Custom spells

Custom spell for Anna to invent. This is based off Oliverius's Iron Spear. It is cosmetically different, but the only mechanical change is extra range.

Maga's blade
Cr(Re)Te 30
R: Sight, D: Inst, T: Ind
A blade of steel materializes in the air and streaks into the target doing +15 damage.
(Base 10, +3 Sight, +1 Re)

You happen to have Maga's blade listed as both Range Voice and Range Sight. :slight_smile:

It's Not a Horse (tm)
The Magi's Carriage (ReTe 35)
In simplicity, an iron and bronze carriage, the size of a merchant's wagon. This is the part that is, in itself, enchanted; It's designed to move on its own without any horse as a guide. A canopy and comfortable seating can be easily added for the comfort of those relaxing inside or driving the carriage. With a passenger or two, it can move the speed of a trotting horse, and if loaded with goods, the speed of a walking horse or standard wagon. Changing the speed of the wagon or adjusting for terrain requires attention and concentration by the driver of the wagon, though for long straight stretches, the wagon will continue unabated.
(Base 2, +2 Metal, +2 Size, +1 for travelling speed, +1 concentration duration; +5 levels for item concentration, +10 unlimited uses.)

The size magnitudes are an estimation, I couldn't really figure out if it should be +1 or +2, and erred on the side of larger, more comfortable carriage.

And another idea I've fiddled with:

Bracelet of Charms (MuTe 35)
R: Touch, D: Conc, T:Ind
This is a simple metal bracelet with a number of small loops. When touched against a metallic item, with the command phrase, it will shrink the item down to the size of a pendant or bangle, which can be kept hooked onto the bracelet until the magic is undone. It cannot affect anything larger than a chest.
(Base 4, +1 Concentration, +1 Touch, +2 for shrinking size; +5 Item Maintains concentraiton, +10 unlimited uses)
Based on the spell 'Object of increased size', in reverse, and enhanced.

Hi raccoonmask, looks cool! But you'd probably want a Sun D with environmental trigger, right, so that the wearer doesn't need to be triggering the item at dawn and dusk. Concentration items need to be Concentrated on to keep the enchantment going a few moments each day and night, else they fade at sunset and sunrise. Also, not sure about "Object of increased size" as written, wouldn't you need a +2 to affect metal?

Hm. The book's Object of Increased Size doesn't specify extra magnitudes for that. As far as Sun vs Concentration, then you wouldn't be able to end it at will. Possibly Concentration with an additional environmental trigger in addition to the normal trigger...

Good catch! It has been fixed. Its sight range.

regarding the carriage- a typical carriage drawn by 2 horses would be about 14,400 lbs. I'm estimating density based on oak- realistically it was probably a lighter wood but also with metal components, which has a density of 45 lbs/ft^3, giving a total volume of 320 cubic feet of actual material. base unit for cating Te spells on metal is 1 cubic goot, each magnitude of size in casting give a multiple of 10, which puts this in the range of +2 to +3, a close call but I'm going with +3 magnitudes for size.

A potential issue with the bangle bracelet- as noted you can set a trigger of sunrise/sunset, in which case it will trigger the spell once under those conditions, and everything else will be broken. Also there needs to be a re component or an extra magnitude for creating a loop so that the items will attach to the bracelet instead of just shrinking. Also I not that the base effect is multiply size x8, which means doubling the length of each direction. Using preternatural growth and shrinking as a guideline it appears easier to shrink than grow, which means base effect should allow reduction by 1/4 in each direction, or 1/64 the volume. +2 magnitudes (for shrinking) would allow this to go further, I'm going to guestimate an extra "level" of the base effect per magnitude, so 3 total levels mean 1/64th of each dimension and 1/262144 of total weight, which certainly allows most items of the base size to be of negligible weight. You will need to add 2 magnitudes to affect metal.

So to math-summarize:
Magic Carriage: Base 2, +2 Metal, +3 size, +1 speed, +1 concentration; +5L item conc, +10 uses = level 40?
Bangle Bracelet HAS to be concentration to end at will (or a secondary spell to end duration early), and needs +2 Mag for metal. The only reasonable thing is to accept it's concentration but ends at Sun(level 45); or to make it a target group and get up to 10 bangles (level 58 now!). Either way it wants a Rego component, can I assume it's a +0 Rego rather than a +1 Rego, since it adds convenience but not notable power enhancement to the effect?

Oliverius can make the carriage in one season up to a final level of 45, so I'm definitely doing that this year. It is looking like the Bangles are beyond Oliverius's ability as a Lesser Enchantment unless he lets it end at sunset. He could do it as an invested in 3 seasons, I think, and it may be worthwhile because how cool it is. Verditius are all about being cool. He could also experiment to do an end-at-sunset version as lesser... Hmm.

both of these look good as final versions. the bangle ring will definitely find a mercurian buyer if you put it on the market.

