Covenant Building Running Total

A list of what Boon, Hooks, and Build Point expenditures the troupe has come up with, so far. (BP expenditures are both for the players' 200 BP pools and whatever part of their magi's allotments, if any, they want to donate to the Covenant.)

Current as of 10:30 am, Dec 19, 2015.

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[u]Major Boons[/u]
Aura i[/i]: The aura on the island of Eilean Chon increases by one point (to 6). (contributor: Peregrine_Bjornaer)
Exceptional Book (External Relations): The Covenant owns one of the finest summae ever written on the art of Perdo (Q15 L20). (contributor: Emelric)

[u]Minor Boons[/u]
Aura x2 i[/i]: the Covenant's Aura is 5. (contributor: Cannonball)
Hidden Resources i[/i]: with only one of the former magi in residence there are bound to be things that have slipped through the cracks. (contributor: Senji)
Local Ally (External Relations): The chief of Clan Glengarry has long been favorable toward the covenant. (contributor: Trogdor)
Seclusion i[/i]: Insula Canaria is located in a remote part of Scotland where there is little chance of interference by large numbers of mundanes. (contributor: Trogdor)
Secondary Income: Livestock (sheep) i[/i]: Since the early days of the covenant, Insula Canaria has always had very fine herds of sheep. (contributor: Trogdor)
Strong Community i[/i]: Because of both their strong connection to Clan Glengarry and the age and relative isolation of the covenant, the covenfolk look after each other and are suspicious
[tab][/tab]of strangers. (contributor: jebrick)
Ungoverned (External Relations): Despite the odd army romping up and down the highlands, the constant back and forth between noble powers and out-of-the-way nature of the covenant should let
[tab][/tab]the covenant govern themselves as they see fit. (contributor: Cannonball)
Veteran Fighters (Residents: The close ties to Clan Glengarry leads many of the men (and some of the women) to become trained warriors.(contributor: jebrick)
Vis Grant i[/i]: It has long been the rule at the covenant that the magi receive vis as a matter of right. (contributor: Trogdor)
Wealth (Sheep) i[/i]: Through selective breeding and a little magical tweaking across the years, the covenant's herds have been made into some of the finest sheep in Scotland. Their wool is
[tab][/tab]of very good quality and is much sought after. (contributor: Trogdor)

[u]Free Choices[/u]

[u]Minor Hooks[/u]
Dark Secret i[/i]: There's something bad in the covenant's past that the PCs don't know about yet. (contributor: Trogdor)
Faerie Court i[/i]: Three miles north of the covenant is a Faerie Burgh or mound. Scylla left documents detailing her exploration of the Burgh; her Tractatus, in the Covenant Library,
[tab][/tab]talks about a regio located on (or in) the mound and details some of the negotiations with the inhabitants. In exchange for the covenfolk leaving tokens for the Fae and holding a Festival in the
[tab][/tab]autumn, the Court gives a gift once a year. The mound as an Aura of Faerie: 3. (contributor: jebrick)
Fallen Temple i[/i]: Pictish druids used a subterranean complex near the covenant for their magical training and as a place of worship. The site has not been secured, so what lies within
[tab][/tab]is unknown. (contributor: Emelric)
Favors (External Relations): The covenant owes favors to the chief of Clan Glengarry. (contributor: Trogdor)
Fosterage i[/i]: The covenant educates the sons and daughters of the Chief of Clan Glengarry. As a result, there is usually at least one member of the lord's family in residence. (contributor:

Haunted i[/i] (contributor: silveroak)
Monster i[/i]: With the loss of much of the covenant's magical protection when its magi disappeared, a monster of some sort has recently taken up residence near the covenant.
[tab][/tab](contributor: Trogdor)
Public Vis Source (External Relations): Anyone with access to the Peripheral Code can learn the location and the precise method of harvesting of one or more of the covenant's vis sources.
[tab][/tab](contributor: Emelric)
Refugee i[/i]: A nobleman/woman has come to the covenant after being displaced by a usurper (which may or may not be known to the magi). The refugee has useful skills, and may aid
[tab][/tab]the magi, but will eventually attempt to retake their lost possessions (and will presumably solicit the magi for help). (contributor: Emelric)
Rights and Customs i[/i]: In addition to the customs detailed on the wiki, the covenfolk follow a set of customs to appease the local fae, such as leaving the first fish of the catch on certain
[tab][/tab]rocks, leaving a loaf a bread in the fields, and putting out bowls of milk at certain times of the year. They also hold a festival in the summer that includes the telling of tales of the folk of the
[tab][/tab]mound. (contributor: jebrick)
Suffrage i[/i]: Thoughout most of its history, the covenant has given its womenfolk equal rights and an equal say. This puts them at odds with all of the surrounding countryside. (contributor:

