CrIm vs CrAu - Clap of Tunder

Evening all,

After re-reading the species stuff in HoH:S, I'm thinking, is Imaginem the new and better way of doing sensory overload spells such as the Clap of thunder CrAu spell in the core book? I mean, feels like we can redo it all except it's more flexible (make it twice as strong as real thunder using Creo Imaginem)


Either approach works, and there are reasons for picking one approach over the other.

As an example, a character I play recently picked up Jupiter's Resounding Blow because a) I was doing other CrAu research and had 10 left-over lab total, and b) the lab text was in the covenant library. I can't envision reinventing the effect as CrIm at any time; the CrAu version does the job well enough.

My general feeling is that Imaginem cannot do direct damage, I swear I read that somewhere. You can make a wall feel real, but someone can still walk through it. You can make the sound of Thunder be loud, but it doesn't act like Auram created thunder. You can create images that distract and and mask real things that could cause damage (such as a running fire), or that make the environment difficult to navigate or be in, such as Confusion of the Insane Vibrations.

Yup. Imaginem is already pretty powerful, this would only worsen things up. It concerns sensation, not action, anyway.

IIRC, there's a mystery (probably Glamour) that allows you to make "real" illusions (Implying that you can't without it), but even then, it is limited.

Not exactly "better" unless you make it that(which i suggest strongly against). I like having Im possible to use for blinding/stunning with light or causing minor damage with sound. As i prefer it, It has the advantage of being area effect(if desired) and disadvantage of causing very minor damage. Ig standard damage is level+5, my Im standard damage is level/2-5. So base level 10 causes +0 damage.

i know your game is heavily houseruled, so don't feel concerned by this, but, for the record, by RAW, light and blinding are Ignem, not Imaginem (as seen, for example, in Phantasmal Fire)

HoH:S (pg68) has a CrIm spell that that "washes the target with visible species, overloading the eyes." It could be something similar with sound but as JL said it can not damage. It could make a person deaf but not stun them. It can blind but stops when they close their eyes.