Familiar Bond Empowerment
Ward Against the Foulest Odors - ReAu - 29
R: Touch D: Sun, Constant T: Ind
The Maga is warded against disease causing odors in bad air. Even the most severe bad air, putrid breath or corrupt fumes are screened out. This provides a character's lab +1 to health.
Base 10 +2 sun, +1 touch, +4 levels, constant

I have a few issues with this- first off while bad air is described in art and academe as leading to poor health, it is not given so general an effect as this. Also this spell has a target of individual and yet you are describing it as having a beneficial impact on an entire lab. Finally given the fact that to be good air needs to be replenished I don't see that a warding type spell would be the best approach to getting this effect, though it could certainly be useful in some situations...

Oliverius will be crafting this during this year (updated it for necessary size modifications), and will put it on display in his studio for possible sale. It looks like the Bangle Bracelet will require being an invested item, so I'm going to offer a final version when I see how much power I have to play with cackling laughter. Should the Covenant want any of the magical carriages in the future, he can supply them should the covenant supply the vis.

Hmm... some good points. I'll think about it, and its not on the planning sheet anymore.

But a couple other ideas:
Lesser Enchanted Item:
Wand of the Unseen Porters
ReTe-20, +0 Pen, 24 uses/day
R: Voice D: Conc T: Ind
The target non-living object, is moved through the air, as if carried by a strong, steady human of roughly Str+0. Objects cannot move more than six feet off the ground. A finesse roll is required for delicate movements. The wand maintains concentration. The wand is made of brass and claims a +4 shape and material bonus for controlling at a distance. The wand was made with casting requisites for all forms.
Base 3+2 Voice +1 concentration, +5 levels, item maintains concentration, +5 levels, 24 uses/day

Actually that's all I got. Time for me to sleep.

New Spell for Evandrus to invent in original research for integrating fertility magic. He's almost there!

Town, Restore Fertility (F) [CrCo 55, ritual, +95]
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group
This restores fertility to barren women, assuming the cause was some sort of injury, disease, poison or other trauma. This affects all women with a boundary.

(20+1 touch +6 Boundary)

Whoops, this should be the town sized Restore Fertility version.

Town, Restore Fertility (F) [CrCo 55, ritual, +95]
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Boundary
This restores fertility to barren women, assuming the cause was some sort of injury, disease, poison or other trauma. This affects all women with a boundary of up to 50 paces across.

(20+1 touch +6 Boundary)

Reposting this with modified numbers for final approval. It was already approved with modifications by silveroak, but I want to make a copy of the final product for approval (rather than have an old post plus a few changes in later posts to work on.)

I tried the math on getting an additional +1 magnitude for a larger 'group', but that had problems with taking extra seasons, AND requiring more vis to open it for enchantment.

I thought that for continuous effects, you needed +2 "Sun" Duration and +3 Environmental Trigger only, I see you made it both "Conc" +1 and +5 "Item Maintains Concentration" and +3 "Environmental Trigger"
I don't claim to know much about enchantments, and this could be something that's already discussed with the SG, but it struck me as strange!
Also, how much shrinking is needed to get to bangle size (and weight)? Base gets you to how much, and then 2 more magnitudes add what, -3 each? A bangle is size -10?

It was discussed, and doing it this way is more expensive, but allows the user to interrupt concentration at any time with a command, as opposed to having to detach the item and wait for sunrise/sunset.

From the Council thread:

Question: Muto Vim can alter a target spell so that its targets are considered the ones it was designed for, correct? Is this a
a)Significantly change a spell of less than or equal to the level + 1 magnitude of the Vim spell. This may not change either the Technique or Form of the target spell. A change in power of plus or minus one magnitude is a significant change, as is a change of target, if the target was possible for the original spell.

or is it

b)Totally change a spell of less than or equal to half the (level + 1 magnitude) of the Vim spell. This may change the Technique, Form, or both of the target spell, and needs no requisites for those Arts. The Vim spell affects the structure of the spell, not the things that thespell targets. A change in power of up to two magnitudes is a total change. Any greater change requires either Creo or Perdo to create more magical energy or destroy some.

Andros is proficient in MuVi, and might be able to put together a 50 level spell that would affect in case a) up to 45 level spells Base 40 + 2 Voice, D Mom, T Ind.
In case b), it wouldn't be worth it, it would be just up to level 20 with a level 45 (Base 35 + 2 Voice) spell.

This would be "significantly change a spell", and will change it to be the person whom the MuVi spell is tailored for. The MuVi spell may, of course, have gentle casting mastery as well...