[u]Major Hooks[/u]
War Zone (External Relations): This is not a friendly part of Scotland, if any part of Scotland can be called friendly during the 13th and 14th centuries. The whole area is rife with rebellion.
[tab][/tab](contributor: Cannonball)

Glass-blower: 6.
Scribe: 6
Shepherd: 7
Shipwright: 6

[u]Magic Items[/u]
Shearing Knife: A magic knife that removes all the hair of an animal by touch. Is used by the shepherds during shearing season to quickly shear a flock. The knife is touched to an animal and a command spoken and the wool can be lifted off the sheep.
[tab][/tab]Effect: Perdo Animal 4. Base 3 ("Do superficial damage to a beast (for example, remove its hair)."). R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual.
[tab][/tab]Enchantment: Effect 4, Unlimited Uses +10. Enchantment Level 14.
Shepherd's Staff: A crooked staff with a Magnetite stone embedded. Allows the user to issue commands to groups of animals. 100 sheep could be given a command at a time. This is assuming the sheep are size 0.
[tab][/tab]Effect: Rego Animal 45. Base 15 ("Completely control an animal."), R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Group +2, Increased target size +1.
[tab][/tab]Enchantment: Effect 45, 12 uses +4. Enchantmentn Level 49.
Magical Oven (Covenants, p. 51). Enchantment Level 20.
The Motivated Plow (Covenants, p. 52). Enchantment Level 15.

Contributions from:

  • Callen
  • Emelric
  • Ironboundtome (partial, 156)
  • Jebrick (partial, 133)
  • Quite Possibly A Cat
  • senji (199)
  • Silveroak
  • Trogdor
  • Wits (partial, 150)

