteristics, Good Teacher, Cautious Sorcerer, Inventive Genius

Mentor (his parens, who sees Fredericks potential and who wants the respect for training such an excellent magus)
Enfeebled, Twilight prone, Proud (minor), Ambitious (minor), No sense of direction

Personality traits:
Tidy +2
Proud +3
Ambtious +3
Anti-authoritarian +2

General Abilities (specialisation) xp / score

Awarenes (searching) 15 / 2
Charm (first impressions) 15 / 2
Concentration (reading) 15 / 2
Etiquette (nobility) 15 / 2
Folk ken (nobles) 15 / 2
Guile (lying to authority) 15 / 2
High German (expansive vocabulary) 75 / 5
Intrigue (gossip) 15 / 2
Magic Theory (inventing spells) 50 / 4+2
Order of Hermes lore (personalities) 5 / 1
Profession (Scribe) (hermetic) 5 / 1

Academic Abilities

Artes liberales (rhetoric) 5 / 1
Latin (hermetic) 50 / 4
Philosophiae (moral philosophy) 5 / 1

Arcane Abilities

Code of Hermes (political intrigue) 5 / 1
Parma (ignem) 5 / 1
Penetration (terram) 5 / 1

Magical Arts

Cr 28 / 7
Mu 15 / 5
Re 15 / 5

Aq 3 / 2
Au 10 / 4
Co 3 / 2
Ig 10 / 4
Te 15 / 5
Vi 21 / 6


Air’s Ghostly Form CrAu5
Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAq5
The Crystal Dart MuTe(Re)10
Lamp Without Flame CrIg10
Lifting the Dangling Puppet ReCo15
Migthy Torrent of Water CrAq20
Purification of the Festering Wounds CrCo20
Unseen Arm ReTe5
Ward Against Rain ReAu10
Wizards Communion MuVi20

Supplement, spells with mastery:

Air’s Ghostly Form CrAu5 (quiet casting)
Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAq5 (still casting)
The Crystal Dart MuTe(Re)10 (penetration)
Lamp Without Flame CrIg10 (still casting)
Lifting the Dangling Puppet ReCo15 (multiple casting)
Migthy Torrent of Water CrAq20 (penetration)
Purification of the Festering Wounds CrCo20 (pentration)
Unseen Arm ReTe5 (quiet casting)
Ward Against Rain ReAu10 (still casting)
Wizards Communion MuVi20 (penetration)

Btw... Ardath is just 1 year out from apprenticeship. Her sigil is a white-blue glow.
Due to her strong faerie blood, her eyes are entirely blue. Here's a picture.

Extended sheet:

Manius Niger ex Miscellanea, description:

Manius is a medium sized man with black skin and hair but he isn't an African (for those who know how an African looks). He has a strange face but you don’t know why. He looks like being around 30 years old. Manius looks and behaves threateningly people tend to obey him automatically. Sometimes even their flesh creep in his presence.
He dresses like a lesser noble and wears a hat. When Manius arrived (on horseback!) he wore a hauberk with coif. He usually wears a sword and has a whip hanging from his belt but he didn't used it yet.
Manius sometimes changes his appearance when needed. He often uses telekinesis when doesn't want to stand up, dismount the horse and such.
He speaks low German. Manius is a Latin name and means dawn so his name is a play with words.

Height: 175 cm, Weight: 75 kg, Gender: Male
Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre +1, Com 0, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex 0, Qik +1
Sigil: grim, threatening effects
Personality Traits:
Brave, Cocky, Proud

Justus Felix Ex Miscellanea child of Pralix
Int +3 Per 0 Pre +1 Com +5
Str 0 Sta 0 Dex 0 Qui 0

Age: 32 7 years out of apprenticeship
Warping: 0(2)

Hemetic magus, The gift, Comprehend magic, Minor magical focus exotic magic, Ash guild trained, Affinity with Vim, Puissant art Vim, Well travelled, Improved characteristics *2, Great communication *2, Good teacher, Fast caster, Enhanced sense of smell

Weak magic resistance against non comprehended magic, driven (minor), favours, Unpredictable magic, magical addiction, deficient form Auram, deleterious circumstances (high up in the mountains).

