Delos, summer 1193

The approaches and magi begin to arrive on ships, news which had not made it through the redcap network begins to percolate through personal contact of mages. Amongst the news is the death of Justina at the hands of a demon which attacked her monastery. there will be a memorial service for those who knew her. It is still a couple of days until the tribunal officially opens and apprentices are allowed to meet with old friends as well...


Xene is saddened when she hears the news of Justina and hopes to attend the memorial service. This takes her mind off of her initial search for Antonio.

By now Constantine's initial anger about being captured has worn off, and he has abandoned his original intent to make trouble for his parens. He just socializes and tries to make new acquaintances.

Tasos looks for either his impious friend among the group or for smaller children to bother.


Apollon is in wonder at the island of Delos. Not only is it shockingly magical, even beyond Mount Parnassus and Epidauros, but it is the birthplace of of his original incarnation... or so Dawn has taught him. And there are so many people in one place.

those being apprentices in 1193 will not be allowed to wander, but taken directly for inspection.

Xene attends the memorial and finds a number of magi present, including Megehia, who has a reputation (though a lack of corroborating evidence) as being in some way aligned with the infernal. She does however seem to be mourning Justina as well, though her form of mourning seems a bit more bent towards vengeance on whomever is responsible.


Despite being led directly to the interview area, Apollon acts like a slack-jawed yokel trying to get glimpses of anything magical or special about Delos. He feels a strong connection to this place but whether it was ingrained in him by the stories Dawn told him or is something more magical he does not ask himself.


Xene approaches Megehia, head slightly bowed. "Maga?" Xene ventures weakly, "Might a simple apprentice have a word with you?"

minos escorts Xene to the memorial, but stands back away from the events.

"Of course child, You knew Justina?

Present for the selection of apprentices are Angelus Bonisagus, Diogenes of Bonisagus, Galla Of House Ex Miscellanea, Ziper Of House Tytalus, Maria Laskarina Of House Guernicus, Stouritus Of House Verditius, Delfini Of House Bjornaer, Lucian The Scholar Of House Merinita, Theocharista Psellus Of House Jerbiton, Michael of house Jerbiton, and Tisiphon Of House Tytalus…


Raising her eyes, Xene responds, "Yes... well, I met her once. Not long ago. I... I helped discover that the Patriarch was an infernalist... She had been under investigation but it seemed the Partriarch had found darker means to steal extra life right under her nose... I can't help wondering if I'm not partly responsible."

"No child, you are not responsible. Each of us has to answer for their own actions, but only our own. You uncovered the infernalist, you did not confront him, you did not point Justina out to him. She would have confronted him, given him an opportunity to repent. probably threaten to out him to protect her flock. He retaliated, and killed her. And I will kill him."


Xene seems consoled by what Megehia says, until Megehia says "And I will kill him." Which makes Xene both happy and uncomfortable at her feelings of hope for his demise. Xene smiles uncomfortably and says, "Thank you. I hope we have another chance to speak." and returns to Minos across the room.

Minos looks stoic, as he tends to do, whene Xene approaches "You seem troubled."


"I... there's just this sinking feeling that my involvement helped bring about the death of Justina. Meghina told me it is not my fault but if I had not been so adamant to discover the root perhaps she would not have confronted the patriarch..." Xene pauses for a moment, "rationally, I know it is not my fault and that Justina is likely in a better place and hopefully someone will be able to protect the sisters and brothers of the convent and the Church, generally, but that feeling is still there... what if I could have done more, helped her in some way... but I'm only an apprentice."

And Xene thinks to herself, "I will learn to fight the demons that plague society and the Order."

"Even if you could have done more, the Code compels you not to. Drawing the attention of demons to the Order is strictly forbidden. Justina acted as a member of her monastery, and wasn't seeking out demons to slay. Even Megehia is acting to avenge a friend, and against a human rather than demons. it is good to be able to protect ourselves from demons, but we need to not go seeking them out, lest, as the old saying goes, we become them."

Isaac Alipes

Isaac looks around the island half afraid and half excited. well, more excited than afraid really. For the first time he is really away from his mother and uncle, and he is surrounded by wonders. She tries to sneak out if he can and jump around the area a little bit before turning to the apprentice's area. But only if he thinks he is not being seen. The obvious magic around has him wide eyed and itchy. He seems to flicker slightly, and move randomly in a 1 pace area involuntarily from time to time even when staying "still". Not constantly, but enough times that someone paying attention to him for a while will notice the effect.


“Yes. I know, Minos.” Xene says, obvious to her Parens she will not argue though she is unhappy about it. She seems sullen and distracted for a while afterwards.

Tasos the Potter
Tasos' puffs out his chest out and stands with his back straight. He knows not what to expect for the inspection, or much about what will happen here, but he feels that it's nothing he can't deal with.

Angelus Bonisagus approaches Tasos "Child, you have been described as being well written, and an astute student of history. What are your thoughts on Trianoma?" He gazes Intently at Tasos.

Meanwhile Lucian the scholar visits with both Apollon and Isaac in tern, inquiring about their heritage and bloodline, and why each of them believes themselves descended from an ancient deity.

Minos asks Xene if she is done with the memorial or would prefer to remain.

isaac straightens himself amnd smiles shyly at the magus. Chairetísmata magoi. I am not sure. But the magoi at Polyaigos seem to think that I might have blood of Hermes. I can run very far away very fast. Even climbing walls in an instant. I think this mighrt be a power from my father, but my mother does not talk about him much. it seems he was not nice to her. There is a power in my blood Issaac looks at his hands unsurely, but some proudness seems to transpire from him at thinking hilsef having something cool. I can show you if you want. He looks unsurely at the magus but, if encouraged, he furrows his brow and teleports to the other side of the courtyard and back.

If Lucian queries other adults he willl discover that Marie, Isaac's mother, was raped by a Bulgarian soldier in the current Bulgarian war. His identity is unclear.

there are no adults present who would have that information.
"Certainly, go ahead and give me a short demonstration."