De Moribus (OOC)

I was already wondering if I should pick up Aegis of the Hearth, being very good at Rego and Vim. With Mercurian Magic, I would definitely want to since it would make the ritual much cheaper for us.

Day of Communion might be good to purchase as a text, so we can cast and assist with the penetration of AotH.

Question: Lab text spells were 1qp per mag?

I really don't want to start pulling different things from books that aren't allowed here. If I allow this, then someone else comes along and says "There's this thing in this book, and you allowed the initiation script...". So no. Either there's an initiation script in the allowed books, or we do initiation in-game.

Ah, OK. That's different than you'd said before. I'm fine with that. I just didn't know about the change.

But rereading, I do now see you only want House Mystery Cults at this point, and this wouldn't be a house one. I may well still be better off doing it myself rather than paying someone.

I think I'll leave open the possibility of going deeper into the Cult of Mercury after game start. I like where that seems to head. Being Christian and Mercurian was tugging in two directions too much.

In the meantime, since it looks like I'll develop the ritual myself. With the whole lab moving thing, if I develop the ritual and cast it, spending the Vis, can the lab just become bigger?

I've had a little time to look things over now. I don't think a bigger lab will make much of a difference. A second lab after the game stars will be a big deal, but I'll keep costs down. So the ReTe ritual seems like a distraction at the moment. And going without it will make things easier.

If we want to buy lab texts for common spells and items, are they 1qv per mag?
Common meaning as outlined in the books. I assume any variations make them harder to find.

In the event anyone is interested, I set up a Discord server for the game; the link is in the first post. I am online all day every day M-F from 630ish AM PST - 4ish PM PST, which means I am pretty much surfing the internet when I'm not in calls. Because of this, I can be online in Discord and try to interact with you guys and answer questions there in real time.

Keep in mind that the Discord server is pretty basic at this point; I need to spend time getting up to speed so I can implement a dice roller and such. But for now, there is an OOC portion where we can chat away if you are so interested.

Yes, and Yes.

The invite link expired. For the discord.

Huh. New link, set to never expire, generated.

I've been having a little fun looking at how to do stuff with Rego and Finesse. I'll have to post some spells soon, mostly around level 5. For instance, I'm thinking of one spell to sift sand to get just the quartz sand and another spell to make glass from the quartz sand, and then there is The Invisible Glass-Worker in Covenants. I'm looking at producing high-quality glass and doing a high-quality job shaping it. I'm looking at a similar thing with bog ore, though extracting it will be a little higher than level 5, and then I'll have to smelt it. Again, using Rego to separate things can manage better and of course far more efficiently than mundane techniques. I'm also considering extracting salt from the sea, probably mostly just for the covenant to have rather than to try to sell, as well as tilling soil but those would just be a little side ventures. I really like how this approach both fits a mage trained in the School of Vilano as well as suiting a vis-poor tribunal.

I've been thinking about it more, and while I don't want to pursue Creo myself, I may well just dump three seasons into Vis Wages for this. I really see a warrior-mage wanting a defensible home.

So here the ReTe spells I've been designing. I still have to include the Finesse checks on two of them, basically just following what is written in The Spell of Wrought Iron (Cov p.51).

Sifting Sand [ReTe 4]
. . . R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Part
The quartz sand is extracted from the rest of the sand in a pile of sand or a section of sand measuring up to 10 cubic paces. The quartz sand is placed immediately beside where it was extracted from, on surface or in a crate or similar if one has been placed there.
. . . (Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Part)

The Glass-Maker's Furnace [ReTestrike[/strike] 3]
. . . R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual
A pile of sand up to 1 cubic pace becomes [strike]molten glass, ready to be worked, such as by blowing.[/strike] [unworked glass.] The quality of the sand limits the quality of the glass, as normal, and the presence of dyes can be used to produced stained glass. [strike](I'm not sure if the Ignem requisite is actually needed, just like turning water into ice. If needed, it's necessary, not additional. I need to check more carefully to see if it's needed at all.)[/strike]
. . . (Base 2, +1 Touch)

Mining the Bog [ReTe 15]
. . . R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Group
All nearby bog ore (a group up to 10 cubic paces) collects beside the caster. A single typical bog will not contain a full 10 cubic paces of bog ore.
. . . (Base 2, +2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 stone)

Bog Iron Furnace [ReTe 15]
. . . R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Group
(This is similar to The Spell of Wrought Iron (Cov p.51)) The spell smelts bog ore, extracting the iron from it. Approximately a twentieth of the volume of the bog ore will be extracted as iron, ready to be forged.
. . . (Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +2 Metal)

Rego crafting magic shouldn't need Ignem, as blacksmith spells in Covenants does not have Ignem.

I wasn't sure because of the molten glass end result instead of just glass. Of course, the glass can just be melted again, so it needn't be molten to use the other spell. And since that is the case, this spell needn't make molten glass, just glass.

Where is everyone at with their magi? I'd like to get this game started in the next week or so.

I've planned my seasons up to winter of me being 33. Just figuring out if I need to push everything out a few more seasons before I post the time tracker up. Maybe take it out to age 35 inventing a few more spells.

I just did some math. Do the +Physical stat rituals count as similar to the +Mental stat rituals. I think they should, similar spell bonuses can cross Form borders if the base effects are similar.

Is the link to the online roller stickied somewhere I will probably want to Experiment on my last few seasons.

Coyote Dice Roller has been down, lately.
Started to use Orokos, you do have to register.

Trying to finalize concept, sorry I haven’t posted more.

I can finish soon. I'm mostly held up on confirmation of some spells to be invented in the lab post-apprenticeship. The spells that just alter R/T/D or realm are fine, of course. It's the other several I've posted. If everyone's OK with them, great, I can move forward quickly.