Destroying Ryces Talisman

There was a nice moment at the end of this scenario.

The last Santiago had seen of Ryce was when Santiago was hauled into Damhan-Alaidh's throne room, to find Ryce stood on D-A's right hand side, alongside Maxwell (Ryce's treacherous master, and enemy of the Covenant).

Santiago was badly wounded, beaten, magicless, had no Parma, had had his talisman and all his equipment confiscated. Ryce was stood there in perfect health (D-A healed him in front of Santiago), and in possession of all his valuable stuff.

Santiago 'did the Flambeau' and stood proud and refused to bow before D-A, so Ryce (at the command of D-A), stepped forward, sliced open Santiago, and bled him into a goblet, which D-A then used to mind-rape the Spaniard.

Santiago was then thrown back into the dungeons, his last glimpse being that of Ryce the traitor, stood in his newly secured position as high ranking member of the enemy.

Santiago wallowed in the dungeon with Tenebrous, unable to do anything about their predicament, and guarded by two huge skeleton creatures. All the time plotting what he'd do to Ryce if they ever met again.

With no light, and therefore no day and night, it was impossible to tell how long Santiago had been trapped down there, but spending time with Tenebrous is never fun, especially when you can't leave. Eventually there was a disruption outside, the door burst open, and some invisible force burst into the room, destroyed the guards, and rescued the mages.

Was this Ryce redeeming himself? - no of course not :slight_smile: It was the baby mages from the covenant, the ex- and current apprentices. They'd somehow sneaked and fought their way into Damhan-Alaidh's stronghold, and found the captives.

A quick investigation, revealed they were still in big trouble, trapped inside a regio, with D-A, his mages (including the traitorous soon to die Ryce) and his huge army. After a number of close calls, the mages regained their equipment, escaped the regio, however found themselves stranded on a remote scottish island, with no means of further escape, and the army not far behind them.

There was some dispute over whether to go back and steal Damhan-Alaidhs treasures, or flee and warn the Order. Santiago made the decision the Order needed to know, and reluctantly left the others in the care of Tenebrous to fly off and warn the Quasitors of the oncoming threat, and of the betrayal of Ryce.

Not knowing where he was, Santiago found the coast, picked a random direction and started flying until he saw something he recognised. It was many many hours later, flying through the wind, sleet and rain of the night, hampered by a number of heavy injuries that he realised he'd picked the wrong direction and had flown up the west coast of Scotland, around the northen part, and was now heading back down the eastern edge of the country. So he flew across country and started again.

Eventually he found the Covenant he was looking for, reported what had happened, and started the long flight home.

During the flight he had plenty of time to seethe about the indignity of needing to be rescued by the baby mages, the torture and mind rape, the terrible injuries he was carrying, the fact the he'd been forced to give up the Orders secrets, the fact that Damhan-Alaidh now had an arcane connection to him (the blood Ryce took), the wind, the sleet, the cold, the wrong turn, the lack of alcohol in his recent past, his usual Spanish temperament, the fact that he'd had to leave his friends behind stranded in the lair of D-A facing almost certain death, and most of all, MOST of all, that traitor Ryce!

Arriving back at the Covenant of Brunnaburgh, Santiago could hear that it was mealtime and the dining hall was full, dramatically bursting through the large double doors, the heavily injured, wet, cold, sober and angry Spaniard saw..

Ryce, traitor to the Order, betrayer of his friends, and servant of Damhan-Alaidh.. sat warm, dry, uninjured, well rested and (having wriggled his way out of trouble, and then rescued the baby mages), making sure he was centre of attention whilst merrily eating and drinking with them all.

"Delaney, get the Spaniard a drink" shouted Ryce cheerily.

Santiago felt the rages of the past few days building up inside him, clouding his judgment as the red mist descended, how dare that traitor be sat here as if nothing had happened, how dare he look in such good health, how dare he be centre of attention, how dare he be acting as if he was some kind of hero. Santiago felt his anger roaring at him to be released..

Then Delaney handed him a beer, and it all proved a little too much for the Spaniard, his anger drained away and he consoled himself with alcohol.

Ryce Mageslayer

Santiago rules!!!

Revenge is a dish best served cold,

Then reheated with MUCHO FUEGO!

LOL :smiley:

Great story! :smiley:

Now, I just long for santiago's viewpoint :wink:

LOL, even from Ryce's viewpoint I can tell who the real hero is :wink:

Heheh I tried to write that OOC and entirely being fair to Santiagos point of view.. :slight_smile:

Ryce himself would tell it totally differently, with an extremely brief mention of Santiago foolishly betraying the Order and getting himself locked up, whilst most of the narrative would go on how Ryce bravely, and smoothly fast talked, negotiated, and outwitted the greatest big bad in the history of the order.

He'd put special emphasis on the fact that the drunken Spaniard gave up the Orders secrets AND got himself imprisoned. Whilst Ryce magnificently protected the Order AND negotiated himself a heal, the return of his stuff, AND the opportunity to escape.

He'd linger on how he risked sacrificing himself, but eventually won out in time to heroically return to the enemies stronghold to rescue the baby mages so callously abandoned by the Spaniard. He'd also tell how in the process he located and secured the hidden entrance to D-A's regio fortress, and identified the means to infiltrate it.

And that he did all this and got home in time for a celebratory feast in his honour, which was rudely interrupted by that alcoholic Spanish vagabond collapsing melodramatically through the main doors in a poor attempt to steal Ryces limelight. But that in the end, Ryce magnanimously decided not to punish the traitor with certain death, and instead offered the Spanish fool a drink and let him join the party.

that's how Ryce would tell it :wink:

Besides liver failure is bound to kill the Spaniard before too long. Might as well just wait it out :stuck_out_tongue:


And you explode when DA gets a little annoyed. Better hurry up on that name change or get back to your master. :smiling_imp:

Aaaah, ryce... I think I'm in love with the man :laughing: