Cthulhu Gloom Basic Question

The wife and I sat down for our first game and we were a bit confused.
This rule here...

Character requirements must be met by
the Character the card is played on for
its effect to trigger. For example, a card
that says "If Character has [MOON SYMBOL] " means
its target Character must have that story
icon showing when it's played or the effect doesn't work

What the hell is that Moon Symbol? I know it represents a story icon, but how is it established? One of the story cards (king in Yellow) had 2 of them, which means the family must have two of that same symbol, but what's the symbol? We couldn't figure this one out.

Any help please!


Am I making sense? It looks like a quarter moon. I'm just not sure how it chooses.

It's the Madness Story Icon. Your character gets it by having a Modifier with that icon played on him/her.

I'm so stupid! It's the more simple icon for Madness! Now it all makes sense.

Thank you!