Custom spells

Gloriana invents in Winter 1129 the spell
Wizard's Acumen [CrMe 60], Ritual
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Circle
Everyone affected by this spell increases their Intelligence bonus by one, to a maximum of +5.
(Base 55, +1 Touch)

The spell is designed to not Warp her daughter Sybilla. Originally intended to not Warp Evandrus, but Gloriana knows he's looking to Become (she went in 1 or 2 of those adventures), so Warping is actually necessary.

Hi Ignes.Festivus is the spell invention made public by Gloriana? Aurthor, his familiar and Arduino would be very interested in being inside the circle when/if it will be cast.

Hi leo! As Gloriana is very eager for fame and recognition by her sodales, she will certainly go before the Council to announce this, to see if they approve of the Mentem expenditure, by the Covenant, to cast it twice. All are welcome, hopefully no wacky botches are rolled (like in the 1112 Stamina Rituals), she would roll 1 botch dice for this Ritual, if a "10" were to come out in the Casting roll.

Ok, we hope in a couple of good rolls then.

It could be beneficial to include the herbalists in this as well.

Nesting quotes is fun.

Oliverius would also express an interest for himself and his apprentice, Arduino. I assume that Oliverius would be the one to ask for Arduino, since Oliverius would hear about it first. :wink:

Also the vintners could benefit in the quality of their work, though this would be to a lesser degree than the herbalists...

Oliverius has a long-term grand project. Posting it here so I can work out all the kinks when I start the project. He'll probably empty most of his vis of account when he does, so the Mercere may be quite excited for him to begin.

A large two-handed warhammer forged of iron and steel, with a heavy striking head and a sharp steel war-pick ; The metal is a bright, burnished finish, the haft of solid metal with a sphere of polished basalt as pommel, and bound with differing strips of leather. It's opened as a composite item (Large metal + tiny stone) of 24 vis, and has spent 23 vis enchanting it.

  • Unbreakable Armament (MuTe 34)
    Makes the weapon itself as hard and unbreakable as mythical adamantine. This effect has +20 penetration, so it can still strike creatures with magic resistance.
    (Base 4+2 metals, +2 Sun; +1 uses, +3 environment trigger, +10 penetration)
  • Enduring Soldier (ReCo 30)
    The wielder of this hammer feels no pain nor fatigue during combat. The effect is near-constant, and has enough uses to re-activate the ability in case it is dispelled, up to 24 times per day. The bearer of the hammer feels like he has been forged of metal and stone, and unstoppable.
    (Base 10, +1 Conc, +1 Touch; +5 item maintains concentration, +5 uses)
  • Binding Wounds (CrCo 20)
    The wielder of the hammer, even should he sustain wounds, can continue to fight without risk of allowing the sustained wounds to worsen.
    (Base 3, +1 touch, +1 concentration; +5 item maintains concentration, +10 uses)
  • Guardian against Blades ReTe45
    The person carrying the warhammer repels metal and stone weapons, excepting those carried on his person. It takes an effort of concentration to pick up any metal or stone objects, apon which they will be incorporated into the ward.
    (Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 duration, +2 Metal, +1 added effect; +5Lv item maintains concentration, +10Lv unlimited uses)
  • Break the Iron Arms Pe(Re)Te 45
    Designed to combat a squad of well-armored soldiers, the warhammer's wielder can let out a specific battle-cry apon striking the unit's vanguard. The weapon causes a shattering wave, destroying the vanguard's armor and echoing the effect through the entire squad of soldiers. Based on 'Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier', this spell also has a rego effect to direct the inevitable shrapnel of broken armor within the group, likely causing some damage to the unit due to their now-unarmored state. Theoretically, striking a target's weapon could destroy their weapons as well. +20 penetration.
    Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +1 Re req; +10 Unlimited, +10 Pen
  • Break the Fragile Body PeCo 50
    Hitting a the vanguard of a squad with the hammer and crying out a specific curse apon impact, the warhammer will send destructive energies into them and cripple one of their limbs. This energy is rippled through the vanguard's squad, and each other member also suffers the same crippling wound. +20 Penetration.
    Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 group; +10 Unlimited, +10 Penetration

I'm not sure where you come up with base 4 for the first effect, not sure what +5 item means right off on the second effect- I'm guessing item maintains concentration?

Correct on the +5 item concentration. As far as the base for Unbreakable Armament, it's a modification of Oliverius's Unbreakable Talisman ability. Referencing the design of that effect:

But I should change it to say 'base 10' rather than 'base 4 +2 metals'. I believe modifying to affect metals hits the base magnitudes, not additional.

