Covenant in spe

Dowry of Adrian ex Bonisagus (9):

(1) Vis 1:
5 Creo
5 Corpus
Charged items TBD

(0) Lab Texts 0: Disguise of the new Visage MuCo 15

(1) Grogs 1: 2 Shield grogs

(0) Specialists 0: None

(1) Wealth 1: £40 Silver, Lock Box, 1x Excellent +1 Item(Axe given to one of the shield grogs), Cart w/Horse

(6) Library 3: Summae:
Morris ex Bonisagus, The comprehension and understanding of the human body Corpus Summa L20 Q10
Valerie ex Criamon, Meta-magical experementation and insights gained from it Vim Summa L18 Q9

Dowry for Thadeus Ex Miscellanea (9 points)

(1) Grogs: Telsa and Sasso (twin Pomeranian hunters with the Skinchanger virtue)
(0) Specialists: None
(0) Wealth: 5 pounds of silver
(1) Vis: 10 pawns of Vim vis, 30 levels charged items

  • String of the Flameless Torch (CrIg 10) – When one of these red-colored thick string is tied around an object using a specific knot, the string starts emitting light equivalent to torchlight until both the new and full moon have set. Very useful for long-term underground explorations. (Base 3, +3 Moon) 5 strings, each with a single charge

(1) Items: 25 levels

  • The Ring of Urgent Healing (CrCo 25) – This lesser enchanted ring stabilizes the wounds of a person of up to size +4, as per the Bind Wound spell. (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Size; +10 levels for Unlimited uses)

(2) Books: Intellego summa Understandings by Aurelius of Bonisagus L16 Q12
(2) Lab texts: 159 levels

  • Spells
    • True Sight of the Air (InAu 15)
    • Whispering Winds (InAu 15)
    • The Wound That Weeps (PeCo 15)
    • Lame the Lumbering Brute (PeCo 20) – On his next step, the target of the spell twists an ankle, suffering the effects of the Lame flaw (ArM5 p.55). This heals as a Light Wound. The spell may affect targets of size up to +4. (Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Size)
    • Grip of the Choking Hand (PeCo 25)
    • Mercury’s Winged Sandals (ReCo 20) – See Transforming Mythic Europe p.111
    • Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)
    • Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10)
    • Trackless Steps (ReTe 10)
  • Enchantments
    • The Unbreakable Staff (MuHe 14) – This effect makes a staff as strong as iron, increasing its Defense bonus by +1. The weight (and Load) of the staff are unchanged. It remains susceptible to fire, but is otherwise nearly indestructible. This was designed as ean effect to be instilled in an invested item. (Base 4, +2 Sun; +4 levels for constant use)

I'll update the post with the details of the charged items when I find an idea.

Research on Covenant Sites

Thadeus remembers a story from his early years, about wizards settling on a rocky island in the East Anglian fens. Everybody knows where it is, but they fear the snakes that live there. There is no covenant there today, though, and the library does not have the sources to confirm the story.

From his magic lore, two things spring to mind,.

1, Norse wizards are rumoured to harvest vis from rocks shed from the Wamses every year.
2. The druids is the dominant tradition of British wizards and witches, and they have several sacred places, often copses or groves, where they gather at celestial mark days. Using clues from the libraries, Thadeus thinks he can find one or two in the Pennines (which btw includes the Peak District and stretches North about to Hadrian's Wall).

Dowry for Sionag filia Pharmacopean

(0) Grogs
(0) Specialists
(1) Wealth : £40 silver, lock box, carte with Horse + 1 excellent item +1 item
(2) Vis : 30 x vis (15 corpus, 15 creo) + 50 levels charged items (max 20 lvl) TBD
(1) Items : 25 level
Chest of preservation
CrAn(He) 20
This wooden box is designed to preserve the flavor and freshness of any food placed inside. While it won't improve the quality or restore faded food to its original qualities, it does guarantee that any food placed inside will come out in exactly the same condition. It's big enough to store just butchered game, plus a few extra vegetables. (About 3 fts x 2fts x 2 fts)
Note that the effect only lasts within the chest. Any food taken out will expire at its natural rate.
(item lvl 24 : base 2, touch +1, group +2, sun+2, +1 requisite; lvl+4 truly constant)
(2) Books : How people walks and other questions about the manipulation of a body Sakern of Tremere. (L17 q 11, Corpus)
(1) Lab text : 60 lvl of Lab text TBD

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