Day 2 goat Vis island

Ilia stops staring at the small mountain of vis they've collected, and starts to pay attention again. She frowns at the swirling water, and just about manages to cast Theia's Sight, allowing her to see clearly through the waters of the bay.

OOC: Trying to cast Theia's Sight and see what's causing the ruckus. Her casting total is 12, +1 for the aura, +2 from the dice ( which is only 14. She's sick and tired of failing to cast spells, and so will spend a confidence point to bring this to 17, which is within 10 of the spell level of 25.

Peering through the water she spots 5 serpents lying at the bottom, each of them one and a half times the length of the boat which brought you here. All have green scales and 2 have silver scales here and there, two of them gold, the last one has purple scales which are almost as populous as the green scales on his body. The ones with silver and gold scales are writing about on the bottom, and seem to be peering back up at you through the water.

Ilia describes what she sees, and then says in Latin "I suggest we leave the beach quickly - the serpents won't be able to follow us inland."

I can't be more agree with you. Let's head to the moutains and find food and if possible no salty water
Aurore walked away from the beach

Agreed. We ought to have a good view of the islands from the summit as well.

Assuming others follow Aurore...

You travel inland, and upwards, the island ascends to a mountain, through brush which becomes steadily taller as you move upwards. After a couple of hours travel you find you are suddenly at the mouth of a cave, partially obscured by brush, with an opening about 2 1/2 feet high and 3 feet across. Darkness lies beyond, as at this time of day the sun does not penetrate the cave.

Pierus casts Eyes of the Cat on himself, and looks inside.

(Casting score is higher than spell level, but I have to roll for botch: Which is a 2)

Also, what time is this - we don't want to lose our chance at gathering food - unless the Grogs are doing that on their own?

I've also just remembered that Pierus is scared of heights. Feel free to penalise him for being on a mountain :wink:

You peer into the small cave and find it only goes back a short ways, where there are what appear to be 5 wolves sleeping in the cave, along with the half eaten carcass of a large goat.

It is approximately midday, possibly a bit past.

Pierus relays what he can see.

While I would dearly like to study these animals, now is not the time. Shall we move on? Or would anyone else like the chance to see?

Let us move on. We should try to find some food. Seeds would be nice, so I can make them grow.

Yeah let's the wolves alone a don't stop until we find real food. Can some of you try to track some goats or things like that (ooc can some can do some hunt and survival rolls?)

There are plenty of bushes around, but the edibility of the berries is uncertain. From the top of the hill/mountain you can see numerous goats, though there are areas like the wolf den that they seem to avoid.

Ok. My opinion our herbam expert inspects the berries and then we go to the top and try to catch or kill some goats.

Once we are away from the wolf den Abigail will pick some of the berries and clear out an area for ceremonial magic. I can manage a spell to determine if the berries are edible or not. If no one has any objects, I can begin.

Mechanics: Abigail will try and cast a spont intellego herb spell on the berries. Ceremonially of course, with a loud voice, and dramatic gestures.

Can we eat it?
Intellego He - 4+
R: Per D: ??? T: Touch
This bit of spontaneous magic lets the maga determine if there will learn the effects that consuming a plant would have on a person. This comes through the sense of touch, but it should hopefully be enough to determine if the plant will have any ill effects, or be nutritious. Any levels above 4 are put into duration.

Casting Total = (10 (he) + 2 artes lib +2 philosophae +2 voice and gestures + stress die)/2 If the stress die is a 4 or more, that will be enough to get sun duration. The spell targets Abigail so she can use it for multiple tests!

Abigail's technique meets with Pierus's approval; although he does suggest that, for efficiency's sake, those members of the group with experience in living off the land (as he himself has) should bring Abigail things they think are edible, rather than have her test every single plant on the island.

rolled a stress die at home- result was 9, month duration.
the berries are edible, but if eaten in excess will cause gas and bloating. It will also help to keep body temperature elevated and in treatment of colds. The seeds are toxic if broken (say by teeth) and ingested by humans.

Don't eat the seeds, and they will cause bloating if you eat too much. On the plus side they help with colds, and staying warm. Pretty good really.

"That's good to know, but we will need more than berries and goat to feed us all. We should continue our exploration"

(ooc: apologies for not posting much this week, work has been crazy busy suddenly)

Aside from the berries all you find are some mushrooms, some of which are edible, one of which is halucinagenic. Everyone make survival or hunt rolls- wherever the focus of their activities are.

You also find signs of wolves that suggest the family you ran across are not the only ones out here...

Ok boys. I'll check the surrondings to be sure we're not going to be attacked by wolves or things like that from behind. Try to focus on catching some goats.
survival roll (1d10=4 +2 = 6 :frowning: )