Companion: Ruedi the Kennel Master

Player @Red-Shadow-Claws
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Name: Ruedi
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Size: 0
Personality: Leader +2, Optimistic +2, Protective +3
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Soak: +1 (+4 with armor)
Club: Ini +2, Attack +7, Defense +5, Damage +5
Composite Bow: Ini -1, Attack +13, Defense +8, Damage +9

Characteristic Score
Intelligence +1
Perception +2
Presence -1
Communication -1
Strength +2
Stamina +1
Dexterity +2
Quickness +1
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
Master of Animal Creatures Minor Supernatural 1
Voice of the Forest Minor Supernatural 1
Master of Kennels Minor Social Status 1
Puissant Bows Minor General 1
Puissant Animal Handling Minor General 1
Affinity with Animal Handling Minor General 1
Improved Characteristics Minor General 1
Alluring to Mundane Animals Minor General 1 +3 to Communication and Presence
Pack Leader Minor General 1 +3 to Social Interactions when you take the lead
warrior Minor General 1
Total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Obsessed (Betual) Minor Personality 1
Optimistic Major Personality 3
Enemies Major Story 3 Ernest II of Swabia
Lycanthrope Major Supernatural 3 wolf
Total 10
Ability Specialty Score XP
High German Swiss 5 0 (Native language)
Area Lore: Alps Legends 3 30
Animal Handling Wolves 5+2 50
Athletics Running 3 30
Awareness Bodyguarding 3 30
Bargain Trained Animals 3 30
Brawl Fist 2 15
Etiquette Nobility 3 30
Folk Ken Nobility 2 15
Hunt Tracking 3 30
Leadership Training 2 15
Profession: Feuterer Breeding wolves 3 30
Stealth Natural Areas 3 30
Survival Forests 3 30
Bows Composite Bow 4+2 50
Single Weapon Club 2 15
Magic Lore Creatures 3 30
Latin Church Ceremonies 3 30


Ruedi was born a servant in the Raetian court, where his natural aptitude with animals, both tame, and wild, was noted at an early age, and he was sent to the Master of Kennels to be taught. He rose to prominence when the duke was out hunting, and a pack of wolves started chasing his horse, and young Redi managed to turn them back with what seemed like barked commands. The Duke made it a point to have him track down, and tame mundane wolves, and on one occasion, a magical wolf.

He would have lived a great life, but on one excursion to the alps valleys, tracking down what was supposed to be a magical wolf, he found out it was a werewolf, and a single bite from it has turned him into one as well. From that point on, he made it his goal to be in the wilderness when the full moon arose.

It was one such trip that changed his life even further. He was telling the duke he was going on a hunting trip to track a massive black wolf, when he was actually going to follow rumors of mages, whom he hoped would be able to cure him of this curse, when he chanced upon the most beautiful woman in the wild. His dreams since then have been haunted by her beauty, and he made it his mission to try and spend as much time with her as was possible, despite not knowing whether she felt the same or not.

And when she told him she was going to England, he decided to accompany her, lest she suffer some misfortune, and to be close to her. Needless to say, the duke was furious when he heard about it, but Ruedi was well on his way by then.