Design and discussion of Flam

This thread is to hash out and discuss remaining details of the covenant where they will have a more permanent record than discord

So we have not decided on what to do with the two extra boons we can take. I don't feel like we can get rid of any of the hooks we currently have listed. Some thoughts on what we might spend those on:

  • One option proposed was to take the Wealthy and Secondary Income boons. Which would take care of one of those.
  • Healthy Feature (up to x2) makes sense for my mental image of Fjordland. Of course that mental image is pretty much completely made from pictures of those idyllic valleys in the summer and I am aware that half the year they aren't so idyllic.
  • Vivid Environment, more flavor than anything else but once we get people there they really seem to love the place. Again, related to my known to be incomplete view of what the Fjordlands are like.
  • Edifice, I'm thinking some Norse dining hall sort of thing that was here before the covenant, ornately carved and well made but probably just wood. This idea might also be covered by the "Important Building" boon.
  • Strong Community makes sense to me for a group of likely devout pagans surrounded by Christian converts.
  • Ungoverned might be a fitting boon, depending on the centralization of the mundane nobles in the area. I would totally bow to your knowledge of the Area on this one, @loke .
  • Minority might fit but it depends on how we read the boon and the whole pagan thing... 'cause they aren't actually foreign but if we find other enclaves of Pagans we might induce them to come.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Very reasonable, but a tad boring :slight_smile:

Realistically, Summers are healthy and Winters are harsh. The isolation gives some protection against infectious diseases, so I do not object to x1.

The main point is that it attracts new recruits easily. Your view is relative to the continent and other distant locations. When you consider a reasonable radius of recruitment, FlĂĄm does not stand out as anything in particular.

I think that is reasonable. Mainly as flavour and less for real benefit, but good.

Absolutely. That's a good one.

Norway never developed any nobility as such. The centralised kingdom is on the rise to peak in the second half of the 13th century, with Magnus the Lawmender (1263–1280) establishing the first national code of laws. Ungoverened is not an unreasonable boon, I think. The location we have chosen is probably too insignificant to attract attention to whatever governance there is. Flåm only became a notable location, I think, when the railroad came, and I don't think the saga will last that long.

Feels utterly wrong. My impression is that it would be culturally very homogenous.

Sverre Sigurdsson is the king of Norway, and has been since at least 1184- though he has been excommunicated since 1194. In October 1198 Norway was placed under Interdict by Innocent III, and there has been nearly continuous revolutions during his reign... he dies in March of 1202... more locally the government is that of councils of local communities which are far more cooperative, so I'm not sure that ungoverened is a good fit, though those councils do tend to be very laize-faire as well...

So taking all that into account the ones I would lean towards are Healthy Feature and Strong Community. Edifice might be neat for flavor but, as described by me, might also be an issue for visitors realizing way too quickly that our people still keep the old ways though with our isolation we may not have too many visitors outside of the faeries going to and from Aesgard. Who was the third player interested in the covenant at Flaam?

@nadimsuer I think

Oh, that Sverre. He is mentioned in the national anthem for defying Rome. :slight_smile:

good news is that after 4 years of interdiction most towns won't have a divine aura anymore.
which is not such good news in towns relying on divine auras to protect them from magical and faerie monsters... pagan hedge traditions may be experiencing a momentary resurgence...

@loke proposed a Creo Summa and a Muto Summa both at L11Q20

Illugi would like a Perdo Summa at L16Q15 and an Herbam Summa at L16Q15

In terms of Magic items the clean lab spell (Covenants p122) put into an enchanted Item is pretty good but it's not a ton of points. As a constant magic item rather than a moon spell it comes to around 27 but I can't find my old math where I got it exact.

Other very useful things would be:
stuff to aid in work, glove of lifting or whatever it's called, something to help chop down trees, perhaps.
Sight of the active magic "glasses" or mask, useful in the sort of research our parentes might have been involved in.
Magical furnaces or other heating spaces
Were Saunas a thing in Norway or was that Finland? Also maybe anachronistic, dunno, just spitballing.
Some things to make the covenfolk happy, work related probably but something to help so laundry or to heat water to boiling. simple little things we could have bought from Verditius with our plentiful vis.

Also, double our vis per year?