Artes liberates/1/ Rhetoric
Athletics/1/Long distance running
Awarness/1/Spoting ambushes
Bargain/2/ Magic items
Brawl/1/ Dodge
Charm/2/ Debate
Code of hermes/1/ Dealings with non-hermetic magi
Comprehend magic/3(10)/Hermetic magi
Concentration/1/ multiple castings
Durenmar lore/2/ Library
Etiquette/2/ Magi
Faerie lore/1/ Faerie magic
Finesse/3/ Fast cast
Folk ken/2/ Magi
Guile/1/ Elaborate lies
Hunt/1/ Falconry
Infernal lore/1/ Recognition
Intrigue/1/ Motives
Latin/4 (2)/ Hermetic use
Leadership/1/ Grogs
Magic lore/1/ Witches & werewolves of Pomerania
Magic theory/3 (4)/ Inventing spells
Order of Hermes lore/1/ Magi
Parma magica/3/ Ignem
Pentration/3/ Vim
Philosophiae/1/ Ceremonial magic
Pomerania lore/2/Villages
Rihne tribunal lore/3/ Covenants
Speak low german/5/orders
Stealth/1/ Moving silent
Survival/2/ Woodlands
Swim/1/ Long distances
Teaching/1/ Magic
Witches & werewolves of Pomerania lore/1/ Magic

Cr 6 In 6 Mu 6 Pe 6 Re 6
An 2 Au 0 Aq 1 Co 5 He 2
Ig 2 Im 2 Me 5 Te 3 Vi 11 +3

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score
The wizard’s leap / ReCo / 15 / +11
Aura of beguiling appearance / MuIm / 10 / +8
The heathen witch reborn / PeVi / 25 / +25
Invisibility of the standing wizard / PeIm / 15 / +8
Daemons eternal oblivion / PeVi / 15 / +20
Trackless step / ReTe / 10 / +9
The crystal dart / MuTe / 10 / +9 / fast cast, multiple casting / 2
Trust of the child like faith / PeMe / 10 / +11
Sight of the transparent motive / InMe / 10 / +11
Intuition of the forest / InHe / 10 / +8
Lamp without flame / CrIg / 10 / +8
The obliteration of the witch’s entrancement /PeVi / 15 / +25
Quenching the Entrancing glare /ReVi / 15/ +24
Unravelling the fabric of Mentem /PeVi / 10/ +20
Unravelling the fabric of Corpus /PeVi / 5/ +20
Sap the Griffin's Strength /PeVi / 5/ +20
Dreadful Bane of the Fae /PeVi / 5/ +20
Demon's Eternal Oblivion /PeVi / 5/ +20
Wind of Mundane Silence /PeVi / 20/ +20
Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat /PeVi / 10/ +20 / mastery score 1 / Fast cast


Wizardly robes and a masterly crafted dagger

New spell

Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat
Similar to Winds of Mundane Silence, but scaled down to affect a single spell. This will counter or cancel a spell if your roll of a SD + (Level + 10) equals or exceeds twice the level of the opposing spell. Countering another spell as it is being cast requires a successful Fast Cast roll.

Justus Felix is a man with quite good looks even though they aren’t extraordinary they still draw attention especially from the women. He has quite long dark hair and shows little sign of ever being able to grow a beard. His eyes are steel grey and full of determination. He is a man who cares about his appearance and more fit into the Jerbiton stereotype rather than the hedge wizard stereotype.


Justus Felix had rather uneventful childhood as he grew up in a little village of Pomerania. Even though he grew up in Pomerania he learned to speak German as a child. Justus father where a trader who travelled the land and traded items back and forth. As Justus begun to develop the gift it became more and more difficult for his father to have him with him. Luckily for his father an magus offered to by the boy for a significant amount of silver. Thus Justus begun his apprenticeship.

Justus followed his master far and wide in the realms of the Rihne tribunal and where trained at a number of different covenants that he and his master stopped by. After passing his gauntlet Justus Felix begun to train for setting out on a mission to civilise his former home, having heard the tales of werewolves and witches as a child he knew that it where work to be done there.

During his travels in the Rihne tribunal he had met lots of magi and made quite an impression on most people he met, especially the women. As he had a self imposed mission to civilise the denizens of Pomerania, Justus begun to work for a chance to fund a covenant of his own in the deep forests. Justus bargained and where give lots of favours but where at last given permission to fund a covenant in the Pomeranian forest.

The Heromachine image for Mariella, I don't have suitable web space to post it as an image, you can cut and paste

The Heromachine image for Mariella, I don't have suitable web space to post it as an image, you can cut and paste
What is in her left hand? The web doesnt load it. I can make and upload her pic.

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Here's Mariella




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Well, he're's my grog for the group that's going to accompagny the hunt for books.
Formerly stationned at durenmar, he was never felt an asset despite his skills, because of his lack of loyalty to the covenant and the maguses.

So, when Justus asked for help to the rhine covenants in creating Ad Fons, he was sent along frederick and his escort, both to guard him along the way and to serve in the turb of Ad Fons.

Here are the stats, and here's a picture