Delivery to Barcelona (summer 1242)

In the summer of 1242, while making deliveries, Rilcheaux will arrange to be making deliveries to the covenant of Barcelona, as well as getting the standard delivery method for bringing letters to Barcelona with such a distributed covenant...

Your luck is mixed. Deliveries to Iberia from other tribunals usually come through the portal network to Andorra. But then it gets picked up by Fedora, who is from Yvall's in Barcelona. She is originally from Novgorod but spent a few years at Andorra and was instrumental in establishing the portal hub. Also at Yuvall's is Tiana, who also spend time at Andorra and is the one who set up the Sa Dragonera deal with Barcelona.
A third Redcap that served at Andorra, Lejla, hails from Valencia and works the Iberian circuit while residing at Estancia Escarida.

Rilcheaux will set up a meeting with Fedora. "I understand you currently serve Barcelona and Iberia, but who works your off seasons?"

Fédora is a tall, attractive woman who appears to be in her mid-thirties. She is dressed in rider's garb; unlike the typical red cap that most redcaps wear, her red cap of choice is actually an urshanka, with a Mercere symbol pin on the front.

She smiles wanly. [color=blue]"What makes you think I have any off seasons?"

She has always been a workaholic, with ambitions of becoming at least Chief Redcap of the Tribunal (in this case, Iberia), if not prima of Mercere someday. But since Vulcanus abandoned her and her children, she's thrown herself into her work more than before.

(Someday, I need to update her.)

(And, to be honest, I'm not sure I entirely understand the question.)

Rilcheaux pauses thoughtfully at that. "I see. I know you are entitled to 2 seasons off, and I assumed that with children and academic studies you would wish to make use of them. I am interested in learning about this area, in part to see that the interests maintaining the larger network are satisfied, and was hoping a few seasons of making deliveries here would aid in developing that understanding. Perhaps you could take some time and delegate some responsibilities, develop some of the talent which will serve under you?"

Fédora drums her fingertips on the table thoughtfully. [color=blue]"I was actually including my studies and my work on improving the House in my statement. But you're right. I should have someone else working on improving our networks."

She folds her hands in front of her and looks directly at Rilcheau. [color=blue]"I take it that you have ideas for this? And...what's in it for you? Besides belonging to a stronger House."

Rilcheaux smiles "I do not measure my power in terms of my status within the house, though my activities do generate soe of that in a largely unofficial capacity, but rather in how much influence and information I maintain from outside the house. What it gives me is access to the Iberian tribunal, to observe, to keep an eye out, and anticipate and sometimes handle the kinds of issues which need to be anticipated and handled."

[color=blue]"Are you wanting me to give you a tour of the Tribunal, show you the covenants and the countries, and introduce you to...whomever?" Fédora asks.

She seems genuinely curious and interested in what Rilcheau has in mind.

"If that is how you would train someone who was to give you occasional assistance, then yes. All I ask for is the information you would give to one who was making deliveries to Barcelona if you were otherwise occupied, and I will keep my eyes and ears open." He pauses "I assume you have heard that your ex husband was barred from Bellaquin?"

Fédora scowls. [color=blue]"I have heard many rumours about my husband's whereabouts and his activities. Including his short membership of, and departure from, Bellaquin. I had hoped that he could spare a few days to visit his wife and children, but...

"Ubljudok," she mutters under her breath.

[color=blue]"Luckily, we are entering into my 'free' season. We will spend the autumn travelling the countryside from covenant to covenant, I will make the proper introductions, we will see what we see and hear what we hear."

"That sounds like it will do quite well. If I should acquire additional information as to the whereabouts or activities of your husband, would you wish to be informed of them, or not?"

Fédora seems to think carefully before she answers. [color=blue]"I would like to be apprised of any rumours you may hear about Vulcanus. Thank you."

[color=blue]"I will see you back here on...the 18th of September[sup]1[/sup] (that's a Wednesday), and we can start our tour the next day.

[sup]1[/sup] The Autumn Equinox in 1242 is on Monday, September 15th.

"Very well, I will finish out this season in Provence and meet you on the 18th of September."

While in Provence Rilcheaux will keep an eye out for anything that might be of interest to the inquisition- he needn't find anything if we would rather resume this storyline in September, or we can continue with further adventures in Provence..

I say the two of you keep improvising off each other :smiley:

having failed to find anything of potential interest to the inquisitor, or even a decent adventure while making deliveries in Provence, Rilcheaux shows up to meet with Fedora on the 18th of September to begin the rounds of introductions.

Late morning finds Fédora waiting at the gates, dressed in comfortable riding clothes and holding the reins of an ash-grey mare that looks just a little out of focus. Her clothing looks to be very well made, as does the horse's tack.

[color=blue]"How comfortable are you with a horse?"

"I've ridden a couple of times, but not on my own."

[color=blue]"Would you rather ride or walk? I have boots that keep me from feeling tired from a long walk."

[color=blue]"Either way, we need to be on our way, and find a place to stop before sundown, when Cloud here disappears."

"I'll ride, I assume we won't be doing anything strenuous or risky."

[color=blue]"Hopefully nothing out of the ordinary." She looks back at the covenant and mutters to herself in Russian.

A few moments later, a giant of a woman[sup]1[/sup] with swarthy skin and shoulder-length raven hair shows up, leading a heavily-laden mule. She is wearing a sword on her hip, and an unstrung bow sticks up from the baggage.

"My apologies, maga, magus," she says in accented Latin. "Dapple was being more difficult than usual."

[color=blue]"I'm glad you could make it, Aldonza. Shall we be on our way, then?"

She turns back to Rilcheaux. [color=blue]"This is Aldonza, my shield grog. Aldonza, Rilcheaux of Mercere."

Once Rilcheaux is ready to go, she sets out south and west, toward La Sagra.

This is just a random shield grog, if anyone wants to stat her out and/or play her for this adventure. Only thing I have set for her is Custos and Large.