Sorry, I only say "double" because magic items are stupid cheap in BP compared to vis sources and our parens likely didn't have a ton of time to be making all these magic items so they bought them. Explains why our vis stocks aren't so huge and the glut of Magic items.

I would suggest that this is designed individually for the labs. I decided against it because of the warping.

According to the, there were saunas in every city in medieval times. Because men and women took sauna together, the Church agitated heavily against saunas, and in the 16th century the use declined.

Yes, Finland is more famous for it, but that's when we consider modern times.

Good ideas. Want to type up the details?

@silveroak suggested that many magic items could have been found rather than made. I do not object to more vis, but I think we hit ridiculously much before we hit double :slight_smile: But, yeah, why not ridiculously much.

I was hoping we could split the work of defining those magic items that I posted as more general ideas. Like "Oh, I have an idea for how to build the lifting glove as an item I'll do that one." That statement is only an example because I think the glove for lifting is canon but I can write up some of them definitely.

The Sauna I was thinking could be the village's magic sauna so I'll work on that first. Could be the thing that explains the healthy feature boon/why it isn't just that the long, cold, harsh winters balance with the idyllic summers?

Yeah, I'll try to do some.

The porter's glove is canon, with 24 uses/day at L15. I would make it unlimited and call it L20, I think. 8BP.

If you make a magic sauna for health it should be on top of the healthy virtue, I think.

I'll give it both an ignem effect for warmth and a CrCo effect improving recovery rolls. Non-hermetic but I'll just make it as a hermetic device and say "this is non-hermetic."

The recovery rolls bonus is a good one. I like that.

Item: Sauna of Health
The Sauna at the center of town is a relatively large ornate cedar sauna. It is able to hold up to fifteen people at once and is known to have healing properties, the activation of which is passed from village Priest to their acolyte and the elders of the town. It is a center for the village gossip mill.

Effect: Heating the Stones (CrIg 29)
Base 4 (heat an object enough to boil water); R: Touch; D: Sun; T: Group
Mods: Constant +4 lvls
Heats any stone placed upon the heater enough for the stone to boil water. Heat of Sauna may be controlled by placing more or taking away stones from the heater. (non-hermetic)
Effect: Eir's Succor (CrCo29)
Base 5 (+12 to recovery rolls); R: Touch: D: Moon; T: Ind
Mods: 12 uses per day, +4 levelsy
When a wounded or sick person is placed alone inside the sauna the village elder or priest outside says a prayer and propitiation to the Valkyrie Eir which takes an hour. They will gain +12 to their recovery rolls until the both the new and full moon have each passed once but only if they return to the sauna for an hour each following day. These return visits do not have to be alone and they do not require the ritual. (non-

Total BP Cost: 24pts

I'm guestimating on capacity and heat needed for the stones to heat the sauna. If the stones need to be hotter for the space defined it can be upped by 1 mag to use the base 5 CrIg (Heat an object enough to make it glow red hot), which would add 2 BP to the cost.

It could work, but I would expect you need to add a magnitude for heat intensity- modern thermal radiators tend to be around 300 C (572F) compared to boiling water at 212F pre-electric saunas heated rocks much hotter...

I had this momentary thought that the primary injury being healed is the burns from people removing the heated rocks...

I mean they probably have tongs of some sort. Didn't the old saunas use rocks heated outside the sauna and brought in? That's what they do in sweat lodges, least the one I was in.

We have plenty of BP to allocate those two points. I'll update the wiki.

They do, the proximity of the two effects just inspired the thought.

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I'm not sure where you get the creation of acid as a base 30 CrAq effect
Also the mirror of hearts desire could not work as described without an InMe component.
Beyond reach of the sea- I'm unclear what this item is or how it works- you reference 6 feet and a ring, but don't describe the item itself

Mirror of the frozen scene would require an InIm aspect, or need to be ReIm to simply freeze an already existing image

Sunlight Incapacitated - no, the guidelines for this are honestly baseless, and honestly I'm not certain if this should be a me or Im spell

An anamorphic effect is one that lacks detail, not a shifting image that your mind will translate into whatever you expect to see.

It is a common issue in later books that I find a lot of spells and effects that are basically lazy writing and contradict core, which I see as being an issue with both the mirror and the sunlight into pain