Design thread

Here you discuss new spells and items.

As mentioned to Roberton in council

Roberto's pier of prowess CrTe 15
R: Touch , D Mom T:Ind Ritual
A Plain and functional Stone pier, Some 60 feet long, 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep including foundations (Very comparable to 18th century piers )
(Base 3, +1 touch, +2 size (1/4 size of Mystic tower, +1 magnitude careful design)

Magic item

Roberto's pierless breakwater
An Agate set into an Iron rod, (Only the agate is actually enchanted) gives a +5 form and effect modifier

Lesser enchanted item
ReAq 15 , item maintains concentration . 1 use day- effect is level 20
Break the oncoming wave effect created at the entrance to the harbour, with a 20 pace radius of effect placed near the entrance (BAse 10 +1 mag for size)

Not to nay say you, but there is a flaw in your spell. All rituals, regardless of power, are a minimum of 20th level. We would need a higher Lab Total and at least 4 pawns of Terram. Trading vis will only yeild half the number of pawns (it costs 8 Ignem for 4 Terram).

Minimum ritual level of 20 is a stupid rule, I hadn't seen it before. The only reason that this has to be a ritual is because I need to make it permenenat and for that I need Vis , stupid pointless rule.
For Level 20 we get a really big pier , or more fancy decorations

LOL, like I said, as a player I think yours is the better idea. Any duration other than momentary still kicks the level up though. Take the range up I guess. I don't think we actually want the pier to be overly fancy. Could attract to much attention, turn us into a city.

Still, anything to avoid the zombie labor force!!

If you shaped stones so they fit together better you could build it with the existing rock. It just takes longer. You might have to do it with a PrTe because a MuTe would change back. It wouldbe an interesting stone mason spell.

I plan on just moving rock and dirt to fix the road. Not making or destroying anything.

Actually, that is kind of along the line of what Roberto plans to do; use magic to augment mundane labor. PeTe, ReTe, CrIg, etceteras.

when i get some lab time i want to create this spell - warmth of the hearth base 2 (heat an object warm to the touch) +1 (touch) +2 (sun) + Individual... basicly a self warming spell to sleep thru the night or stay warm during the day

Myself and Roberto can both spont that reliably, in fact Iolar casts a personal range version at least twice a day at the moment

oh but some of us would prefer not to have to spont spells if they don't have to - oh the problems with chaotic magic

Beware of warping! :wink:

Another reason to have clothes: This spell keeps you warm, but it doesn't protect you from the rain, mud, or winds (strange situation, where you can be warm and still feel cold winds)

As per your spell, maybe you can dump an additionnal magnitude in order to make your pier stronger, I dunno.

My design idea (based on Andrew’s template)

CrTe20r The Magician’s Harbor
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Ritual
This spell creates an elaborate stone pier and an attached wharf (also made of stone). This is shaped like an “L”, with the pier extending out sixty feet by fifteen feet wide, and the wharf likewise extending to a frontage of sixty feet long by fifteen feet wide. The foundations sink twenty feet into the ground. This structure is very comparable to stone piers of the mythic ancient world (or the future 18th century :wink:).
Roberto’s version includes fixtures for torch sconces and fire braziers to be installed; at all the perfect most classy looking spots for such accoutrements, as per his sigil (style and grace).
(Base 3, +1M Touch, +2M Size, +1M Elaborate, +1M Enhanced size and elaboration)

hehe, Almost the exact spells I was going to use to repair the road and buildings.

In the not to distant future I intend to secure some clothes so the warping should not be a problem, I also have spells to protect against Rain and If I have to I can protect myself against winds.
Mere elements cannot intefere with a true magus ....

I invented a new spell for you :slight_smile:

[i]Outfit of the Humble Magus (CrHe10)[/i]
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell dresses the target in fine clean linen and cotton. It is a humble but respectable outfit. The clothes appear on the body or folded neatly in your hands.
(Base 3, +1M Touch, +2M Sun)

I can't spont it , I might be able to manage an Animal version of the same level but my creo is 7 my herbam is 0 , not going to get 20 on a spont total and It would probably take me 2 seasons to write.

Balm for the Nocturnal Magus (MuCo 4)
R: Self D: Sun T: Ind
This spell makes the caster's eyes much less sensitive to bright lights, even permitting him to stare into the sun for brief amounts of time without harm.
Base 2 +2 Sun

While I'm thinking about the Background Story about Javier and Alejandro and how they would have managed to spy on the arabs, I came up with some munschkin questions :wink:.

Here they are:

Would it be possible to invent a spell which causes mundanes to ignore the mistrust caused by the gift ? What would be the required arts ? ( I suppose Rego + Mentem or Perdo + Imaginem).

Would it be possible to invent a spell which causes people to ignore a character even if they can see him ? What would be the required arts ?

Both spells would be extremly useful for an wizard spying on mundanes.

IMO, no, especially as this would essentially render a Major Virtue (Gentle Gift) useless.

There are ways to counter the Gift's side effects (penalty to interactions, the thing that we usually, wrongly, see as the gift's effects), but that's all.

IMO, there is such a spell, but I may be wrong. Perdo or Rego Mentem, I'd say