Divine Might & Aging / Character advancement

  1. Do Divine Might have any effect on the aging, character creation or later character advancement? My search trough ArM5 and RoP:D didn't show up any effects on this at all but this still means nothing.
  2. What other can of worms would I open with a Divine might <10 from Strong Angelic Heritage beside that even beneficial spells would be more difficult to cast on the character and the Char can't enter a Aegis without a token?

I generally assume creatures with Might are immortal (aging-wise), unless specifically stated otherwise. Nephilim specifically are described as "age-less, but can eventually die although they may live for thousands of years" (RoP:tD, non-revised version if it makes a difference). That says, their stats do change with age, so it still needs to be tracked. Blood of the Nephilim (which is a pre-requisite for Strong Angelic Heritage) gives some restrictions on learning once you get your first decrepitude point.

One potential can of worms I'd be wary about is to make sure you and your troupe/gm have the same understanding of what being a Divine Being means in terms of the requirement(s) for morality in your actions.

Divine Might does not confer, in general, immunity to aging. Characters with the Blood of the Nephilim Virtue end up living a few centuries (around three, possibly as many as four with some luck, good living conditions, etc.) but certainly not millennia: the Virtue mechanics (1 aging roll every 10 years after age 150, with a +5 bonus) do not match what the text says.

In general, taking Blood of the Nephilim + Strong Angelic Heritage is not an easy road to power.

There are some minor caveats. A player might be tempted to create such a character with 140 years under his belt ... and a correspondingly scary xp total to match; this might make the character dominate the saga in its early years (though it's not as if something similar can't be achieved with other supernatural creatures). Also, warping is one of the ways in which massive supernatural enhancement, particularly by magi, is kept in check in ArM5; characters with Might ignore this limiting mechanic.

The biggest issue of all is that a character with Strong Angelic Heritage can get 30 Levels of powers per Virtue point, with no cap on the maximum level save his Might. This means that a 141-year old companion character would have Might 8 and would be able to access Level 80 supernatural effects - for a total of 210 Levels if he spends 3 Virtue Points on Blood of the Nephilim and 7 on Strong Angelic Heritage. Possibilities include:

  1. 75 levels: raise a person, though not a giant, from the dead (Base 70,+1 Touch)
  2. 55 levels: make a Group or a largish individual immune to all forms of physical damage for a day (Base 30, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group)
  3. 60 levels: grant a Group (or a largish individual) MR 50, for D:Sun (Base MR-15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group)
  4. 15 levels: "permanently change a single nonliving thing into several objects of the same size, shape, and material", Base 10, +1 Touch
  5. 80 levels: create a Might 20 Divine creature with its own agenda, but possibly pretty hefty powers (Base 30, +30 levels for Might 20, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)
    ... and abjure sleep (thus gaining 2 extra seasons/year); create terrestrial and or celestial regiones; remove botch dice; ignore (or allow someone else to ignore) fatigue, pain or the need for food and drink; etc.

Thanks Fafnir that go along with what I expect to be the effect of Divine Might. I also agree that the Blood of the Nephilim rules are only good to live a few centuries as the difficulty of the aging rolls rise to fast.