Day 2 goat Vis island

(She'll be just outside the Faerie aura then.)

(OOC: That seems about the right way to do things. If a Faerie actually does show up Abigail can lend some of her knowledge to help with the negotiations or slink away as the case may be.)

Aurore is walking on the beach but without touching anything...but she wants...could be usefull for her brother all this vis...
Guys. I'm not a faerie specialist. Can they really own those scales as a source? What happens if the source is owned by a covenant and registered to the tribunal but we do not know it (and if no one is responding). Could this be a breach of your code?

If we try and declare it as a vis source to the local tribunal when we make contact it should show we are being fairly open. Unless this is a truly amazing vis source, its not being actively harvested. A fae might claim it regardless. If no Fae shows up to your request to the Fae... then either the Fae can't perceive us now, or none of them claim it. Probably. But I hardly think a fae would ignore a human. They need the vitality we provide. Abigail leaves unsaid the fact that she is sitting on a chair outside of the Faerie aura.

After allowing a decent pause for anyone (or anything!) to come forward, Pierus curiously picks up a scale.

I don't believe I've ever encountered Fairie vis before - I assume this is Fairie-"tainted". Presumably you know about it, Abigail?

Can he determine what technique the vis is aligned with? I seem to recall it's a roll, but I couldn't find it in my core book.

InVi 5, sense the nature of vis. You can attempt it spontaneously...
which did you pick up? Gold or silver? (or green, though you know from previous accounts these have no vis)

I will, at least partially to see what Chaotic Magic does... Pierus starts casting, while tracing a small circle, encompassing perhaps 6 of the scales, both Silver and Gold.

Casting spontaneous InVi. Casting score is 7(In)+0(Vi)+2(Sta)+3(aura, I believe), for 12. Pierus will therefore need to spend Fatigue, and roll at 6+. That gives me a little more potential power, so I will aim at InVi 10 (detect Art of Vis; Touch, Mom, Circle - I have Int+Conc 6, so I shouldn't need to roll for the circling unless I'm stressed).

Dice roll of 6, so I succeed; but I overshoot by 2 - Chaotic Magic comes into play.

Out of interest, I'm not sure I follow the written text of Chaotic magic: "If you fall short of or exceed the targt by more than one level, the spell still works..." - surely I can't mean the spell works if I fall short? Also, how does it work with non-fatiguing spont magic, where there's no roll?

As long as you haven't been initiated into Faerie Magic its just like any other vis for most purposes. You might get interesting side effects, but it will function just as well for all practical purposes. Maybe your eyes will glow, or your shadow will change while you cast. Something like that, nothing harmful. The spell will function just fine.

Without faeirie magic the aura bonus is only +1, so in fact you hit it right on. The vis is a combination of aurum and Aqum- it would seem that silver is aqum and gold aurum.

"Aurum and Aquam, it seems. And nothing has attacked me yet. Nevertheless, I cannot but feel that perhaps we should not take all the vis at once?

"I say we take it all. If no-one is guarding it, then it does not matter. If someone is guarding it, they will be angry however much we take, and if we take all of it, we can better defend ourselves." Ilia says, shrugging her shoulders.

Fine with me ! You're the specialists so if you say it's ok...
She's grabbing one gold scale and observes it with attention.

Very well. If we are too gather it all, let us do so; and then get on with foraging and exploration.

I have to agree with that analysis. Take it all or take none, no point in doing things halfway.

Ilia nods, and walks along the beach collecting all the scales she can see, thinking of the research projects one could conduct with this much vis, and wondering what insights the beach might offer into the nature of the elements themselves.

Aurore will gather as much as possible too and will try to keep one of each as souvenir
By the way, how are we going to share all this stuff?

In the span of half an hour you are able to collect the vis, during that time you do notice the waters of the bay swirling more and more ominously, but nothing emerges to make any demands or otherwise impede your collection of vis.

((OOC: Abigail obviously isn't getting any. (I mean unless you wanted to give her some, but why?) The magi off elsewhere should probably get some too, IMO. However, in the end its up to the magi who gathered it.))

I didn't gather it, so I don't really have a say here.

((To keep things moving along)).
Of course, I don't see any reason why you would need to share. You found it. Sort of. No reason why you just can't take it all. Split it evenly between you two or keep whatever you picked up.

Ok. That's fine with me. My brother will be pleased. So what are we doing next ? Those swirls into the bay are making me uneasy