Yup, I know it won't protect the caster. That's why we have sight range! Plus, its not designed to be used against magi, or really anything with magic resistance. So Anna can cast forcelessly.
Okay, so then it would look like this:

Lesser Cutting Gust - MuAu(Cr) - 25
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
This spell creates a single magical gust of wind. This wind is unnaturally transformed to be abrasive, cutting those caught within, inflicting +5 damage. The wind can be up to 100 paces across.
Base 5 + 3 sight + 1 req

I just wanted to do a quick check: I did the math and Oliverius can design the spell for Conjuring the Mystic Tower in almost season... If I wanted to do it out of metal instead of stone, it'd be +2 magnitudes for material and +1 more magnitude needed for size, correct? (and 10 vis instead of 7 I think).
It just feels like a spell Olivierius should know, and I wanted to see how hard it was to use his magical focus.

He will need +2 on size since a pace is 5 feet, which means 125 cubic feet to a cubic pace. A Roman pace is roughly 4.855 ft, which comes to 114.48 cubic feet, which I feel is close enough to round down.

Definitely becoming less and less worthwhile. I'll just settle for the original-brand Mystic Tower.

For 1131, Gloriana decides to study some Ignem, she creates the following spells:
•Pilum of Fire, from Lab Text
•Lamp of Flame, same as standard.
•Maga's Mien of Helios [CrIg 20] R:Personal, D:Conc, T:Ind (Base 5, +1 Conc, +2 Intensity) This spell causes the caster’s body and personal effects to shine with the brightness of the sun. Anyone within 15 paces of the caster who looks in the direction of the caster is temporarily blinded, unless he makes a Stamina stress roll against an Ease Factor of 12. People between 10 and 50 paces from the caster suffer a –6 penalty to all attempts to target the caster. The light created by this spell illuminates a great area and, if conditions permit, could be seen from several miles away. People and creatures whose Magic Resistance is not penetrated by this spell are not illuminated by it, and can be easily identified by their lack of reflected light.
This is the same as the one in Magi of Hermes p.110, except D: Conc, and +1 magnitude to be ridiculously intense. I increased the difficulty of the Sta roll and of the penalty given, not the area it covers.


•Also, Andros had created Wizard's Reach (Vim) (MuVi 40) R:Voice D:Conc, T:Ind, Affects Vim spells up to level 30 recently, because I thought that MuVi needed the same or longer duration as the spell being altered, but the errata changes this to a duration at least as long as the casting of the underlying spell. So I'd like to change the D: to Mom, so that it will affect spells up to 35th level.

looks good

In 1131 Ibis gains enough XP to acquire one more Greater Power magical quality and improve his Immobilize Prey power.

The new power:

Control Prey
1 point, Init +4, Mentem or Animal
R: Sight D: Conc T: Ind
Ibis completely controls the target's mind and emotions as long he can see it and concentrate.
ReMe(An) 50 (base 25, +3 Sight, +1 Conc, +1 An)
Greater Power x2 (50 levels, -4 Might Cost, +4 Init, 10XP Penetration), Improved Powers (5XP Concentration)

Making crafting plans; Tell me how I'd need to modify this to work if I'm missing something.

Indefatiguable Steed: MuTe 50
This is a statue of iron and bronze in the shape of a glorious warhorse. When saddled and mounted, it will animate and obey its rider as if it were a real horse, though it would be notably heavier and more forceful. The increased magnitudes for complexity allow it to move at the speed of a full gallop for a horse, though it requires a bit of speed up time. Unlike a real horse, it clearly never needs feed nor water, and has no requirements for rest, though the rider has no such bonus. A good saddle is recommended.
Base 3, +2 metal, +1 concentration, +2 complexity, +1 size; +5 item maintains concentration, +10 Unlimited uses.

+1 size hits ten cubic feet, which feels about right for a horse. The complexity of movement is mostly to make it react like a real horse; less complex movement than (example) a lab-worker, but greater benefit for smooth and graceful motion.
A secondary question is would this 'item' be able to fight if it is so controlled by the rider well.

Tertiary: I notice 'Object of Increased Size' (MuTe15, ArM p154) changes something to double all dimensions. How does increased magnitudes affect that? Double again for each magnitude? I'm assuming it's not x10 per magnitude like groups are. I may want to be able to turn a metal horse into pocket-sized.

To change dirt into an animal is base 5, this is something beyond this as it has the best of both worlds- the durability and low maintenance of metal with the mobility and limited cognition of an animal.
It also seems to be infringing on the realm of the automata, in a number of ways, so I'm going to say that this creation would need to be made as an automata, not a simple enchantment.

You are not wrong! I had hoped to make up for the lack with extra magnitudes for complexity and smoothness of movement. Declaring that it treads too close to automata is very reasonable though. I'll find a different path for my next few crafts.