Covenant Development

One thing I forgot on my list earlier is the Infirmary - think that still needs adding.

I know I saw the infirmary in a list/description somewhere. Are we using the main building for that right now?


We were originally using one of the storerooms in the caves, but the proper Infirmary was built in Winter 1228.

That's a separate building? Where?


I'm not sure it's defined beyond "a little way off from the other buildings".

For reference, Gregorius' description on the tour he gave the new magi was as follows:

That's an interesting point. I don't think it's been explicitly defined in the Rules. It's come up a few times before on the forums:

General perspective seems to be "regio levels probably aren't covered, but there might be odd regiones where they are."

So it probably doesn't, unless you can make a strong argument for why it should in this case?

I wouldn't think it would cover it, with one exception: I'd rule that any spell targeting the inside of the regio would have to pass through the mundane level, and be affected by the Aegis--even with an arcane connection.


Hmm. I don't have any very strong feelings about that either way, so happy to go for it.

One potentially relevant question, though - what about Arcadian Travel from the Faerie Realm?

Yeah, I thought of that. It's probably a moot point, since it's essentially impossible for someone who hasn't at least seen the place before. Mind you, this all goes back to that arcane argument about the nature of Arcadian Travel.


The most likely person for it to be relevant to is Calliope, who has both been inside the lab before and has Arcadian Travel.

Not that Calliope is likely to be a threat, but ugh...just another reason for having to worry about the nature of Arcadian Travel--not that I can even remember what we ever decided about that.


My inclination would normally be to say that if you're coming from Faerie into the regio, you don't need to go through the Aegis. The lab does have the impregnable flaw, which says that the lab is only accessible to "reasonably powerful magic", but Arcadian Travel from the Faerie Realm probably qualifies as that.

I don't think there's any other way in, and there are probably only a handful of magi in the Order with Arcadian Travel--and AFAIK Merinita don't have much of a tendency to try to kill each other--so I can live with that.


Could you add what we decided about the interactions between the Aegis and the regiones to the relevant post in the Covenant thread for future reference?

Wouldn't it belong in house rules?


It could go there too. The Covenant thread already has a post specifically on the Aegis, though, which is where I'd think to look for it by default.

My current understanding of the labs:

Faerie Regio

  • Viola's Lab

First Level of Caverns

  • Big Lab: Originally Tasia, then Wishbone
  • Ignem Lab: Gregorius
  • Former Storeroom Lab: Formerly occupied (and expanded) by Stephen of Bonisagus, then by Timaios of Guernicus
  • Former infirmary - not currently a lab, but could be set up to be.

Second Level of Caverns

  • Fray's Lab
  • Double-doored formerly flooded room: Set-up by Gregorius completed in Spring 1230. Occupied by Asena of Flambeau


  • Patrick the Unrepentant's outdoor ward lab (dismantled on Gregorius' orders after Patrick left).

Is that in line with other people's understanding? My key uncertainty is which way round Asena and Timaios are, although I note MTKnife's post here: Covenant suggests that Fray's lab is on the first level of the caves - I think that's wrong, though.

Ugh, I don't know. You couldn't find anything else on Fray's lab?


There are a few references to it being on the second floor of the caves; for example: Chapter 2d - Spring 1228 - A Visitor From Afar

Also, Stephen's lab is noted as being on the first floor (Vacant and Guest Laboratories), and I'm fairly sure we didn't have both of the storerooms turned into labs (because one of them was being used as the infirmary up until relatively recently when a dedicated building was constructed for it).

That second also isn't really big enough.

Yes, it looks like you're right on this point.