Day 2 goat Vis island

All those staying behind to gather and locate resources, sound off.

Euphemia shall bravely brave this venture, in order to gather vis! Because it is delicious.

Pierus has no illusions about his effect on mundanes, so joins this group. He can also recognise edible plants. He hopes to break from any hunting party (although he will stay with a vis-gathering magus party) in order to study the island.

Vassos and Karpos will join any grogs here to assist in gathering food. Karpos is wondering if we could try catching one or two goats, for milk.

Euphemia points out that the goats would have had to have given birth recently to be giving milk, and further that attempting to milk a wild goat would probably result in a kick to the head.

She would, however, be willing to help out with such an endeavor, because one never knows. It will be very beneficial if it works out.

Abigail will join. While mundane skills are nice, magic is much better for analyzing plants.

Aurore will go on this island and will probably try to gather Vis for her brother (and as souvenir :smiley:)

Ilia will also go to the wonderfully named 'Goat Vis' island :slight_smile: She'll cast her seeing-through-water spell (Theia's Sight) as soon the boat approaches the island, to better watch for these sea monsters.

You are already on goat vis island- it is where the group spent the night on the beachable shore.

Then let's get to it!

Euphemia requests that Abigail show her where they found the vis, the goats, and the Faerie Aura.

Pierus requests that they try going over the mountain, either on the way to the vis bay or the way back. We should explore all of the island

Euphemia agrees that, once various dangers have been located and provisions secured, it would be a good idea to explore the whole island. It is more pressing, however, to discover any potential monsters nearby and to secure food and water.

Abigail will lead the way.

"Agree with Pierus. Let's head first to the Vis, harvest, and then go to the mountains and explore as much as possible the island"
Then she follows Abigail

Ilia nods in agreement. "I will take the shape of a wolf, which will make us harder to ambush if there are also monsters on the island itself". She takes a moment to speak loudly and gesture clearly, before drawing a wolf skin over herself. Her form blurs, and a wolf appears in her place.

She keeps close to and slightly upwind of the group as they head off.

OOC: Her casting total is 7, plus 2 for speaking loudly and clearly. I rolled a 7, giving a total of 16. Shape of the Wolf is level 20, but as it's a formulaic spell, Ilia spends a fatigue point to cast it anyway.

The trip proceeds fairly uneventfully, save that you notice the goats which had not reacted yesterday to your passing seem to be conspicuously absent wherever Illia travels openly as a wolf. It is still before lunch when you arrive at the beach with the strewn scales and faerie aura.

Remind me - is Ilia in wolf form a human (Co,Me) or an animal (An)?

Animal replaces Co, but Me remains for the mind. House rule as I have never found any rule that states absolutely which it should be.

((This is the colour for latin right?) Those odd looking scales contain vis. The gold and silver scales I make no claim to the vis, and will be sitting over hear just outside off the beach. Have fun. There are at least 6 rooks of it at last count Abigail casts Instant Chair, and sits down.

((OOC: I assume the Instant Chair was a simple die. Also if it is Abigail wouldn't know the pen, we can roll it when its important.))

depending on how far away she cast it would either get a +3 bonus from the aura or be at +0. The beach is the edge of the faerie aura.

Ilia sniffs at the strange beach, and then howls loudly. Shedding the wolfskin, she resumes her natural form, and speaks loudly in the direction of the beach "If anyone claims this place, or the vis here, make yourselves known." Speaking in a more normal voice to her sodales, she says "If there's no-one guarding a valuable object, we can claim for ourselves without fear." She sits down on a dry rock on the beach to wait.

OOC: Ilia has 0 faerie lore, a poor understanding of ownership rights, and the overconfident flaw. If anyone more knowledgeable/cautious wants to interfere, feel free - there's plenty of time to stop her before she triggers something unfortunate. Otherwise, she'll wait for a while and then march in.