Custom spells

This is where we put designs for newly invented spells and such right? Notably, I need to define circle of stamina. The plan was pretty simple:
Circle of Stamina - CrCo 60
Range: Touch D: Mom T: Circle
Everyone affected by this spell increases their stamina bonus by one, to a maximum of +5.
Base 55 +1 Touch

Andros's new spells for 1109:
Assume the Stature of the Giants of Eld, from Magi of Hermes, p. 49
MuCo 10
R:P, D:Diam, T:Ind
Base 3, +1 Diam, +1 size, +1 to increase equipment size also
+3 to caster's size (wound increments 1-8, etc.), needs requisites to change equipment, lowest casting total would include He/An, current casting total +25

The Blessings of Starkad be Upon Me, personal version from Magi of Hermes, p. 49
MuCo 20
R:P., D:Sun, T:Part
Base 5, +2 Sun, +1 Part
Target gains two more arms, gains +3 on certain Dexterity based rolls (climbing) and Strength based rolls (forcing doors open), can wield an additional set of weapons in combat (two single weapons, 2 shields, or 2 Great Weapons :mrgreen: ). Some stuff about fighting in groups. May need casting requisites unless bare chested, currently lowest would be An or He, current casting total for those circumstances +25

I have an idea for a lab item: This part of the reason why Anna is getting Ig.

Lesser Enchanted Item: Wand of Light
CrIg – 20 +0 Pen, 24 uses/day
R: Touch D: Ring T: Ind
This creates a bright floating light within the traced circle. The light is as bright as one might get on a cloudy day. Using this item in a laboratory grants the virtue Magical Lighting (Superior Lighting). The wand is brass with a core of basalt, letting it claim a +6 Ig bonus when enchanting the item.
Base 4 +2 Ring +1 Touch

that works

Uses guidelines from Houses of Hermes, Societies

Maga's Moderate Sling - ReTe - 15
R: Touch D:Mon T: Ind
Hurl a stone projectile with enough force to do +10 damage. This must be aimed and has a range increment of 20 paces, but magic resistance does not apply.
Base 10 +1 Touch

Andros's spells for Spring of 1118 suffer Warping (due to Faerie Ingredients), the side effect of the roll is the Sigil becoming very exaggerated, it becomes a significant part of the spell. Andros had no Sigil written down on his character sheet, so I'll say it's "martial drums in the distance, objects created give the impression of weaponry." silveroak, how will it warp the following:
a ReTe 25 Ballista of Vilano (Base 15, +2 Voice Range), it does a base +15 damage; and a ReTe 10 Unseen Arm with Sight Range

Balistae of Villano : the stone is not merely hurled, but also shaped into a round projectie ideal for firing from a ballistae. A ghostly ballistae can be seen to appear to throw the stone and it is accompanied by a loud, immediately present, drumroll.

unseen arm: the motions produced swing in arcs and jerky movement, like a warrior wielding a weapon, even for what should be a simple and gentle movement

Great and kinda cool, will write those down.

Proposed Item:
Lesser Enchanted Item: Wand of Cleaning
PeTe(Cr) – 20 +0Pen, unlimited uses/day
R: Touch D: Mom T: Part
Cleans something or someone by destroying dirt on it. This requires a creo requisite because it is making something better by cleaning it. This adds +1 to a labs health specialization. The wand is silver, with a basalt core to claim a +4 material bonus
Base 3+1 Touch +1 Part +1 Creo Req +10 unlimited uses per day

It seems to me this could also replicate the spotless free virtue without the season to establish the virtue (or the chance of loosing the virtue)

Spell for Evandrus to invent:
Evandrus's Hand of the Antiquarian
R: Touch D: Sun T: Part
The magus traces around a section of stone up to one pace in diameter. That section, up to a foot thick floats out of the wall and moves as the magus directs it. The stone must remain in contact with the magus or it quickly slows to a stop floating in the air. This spell is based off Hand of the Antiquarian from page 60 of Ancient Magic, although it allows for a deeper sample to be taken and most importantly allows for only part of a wall to be affected.
Base 3 +1 touch +2 Sun, +1 Stone, +1 Part, +1 Size

Time to go steal some priceless historical artifacts!

Proposed item for Gloriana in 1119:
Lesser Enchanted Item: Bed of the Eternal Sleeper
Creates a human corpse lying on the bed, Base CrCo 5, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual, + 1 Size (corpse of up to +3 Size), +1 versatility (different looking corpses can be created, Finesse roll to look like someone in particular), Device Maintains Concentration + 5, Unlimited uses/day +10. Final level: 40

This device used in her lab would give it a +2 Creo, +2 Co specialization.

The bed (a platform really, no mattress or equivalent) would be constructed from Yew wood (+2 corpses) and with some amber decorations (+3 Co).

Andros's spells for 1119 come with Warping, a minor flaw.

For Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20), I propose Andros has to actually pose the question silently, he can't obtain information without forming the words, even if the effects are silent (others may be able to read his lips, or wonder what's he's saying).

For Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie, I propose the temperature drops noticeably in the vicinity.

A custom item for Evandrus and a custom spell as well.

Wand of Childbirth CrCo-35, Insight Item
Unlimited Uses/Day
R: Touch D: Moon T: Ind
The target gets +6 for rolls involved in childbirth.
Base 5 +1 Touch +3 Moon +10 Levels Unlimited Uses/Day

Restore Fertility (F) - CrCo - 40
R: Touch D: Mom T: Group, Ritual
This restores fertility to barren women, assuming the cause was some sort of injury, disease, poison or other trauma. Up to 100 women may be effected at once.
Base 20+1 touch +3 Group.

I assume that original research using Restore Fertility (F) would count towards fertility magic or a fertility ritual that doesn't effect fertility?

Makes sense to me!

it would the difficulty comes in mixing arcane experimentation with non-experimentation with regards to the extraordinary results table...

Since Aurthor wants to fly with Danae(Proposed 1120, then 1121). I was tempted to give Duration:Performance, but Aurthor wouldn't want to play his flute all day going over the Mediterranean.

Drift On Unseen Wings (ReCo15)
R: Pers D: Sun T: Ind
A simple spell that sends the caster drifting through the air at a casual walking pace. The direction of movement is directed by the caster, and if the caster is unable to focus on the spell's movement, they drift to a stop.

Soar on Unseen Wings (ReCo25)
R: Pers D: Sun T: Ind
The Caster darts through the air at a rapid pace, able to match some soaring birds. The direction of flight is guided by the caster, and should the caster's attention wane, they will float to a stop.

Andros's spells for 1120 are warped, again. Those Faerie Ingredients! But he's Reckless and Overconfident, so...

Proposed flaws:

Sign of the Molting Magus Must be Examined (InCo 25) +37: as p.72 True Lineages Sight of the Molting Magus; minor flaw is next action after casting this spell must be an attempt to collect some of the Co material discovered by this spell, a minor compulsion

Physician's Jaundiced Eye InCo 5 + 37, as Core book; minor flaw is the person seems discolored and repulsive to Andros for about a day, depending on diseases found.

Sign of the molting magus- this spell will reveal all corpus material, including that which is too small to be seen with the naked eye, regardless of whether it could be collected or used, and regardless of how old it might be- microscopic drops of blood from centuries past will be as visible as a hair dropped yesterday, but only if the microscopic blood sample remains without being decayed away (though it may be desiccated)

Physician's eye: following the casting of this spell for one hour the magus will have ghost-symptoms of whatever malady they detect.

Noted, will change to reflect this.