Do any of you create art for your campaign?

Oh dear, what have I done. :flushed:

To keep Mara's valuable thread for art undisturbed, I created a new one for Hero Forge pictures here.

I'm puzzled by the end of this topic. Take years to learn how to draw, thousands hours to practice, again, again and again...


seeing the IA doing better, faster without any abilities needed...

I'm not sure if I am impressed or depressed...


Let's not discuss AI-generated pictures here, okay?
While an interesting subject, there is so much to say about it that it deserves a whole thread (if not a whole forum!) for itself.


The ol' "drop a rock on 'em" trick...


I didn't create it, but this is a link to a photo someone took that made the news. Definitely some potential ArM uses.

Ontario photographer captures massive wave that looks like 'the perfect face' |


יפה. אתה עושה אדפטציה לעולם של ארס מג'יקה, או רק משתמש בחוקי הקסם כדי לייצג בית ספר לקוסמים סטייל הארי-פוטר?

The Watching Tree is one of the eldritch faerie lords from my second campaign. His shtick is surveillance, secrets, and control. He owns my character's love interest, so that's less than ideal.

He's also literally an eyeball tree, so there's that ¯_(ツ)_/¯


In an alternative story, Okeannos ex-Tytalus, the parens of Tethys is dead. Tethys ex-Tytalus, after a Twilight, has a mythic blood of zmey who is now revealed... She has also a young apprentice, Nahari ex-Tytalus. Her apprentice suffers of a major lack of confidence after have raised by infernalist. Tethys, contrary of the traditional Tytalus education, is a protective mater.


(in my artstation : )


Nix recently sacrificed her left eye to The Watching Tree, who needed it to make a key for his freaky eyeball door. She gave it up so that Ramon, who was meant to sacrifice his, wouldn't have to. In a moment of dark intimacy, Ramon removed her eye with a blade.

Later, when Nix got it back, the iris had been transmuted into fire opal, and she decided to make it her Talisman


Deidre, a woman with a scarred face and a painful past. She asked Klyrion to elope with her, and he accepted


Kayla, a hedge witch/demon expert who lives in our castle.


Ramon Charay


Some years ago, Ileana ex-Tytalus, who will known later as Tethys ex-Tytalus, faced to her first big mistake on her education. A season when his parens traveled, she made angry a Zmey, allies of the covenant, by sending a message. A night, she was called on the main gate of the covenant, the Zmey was here for her. Rafiq is a clan leader, an elder Zmey with the appareance of a lava dragon. Without having the choice, and without her parens, Tethys faced to Rafiq on the sommit of their walls, with a loyal guard Ashram, the primus not so far.
The meeting who will follow was a masterclass of diplomacy and etiquette for the young apprentice who kept this as a precious memory.


Unfortunately, my primary campaign (where I play Lilium) is dead in the water, so it's unlikely that I'll be making any more art of those characters. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: My secondary group (where I play Nix) is starting up again, and we're gonna rotate it with another new campaign, where I plan to play a Bjornaer Gyrfalcon. I don't have a final design for her yet, but I did make a concept portrait:


Tried to make Aubert of Avranches for my first crusade game, have had a hell of a time with chainmail. Nightcafe's AI database was primarily trained on knights wearing platemail.

The only way to get the sword even remotely correct was to just remove the hands. It's a lot of work. I got a Nightcafe membership for cheap over Black Friday... It can still take an hour or ten if you are picky and have something very specific in mind.

Kaldus ex Tytalus

Mirabelle of Avranches, or Xerxephina filia of Kaldus of House Tytalus

The trouble I've found with nightcafe, or other AI art generators is the rather sexual nature of the database. I kid you not, I actually made VERY indecent pictures by using words like "chaste" or "covered." Had to use a very carefully worded negative prompt to not get huge cleavage - a big no-no in the medieval ages as only prostitutes at the time bared cleavage in public. The neckline in this picture would probably still be quite scandalous for the time (1100 AD).


Attached are some additional characters I've recently made using NightCafe:

Lucilla of House Flambeau

Beatrice of House Flambeau

Velkonia, Princess of Damascus, wife of Prince Aubert of Damascus