Companion: Finn the Bard

Player: @John_Graham_52
As allways, current sheet first, and advancement etc. thereafter.

Current Character

Name: Finn the Master Bard
Gender: male
Age: 30
Size: 0
Personality: Driven to record history +6, Compulsion to entertain +3, Friendly +3
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs. (65 kg)
Soak: +4

Characteristic Score
Intelligence +1
Perception +1
Presence +2
Communication +3
Strength -2
Stamina +1
Dexterity +1
Quickness +0
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
Master Bard Major Social 3
Strong Faerie Blood: Tuatha De Danann (+1 Com) Major Supernatural 3
Tough Minor General 1
Free Expression Minor General 1
Puissant Craft:Poetry Minor General 1
Self Confident Minor General 1
Total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Driven - Record History Major Personality 3
Mistaken Identity Major Story 3
Compulsion: Entertain People Minor General 1
Ability Block: Martial Minor General 1
Motion Sickness Minor General 1
No Sense of Direction Minor General 1
Total 10
Ability Specialty Score XP
Area Lore: Belfast Taverns 2 15
Area Lore: Stonehenge Tribunal Taverns 2 15
Art of Memory Stories 4 50
Artes Liberales Music 2 15
Athletics Running 2 15
Awareness Searching 3 30
Brawl Dodge 3 30
Carouse Staying Sober 3 30
Charm Customers 3 30
Craft: Poetry Stories 3+2 30
Faerie Lore Summer Folk 5 75
Folk Ken Customers 3 30
Guile Customers 1 5
Living Language:Anglo-Saxon Reading 3 30
Living Language:French Reading 3 30
Magic Lore Hedge Traditions 4 50
Native Language:Irish Storytelling 5 75
Order of Hermes Lore History 2 15
Profession:Storyteller Legends 5 75
Second Sight Faeries 4 50
Stealth Hiding 3 30
Teaching Storytelling 2 15

Dodge Ini +0, Attack N/A, Defence +4, Damage N/A
Punch Ini +0, Attack +4, Defence +3, Damage -2
Kick Ini -1, Attack +4, Defence +2, Damage +1

Sta 1+Tough 3 = Soak 4

Finn grew up in the town of Dublin in Hibernian. He showed a particular ability with communication and that along with his obvious faerie blood made it easy for him to be apprenticed to the Bard school of Baile Ui Eodhasa in Ulster. He passed through the training, spending his time entertaining in local taverns around the area. He was able to obtain the grade of Master Bard but given that his school had become unfashionable was not able to to gain a position with a noble house so he decided to travel, moving through England and then France, entertaining to maintain himself. It was during this time that he came across the Order of Hermes having witnessed a magical battle between a Tytalus and a Diedne. Having talked to the victorious Tytalus, who could not stop himself bragging of his victory over the new enemies of the Order, Finn decided that recording the great events of history would be a fine way to create unique stories for the retelling. Having accompanied a number of different magi over a couple of years Finn, having picked up a little of the lore of the Order, decided to accompany the party travelling back to England to participate in the, hopefully, final days of the Schism.