Custom spells

New spell for Anna to invent: soon.

Invisible Ballista - ReTe - 20
R:Touch D:Mom TIndividual
Hurls of a size that could be thrown with a sling at a target at extreme speeds. An aiming roll is required to hit the target with a range increment of 20 paces, but magic resistance does not protect the target.
Base 15 +1 touch

Would this be a good modification of Tireless Servant, silveroak?

  • Metallic Minion (based on tireless servant, Covenants p121)
    A slightly small but surprisingly agile statue, crafted out of metal. It is approximately the size of a large monkey, or a small human. It moves with care and delicacy despite its irony makeup, and provides assistance in the lab.
    Rego Terram 40 (Base 4, +2 metals, +1 concentration, +2 complexity; item maintains concentration, unlimited uses per day)

And can someone check the math on these for me?

  • Sense Flame
    R: Per D: Conc T: Structure
    Pinpoints and detects any flames within the same building as the caster.
    InIg 15 (base 2, +1 concentration, +3 structure)
    InIg 24 as an item: +5 maintains concentration, +1 2/day, +3 env trigger

  • Banish Flame
    R: Touch D: Mom T: Structure
    Destroys all the fires within the touched building.
    PeIg 20 (Base 4, +1 touch, +3 structure)
    PeIg 33+ as an item (+3 linked trigger to above spell, +10 unlimited uses)

The math looks good at a glance, but this will put out fires in braziers, fireplaces, and candles as well. Of course in the library that might not be as much of an issue, it does already have magical light (at least one wand), and you are in southern Italy so cold isn't too much of a problem...

An actual quote from my Verditius player, "The books are safe, I can fix the rest of it next year."

With this concern, is the library its own separate building (as I initially thought) or are there other notable services in that building? Actually, I'm not entirely clear of the structural makeup of the covenant, and poking at the wiki didn't produce any answers.

Hi racconmask, yes the layout of the covenant is not well defined and I think it is intentional.

However regarding the library makeup I found this post:

For the item enchantments I report a magic item from Semita Errabunda Covenant (downloadable from the Atlas Games site):

Fire Guardian
This item takes the form of a small bowl of water, and only works if it is kept full of actual water. If a fire starts in the room containing the item, it is immediately extinguished. This only works on fires doing +5 damage or less, but very few fires start stronger than that.
PeIg 20 (Base 4,+1 Touch, +2 Room, +3 levels envi- ronmental trigger, +2 3 uses/day)

According to this item you don't need to detect the flames before destroying them, a single effect (and a lesser enchantment) that suppress all the fire in the room seem sufficient. But surely this is a silveroak decision.

I figure the library was orriginally in a room in the tower, probably taking up a significant portion of one floor, though it may have been moved since then to a room in a building with more windows for better lighting.

silveroak, what are your thoughts on the sample item from Semita Errabunda? The ArM5 book says the Environmental Trigger is 'only sensitive to major magical features of the environment'. Would it be able to sense someone bringing fire in to the library without an additional detecting spell? Or do I need to go with Plan One and have linked triggers? Second question, based on Covenant and Library growth, what are the chances we'll need to expand it to be a building instead of a room in the next 21 years? Aaaand... again, what else is in the same building, in case Oliverius overdoes it and decides to make a building-sized antiflame?

Andros invents 2 spells in Winter 1122 (without Warped results for a change!):

Numbness of the Gift InVi 20, (as in Through the Aegis and others), R:Touch, D:Conc, T:Ind, detects if someone he touches has the Gift

See the Scales of Magical Power InVi 15, as Sense the Scales of Divine Power (Through the Aegis and others), but with R:Pers, D:Conc, and +4 Vision. Andros can see Magical auras and gauge their strength.

it will require a link to a detecting spell.

For my math, can I assume the library will remain a room for a long time, or should I plan for building based on covenant growth soon?
EDIT: Also, I should update Sense Flame with Sun /constant duration rather than concentration, because it'll need someone to reactivate it at sunup and sundown otherwise, and it may be awkward to fade/flicker at sunup when a demon tries to sneak in and set fire to things.

you can have an environmental trigger to activate it at sunrise/sundown whether it has maintained concentration or day duration.

Yeah. It's the exact same item level either way, actually.

These are two versions of a magic item that Aurthor is going to enchant for Lady A's son Sandor:

InHe 21
Pen +0, 2/day
R: Touch D: Sun T: Hearing
The wearer of this amulet gain a +9 defense bonus against treats from wooden things, as "Shreik of the Impeding Shafts" (ArM5 pg.136) spell.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing; +1 2/day)

InHe(Te) 26
Pen +0, 2/day
R: Touch D: Sun T: Hearing
The wearer of this amulet gain a +9 defense bonus against treats from wooden and mineral things, as "Shreik of the Impeding Shafts" (ArM5 pg.136) spell.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing, +1 Terram; +1 2/day)

looks good

silveroak, Gloriana's Experimentation with Echo of the unborn gift InVi20: detects within an unborn child the potential for the gift to manifest, ether at birth or later in life InVi base:10, range:touch, target: unborn child, duration: moment +1 detecting potential instead of just present Gift

received a Modified effect, "use of the spell is restricted in some way". What is the restriction?

it cannot be used in the first trimester


Gloriana invents one spell in Winter 1123 (2 others from lab Texts):
"Know the Maga's will" CrMe 15, Base 3 Form words in someone else'e mind, Range Sight +3, +1 Conc Duration, T Ind. As long as she concentrates, she can form words in someone else's mind. Others may be able to spont such spells, but she has Mercurian Magic, and thus sponts take a looong time.


it also helps penetrate MR to know the spell. looks good.