Conversations in the library

After he brought up the topic with his mother, Bravery's next target to impress with his gained knowledge and skill is Leaf.
"Leaf, Leaf, you were right. I have summoned a ghost. All the theory about the memory and human mind. In practice I can control ghosts. Isn't that great? "

Evandrus ghost appears out of nowhere.
Pah. Control. You could not control the ghost of a mouse, if I didn't tell you what to do.

Bravery turns around slowly.
"What are you doing here? I didn't call you."

Leaf shakes his head.
Would you mind staying quiet in my library.
He stares down any attempt to further disturb readers and scribes doing their work.

I am sorry... I didn't want to... I...
Bravery leaves only to come back later and without Evandrus.

I am sorry Leaf. I have yet to learn a bit more on the human mind and the nature of ghosts. I have yet to get full control over that one. I wish I had your talent for books. Anna won't teach me much about it. Just imagine what I could do. I could get you some help in the library, I could get assistance for me in the laboratory. I could... I could...
Bravery could go on and on with fantasies of unprecedented might and power, but Leaf has work to do.