Clotide (development)

Clotide has been designed as a 7 year old companion ready to be taken on as an apprentice. Teaching her will likely not be easy- stats are listed at adult, not childhood, levels
Int 2 Per -1
Pre -3 Com -2
Str 4 Sta 5
Dex 1 Quick 1


blatant gift( -3 major)
bully( -1 minor)
turbulence prone( -3 major)
greedy( -3 major)

apt student( +1 minor)
book learner( +1 minor)
strong faerie blood-ettin( +3 major)
Giant Blood( +3 major)
faerie legacy( +1 minor)
adept laboratory student( +1 minor)
The gift (free)

Galaician 5(insults)
Area Lore Vila Real 2 (hiding places)
Athletics 2 (running)
Brawl 3 (fists)
Leadership 3 (intimidation)

Personality traits:
Angry +3
Insolent +1
bully +3

In order to open her arts and keep the Strong Faerie Blood and Faerie Legacy (which I don't think can be lost when opening arts) the magus must have an InVi lab total of 80 (30 for major virtue, 10 for minor virtue, double to not lose both virtues). Now Solomon has a 73 InVi lab total doing quick math (and I may be missing something) and both of those arts are likely to improve based on the City of Brass adventure. So without too much work, that would be doable for Solomon, but probably not anyone else.

The question is whether Solomon is going to want to apprentice someone who is both a bully and greedy? At first thought, I would say no. However, I could see him taking Clotide on as a bit of a challenge/project, attempting to "refine" her and make her a good Christian (since you know religious teachings will be part of apprenticeship under Solomon). So, if that is a story that interests you, Solomon could be an option.

Oh, and the Bully flaw states that you have a personality trait of Bully +3.

Strong (Legacy) Ettin Blood and Giant Blood? Family reunions must be very interesting.

Also...I only get 1 point in Characteristics (with Str and Sta both bought to 3, and then +1 Str for Giant Blood and +2 for Giant and Ettin blood. Or is one of the -x ones supposed to be a +x?

3pts in int, -1 in per, -6 is pres, -3 in com, 6 in sta, 6 in str, 1 in dex, 1 in quick:
Familly reunions won't be an issue, because the man in black with the sack on his back is going to sell her to the covenant...
change the angry personality trait to bully

Good fit for Solomon I think. Test his patience and perseverance. Plus he has the skills. Too large for Carmen though. She is tiny and set her lab up around that.
How much study does Solomon yet need? I was thinking of pushing the date along to 1242.

I was thinking of having another garden episode to close out that storyline... this time fleur will grab a group of grogs and hunt the beast.

Hmm, she may not work for Solomon then. I really wanted to play around with him inventing a high-level (magnitude 7 or 8) "Gift-finding" spell (ala the spells in Apprentices) and finding his apprentice that way. If the backstory could worked around that, then Solomon might still be an option, but he would be a pretty strict Master.

On another note, if Solomon isn't the right answer, you could swap Faerie Legacy for Great Stamina, as it would give the same mechanical effect, but mean someone would only need a InVi lab total of 60 for the Strong Faerie Blood.

I had considered that, faerie legacy just seemed more thematic...
the spell could certainly be useful during the negotiation to confirm the adult-sized child in the sack really does have the gift...

After 5 years of classroom study and a lot of books, she gains:
arts liberales:1
Magic theory:3(3)


Umm, when were her arts opened? I don't see that anywhere in the planner, and that's a full season for both Clotide and Vocis.

in winter 1241 Vocis wrote that he both opens her arts and trains her... I was thinking this was a house rule or something.

Nope, opening arts takes a full season.