[u]Vis Sources[/u]
[center]Current Vis Income: 12p Creo, 8p Intellego, 3p Muto, 6p Perdo, 11p Rego, 6p Animal, 8p Aquam, 14p Corpus, 8p Herbam, 4p Ignem, 4p Imaginem, 8p Terram, 10p Vim.[/center]
Creo (2p), Aquam (4p), "The Font of Purest Water": In the center of a long since abandoned Sanctum is a pristine fountain. Water constantly pours out from a pitcher held by a statue of a woman.
[tab][/tab] The font never overflows and water cannot be withdrawn always slithering back into the font. At each Solstice and Equinox a pawn of Aq vis collects in the water. At each Equinox an
[tab][/tab]additional pawn of Creo vis collects as well. (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Muto (3p): Collected after the autumn festival, the Vis comes in the form of three opals which tend to change their colours. A note from Scylla says to check the vis's alignment, as the Faerie
[tab][/tab]sometimes put a Glamour on the stones. (contributor: Jebrick)
Vim (5p): The vis is harvested annually from a local standing stone site known as the Rocks of Slow Gogmagog. The stones have two primary stones, one standing twice as tall as a man and the
[tab][/tab]other the same height as a man; there a re also many other smaller stones around them, each one a few feet tall.
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Legend speaks of a giant and a man fighting for their lives amongst a court of mischievous observers, which the rocks represent.
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]To harvest the vis, two people must walk in circles in opposite directions around the two largest stones (one clockwise, one counterclockwise), with one hand placed on their stone. When
[tab][/tab]the walkers face each other, they clap each other's hands; after the clap, a third person, who is sitting on one of the smaller stones, also claps. It takes five bouts to harvest the vis, which drops
[tab][/tab]as pellets of stone blood. (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Corpus (5p), Creo (5p), "The Blueberries of Epona": The covenant has a blueberry bush that is reputed to have been blessed by Epona, the Celtic goddess of fertility. Every summer, a handful of
[tab][/tab]blueberries grow on the bush that are large and perfect, each containing a pawn of Corpus vis. The branches that bear these berries can also be harvested for a pawn of Creo vis each. The
[tab][/tab]locals believe that eating the other berries off the bush fresh increases a woman's chance of having a child. And it is reputed that a tonic made of older, fermented berries from the bush can
[tab][/tab]prevent pregnancy. (contributor: Trogdor)
Intellego (5p), Herbam (5p), "The Mushrooms of the Visionary Herbalist": A short journey from the covenant, by the shore of the Loch, a patch of mushrooms with bright orange caps grows. Most
[tab][/tab]avoid the mushrooms as poisonous and bitter, but the magi know better: The mushrooms’ caps contain Intellego and the stalks Herbam vis. When eaten raw, the mushrooms give true visions
[tab][/tab]of strange plants (+1 source quality for learning Herbam from vis). (contributor: wits)
Corpus (4p), Ignem (4p), "The Icy Bath": A tiny baylet at the end of the loch strangely freezes over each mid-winter, regardless of the temperature. The locals believe the icy water has curative
[tab][/tab]properties (+2 to recovery rolls for the season), and often bathe in it just before it freezes. As they do this, some parts of the ice take a reddish tint. If the ice is collected after, the red parts
[tab][/tab]contains Corpus and the blue parts Ignem vis. As long as the vis is present, the ice does not melt. (contributor: wits)
Perdo (6p), Terram (6p), "The Disappearing Shore": On the Loch’s western side, a steady current pelts the rocky shore. It slowly grinds the rock into smooth pebbles and sharp slivers. These are
[tab][/tab]picked up by the current and they constantly chafe against the shoreline. If collected, the slivers contain Perdo and the stones Terram vis. (contributor: wits)
Intellego (3p), Vim (5p): At a certain stretch of the Loch's northern shore, about 3 hours walk to the northeast of the covenant, the shallow water is crystal clear - a stark contrast with the
[tab][/tab]murkiness for which the Loch is known. It is said that, ages ago, the head of a seeress was thrown into the water here, after her prophecies offended the petty chieftain whom she served. The
[tab][/tab]chieftain also lost his head soon thereafter, as the seeress had predicted. Now, on the longest day of the year, 5 orbs of clear glass wash ashore, each of which is a pawn of Vim vis, and three
[tab][/tab]blue eyes also wash ashore, each of which is a pawn of Intellego vis. (contributor: Emelric)
Rego (5p), Corpus (5p): Within a forest to the west of the covenant, a distinctive shrub can be found. Black thorns contrast its paper-thin, pale bark that flakes off readily, exposing the blood-red
[tab][/tab]sap flowing beneath. Its leaves vary in color from black, to brown, to auburn, to blond. For most of the year, the shrub lies dormant. But in the Autumn, it awakens and becomes aware of its
[tab][/tab]surroundings. In this state, it waits for its preferred sustenance to arrive: hapless wanderers. Once it senses a human, it takes control of the victim's body, bringing them near to become
[tab][/tab]entangled in its thorny branches. The victim is slowly shredded to speed the release of nutrients into the ground. After the shrub has fed, it reverts to the dormant state and grows beef tomato-
[tab][/tab]like fruit. Its sap may be safely siphoned for 5 pawns of Corpus vis, and the fruit collected for 5 pawns of Rego vis. (contributor: Emelric)
Creo (5p), Herbam (3p), "The Riotous Growth of Snowbells": Within a small clearing in the forests, a riotous growth of Snowbells can be found at the end of winter. If harvested after the Spring
[tab][/tab]Equinox, 3 pawns of Herbam vis can be found in the petals and 5 pawns of Creo in the bulbs. One should be careful, however, not to disturb the seeds or there won't be as many snowbells the
[tab][/tab]next year. (contributor: Senji)
Rego (6p), Terram (2p): Once a year, in November, shooting stars are seen in the sky (the Leonids). Every year a small star falls to earth near the covenant, usually impacting upon the Aegis and
[tab][/tab]running along it to fall near the shore or in the comparatively shallow loch-edge. The resultant lump of hard metal contains 6 pawns of Rego vis and 2 of Terram. (contributor: Senji)
Aquam (4p), Imaginem (4p): A cave on the shore on the far side of the loch has a crack that descends an unknown distance into the earth. Foul smells effeminate from this crack and if a large jar
[tab][/tab]of water is left near the crack then over the course of a season the water will become suffused with the smell and one pawn each of Auram and Imaginem vis. (4 Au, 4 Im per year).
[tab][/tab](contributor: Senji)
Animal (6p), "The Niseag's Eggs": Once a year, Niseag lays a clutch of eggs somewhere in the loch. The six largest eggs contain a pawn of Animal vis each. (contributor: Senji)

[u]Vis Stocks[/u]
Animal: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Aquam: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Aquam (20p), currently sitting in the fountain (see "The Font of Purest Water", above); there is just enough lab equipment around the fountain for a Hermetic Magus to move the vis to another
[tab][/tab]object. (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Auram: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Corpus: 19p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Creo: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Creo (5p), currently sitting in the fountain (see "The Font of Purest Water", above); there is just enough lab equipment around the fountain for a Hermetic Magus to move the vis to another object. (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Herbam: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Ignem: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Imaginem: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Intellego: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Mentem: 9p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Muto: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Perdo: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Rego: 14p (contributors: callen, jebrick)
Terram: 19p (contributors: callen, jebrick, senji)
Vim: 29p (contributors: callen, jebrick)

