Covenfolk Creation

For grogs, covenfolk and other, creation and tracking.

We are going to need the crew for building things, if that is our cover, but it might make having armed men and scholars more difficult. Are we going to look for an excuse for having the usual scholarly sorts around as well?

As I indicated, we will be able to hire a lot of talent locally wherever we go, however we also need to decide if we want a separate thread for each grog made and what the general coven folk who are not made as characters will be. That being said I have created a Sidro Mason as a young covenant raised stoneworker who wants to be an artist as a grog, I don't know if I should post him in this thread or another. I expect the next character I would make would be a foreman with unaffected by the Gift to act as go between (and cover) for what the magus himself is doing.

Excellent. He could have come from Verdi with my character as they have large craftsman groups who know about magi

Can we have some shield grogs pretending to be something else? Magi have dangerous lives and will feel naked without them.

They could easily pretend to be general laborers if nothing else. armaments will be the real trick- walking around with armor or a sword will call attention to yourself.

I wouldn't mind bringing over a modified version of Sergeant Guotmann I built for the other story if no one objects. He was tuned a bit for a Greater Alps setting but could be adjusted to fit this story.

I think the question most people would have is why a mercenary and ex crusader was hanging around with a group of architects. If we can get that explained I would have no issue.

Good points.

I suppose I could modify the faerie roots to associate with the Cavileri. At least back story-wise.

I'll look at the architect stuff and need to look at the timeline a bit for a Crusade.

Needs some modification but the bones might be good enough to keep.

Happy to associate someone with my companion.

That would be fun. I'll do some reworking and see if it would work to have the Sergeant tied in with the fae cult thing.

I think I'm going to back off the Sergeant. I went back and looked at him again, and it would be better to start from scratch.

I'm leaning right now toward something of a brute-like stone-cutter/sculptor character.

I'd want to have him have a connection either to one of the magi or to a companion, someone who was able to see past the brutish exterior. Someone he has come to trust because they've befriend or included him where others seem him as an outsider or someone to be fear or misunderstood.

Perhaps that's Large or Giant's Blood. I'm thinking he's physically fit enough and skilled enough to be bruiser/bouncer/warrior type but also has this gift/passion for stone cutting/sculpting.

He might also be mute or have some other social flaw (or set of flaws).

I'd like to keep the faerie connection somehow. I think that makes for some fun story-telling. Perhaps he's got blood ties to a Hercules figure which would tie him to the Jovian line. Perhaps a cousin of sorts to Marcus?

Still thinking. Open to suggestions or tie-ins.

Maybe Ettin Blood?

Unless we are planning on stacking up stone artists, I have a stone artist grog named Sidro that I am just looking for where to post his sheet that I mentioned earlier...

Ahh. Is that in addition to the foreman?

I can develop this guy more into "the muscle," a mix of Laborer and Warrior so to speak.

I haven't made the foreman yet, that's more the next project

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He could well be the Muscle to my magi, and if your character is large, and with a positive strength, he might be able to sometimes carry my crippled mage around.

If someone wants to make muscle, then:

My knight could have a Sargent. It would be normal for a knight to also have a non knight cavalryman as an attendent, I believe.

Also, while arming the covenant folk might raise questions, partisans of local likely guildsmen armed with clubs and cloth armour is a tradition going back to Rome (I believe) and the knight has teaching, so he could have trained them in single weapon.

Then just hide some better arms and armour in the covenant and we can break out arms when needed while not breaking cover

Ok. Starting to Coalesce around this guy:

Name: Carlo Maludrottu

Background (Pending): The Plagued by Supernatural Entity is intended to be the point of connection to the supernatural (perhaps a Faerie--troll-wife--who is ever plaguing Carlo). Together with a low self-esteem driven by being different, Carlo feels himself an outsider and often remains quiet, minding his own business. He's learned that following along, staying out of the attention, keeps him safe. At some point his physical prowess is recognized in early adolescence, and he's given training as a warrior.

I could easily see him connect to Gilbert as a bodyguard and also by association to Marcus as a sergeant or squire of sorts.

Carlo is jovial among those he considers friends.

Virtues Level Type Points Notes
Giant Blood Major Supernatural 3
Luck Minor General 1
Warrior Minor General 1
Unaffected by the Gift Minor General 1
Improved Characteristics Minor General 1
Improved Characteristics Minor General 1
Rapid Convalescence Minor General 1
Tough Minor General 1
Total 10
Plagued by Supernatural Entity Major Story 3
Low Self-Esteem Major General 3
Gullible Minor Personality 1
Uncontrollable Strength Minor General 1
Pack Mentality Minor Personality 1
Uncertain Faith Minor General 1 Unlovable by God
Total 10

Thoughts? Suggestions? Errors?

the only thing I would worry about is that pack mentality does not seem to mesh with the character as described, plus he needs a social status even if it is a free one.

Good observations. I'm a little unsure of how Low Self-Esteem plays out in practice as well.

I'll re-evaluate Pack Mentality. I was trying for a flaw that fits the notion that he's more follower than leader, a good friend, committed to a fault once he feels he has found a true friend. Dutybound feels a little too "chivalric". I think I'll switch out Low Self Esteem for Generous Major.

Social: Covenfolks could work. Or Laborer.

I'll keep poking around for something to replace pack mentality.

Sidro Mason

Int 0 Per 0
Pre 0 Com 1
Str 1 Sta 0
Dex 3 Qui -1

Warping: 0

Virtues: educated, inspirational, free expression

Flaws: covenant upbringing, bastard, unruly air

Personaility traits: joyful(+2), loyal (+1), pious(-2)


Sicilian 5 0
Neopalitan 2 15
Tuscan 2 15
North Itallian 2 15
Latin Hermetic 4 50
craft:stonework sculpture 5 75
artes liberales stories 3 30
Order of Hermes lore personalities 2 15
Arabic 2 15
Hebrew 2 15