Creo Summa: L10 Q15 (contributor: silveroak)
Creo Summa: L17 Q12. Ex Nihilo (contributor: Trogdor)
Intellego Summa: L14 Q12 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Muto Summa: L14 Q11 (contributor: silveroak)
Perdo Summa: L14 Q11 (contributor: silveroak)
Rego Summa: L13 Q12 (contributor: silveroak)
Rego Summa: L18 Q13. The Magic of Motion (contributor: Trogdor)
Rego Tractatus 1: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Rego Tractatus 2: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Rego Tractatus 3: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Animal Summa: L14 Q11 (contributor: silveroak)
Aquam Summa: L14 Q11 (contributor: silveroak)
Auram Summa: L10 Q12. Magical Manipulations of the Air (contributor: Trogdor)
Corpus Summa: L12 Q13 (contributor: silveroak)
Corpus Summa: L15 Q13. On the Humours (contributor: Trogdor)
Corpus Summa: L20 Q10. Blood, Bones, and Organs – How Magic Affects Them (contributor: Emelric)
Herbam Summa: L10 Q9. Musings of a Hermetic Woodsman (contributor: Emelric)
Ignem Summa: L10 Q16. Libire de Limine (contributor: Trogdor)
Imaginem Summa: L16 Q13 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Mentem Summa: L12 Q13 (contributor: silveroak)
Terram Summa: L12 Q15 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Vim Summa: L12 Q15 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Vim Summa: L20 Q10. Your First Look at Vim (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Vim Tractatus 1: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Vim Tractatus 2: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Vim Tractatus 3: Q10 (contributor: callen)
Artes Liberales Tractatus: Q10 Posterior Analytics, by Aristotle (contributor: Senji)
Code of Hermes Summa: L4 Q10. Peripheral Rulings of the Loch Leglean Tribunal (contributor: Emelric)
Concentration Summa: L7 Q13 (contributor: callen)
Dominion Lore Summa: L3 Q10. The Saints of Scotland (contributor: Emelric)
Faerie Lore Tractatus: Q10; A study of the Faerie burgh located north of Insula Canaria, which mostly focuses on the exploration of the regio found on the burgh and the negotiations with the local
[tab][/tab]faerie lord and his court. (contributor: Jebrick)
Finesse Summa: L8 Q11. How to Control Magic (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Magic Lore Tractatus: Q10. Aquatic Members of the Aquatic Animal Kingdom (contributor: Emelric)
Magic Theory Summa: L8 Q11.
Magic Theory Summa: L8 Q11. Magic Theory: A Primer (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Magic Theory Tractatus 1: Q11 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Magic Theory Tractatus 2: Q11 (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Parma Magica Summa: L8 Q11. The Basics of Parma (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Penetration Summa: L5 Q12. Subtle Knives (contributor: Senji)
Philosophiae Tractatus: Q10. Summary of Aristotle's Physics (contributor: Emelric)
Scribe Summa: L5 Q15. How to Write Neatly (contributor: Quite Possibly a Cat)
Spell Mastery Summa (Aegis of the Hearth 50): L4 Q14. (contributor: callen)

[u]Lab Texts (Spells)[/u]
Aegis of the Hearth [ReVi 50] (contributor: callen)
Ambush in the Deserted Road [PeIm 20] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Breeze From Within [CrAu 20] (contributor: jebrick)
Circle of Undisturbed Rest [ReIm 5] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Cloak of Black Feathers [MuCo(An) 20] (contributor: Trogdor)
Exactly to Scale [ReAq(Me) 10] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Eyes of the Bat [InAu 25] (contributor: Senji)
Eyes of the Fish [MuCo 5] (contributor: jebrick)
Gather the Essence of the Beast [ReVi 15] (contributor: callen)
Haunt of the Living Ghost [CrIm 35] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Image Phantom [MuIm 20] (contributor: Trogdor)
Lamp Without Flame [CrIg 10] (contributor: jebrick)
The Leap of Homecoming [ReCo 35] (contributor: callen)
Magus's Modest Manor [CrTe 30] (contributor: jebrick)
The Master's Message [ReVi 30] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Opening the Intangible Tunnel [ReVi25] (contributor: callen)
The Patient Spell [ReVi 25] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Piercing the Divine Veil [InVi20] (contributor: callen)
Piercing the Faerie Veil [InVi20] (contributor: callen)
Piercing the Infernal Veil [InVi20] (contributor: callen)
Piercing the Magical Veil [InVi20] (contributor: callen)
Sense the Feet that Tread the Earth [InTe 30] (contributor: Senji)
Seven League Stride [ReCo 30] (contributor: callen)
Shape of the Siren [MuCo(An) 40] (contributor: jebrick)
Sight of the Active Magics [InVi40] (contributor: callen)
Thoughts Within Babble [InMe 25] (contributor: callen)
To See As Through a Plethron Distant [InIm 25] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Vessel of the Clouds [ReHe 30] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Wizard's Communion [MuVi 20[/i] (contributor: Trogdor)
Wizard's Expansion (Corpus) [MuVi 25] (contributor: Ironboundtome)
Wizard's Leap [ReCo 15] (contributor: callen)
Woolen Steed of Araby [ReAn 15] (contributor: Ironboundtome)

[u]Lab Texts (Items)[/u]
Lesser Enchanted Device: The Tireless Servant [ReCo40]