Eastern Island

On the northeast side of this island are what appear to be dwellings atop a cliff, with what seem to be winches. There are other portions of the island which are far easier to ascend, but would require swimming to get to as the ship cannot get close enough for people to wade ashore, excepting by the cliff, where it can pull right up to the cliff in question.

Euphemia expresses that she thinks that they should go to where the winches are. Surely people sophisticated enough to have machinery like that will at least be cordial.

Pierus broadly agrees, but for more cautious reasons.

"Any inhabitants must surely now be aware of our presence. To approach them from a blind side could be seen as hostile. We should come close to the cliff and hail them; but we should be ready to sail away if they prove unfriendly."

(ooc: I'd quite like to check if there is anyone there, but I think a spell to check for humans at this range is beyond Pierus to spont, except with a phenomenal roll)

Argyros nods and says in greek

"Agree with Pierus. We should go broad light to where the winches are. Let's take one or two people which who would be able to discuss peacefully in case some people are hostiles, but let's go over there"

Cheerfully and with a smile, she nods and replies to Pierus and Argyros, "Ah, yes, those seem like sound precautions! Let us also raise a white flag, so that they know we have only good intentions."

She explains the situation and the plan so far, such as it is, to Ilia, in Latin.

OOC: An Intellego Corpus spell with that range and wide scanning area would have a Magnitude of something like 9. Admittedly, I think that's kind of silly, since it's just a "are there people over there?" spell, but I do enjoy how Hermetic magic is explicitly not capable of doing everything, how it's incomplete, which highlights the concept and process of scientific inquiry and discovery.

Ilia nods as the plan is discussed. "If there are people on that island, I will not speak to them. Are there any magi among us who can speak to them without making things worse?", she says in Latin.

OOC: I.e. do we have any gentle gifted magi?

"I believe that I will be able to speak with them." She shrugs with a grin. "For some reason, my Gift has never bothered mundanes." She claps her hands together and nods, "On that note, I suppose I should get ready."

OOC: Meeeeee. Also I have decent social skills and Aura of Ennobled Presence. Which she'll go ahead and cast.

Invisible Castle doesn't seem available for use today, so uh...how you wanna do that?

There is always the captain, as well. But if you wish to speak, I have no objection.

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"Oh, well yes, that's true. She just asked if there were any magi who could talk to mundanes without making them mad, and I can do that..."

She blushes and looks at her feet for a moment.

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Pierus casts Aura of Ennobled Presence on the ship's captain, so either party can conduct conversation. Rolling (due to flaw, as my casting score beats the level and I assume I'm not stressed): no botch (3), for a total of 15 (vs level 10).

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Whomever calls up the cliff, and you see someone up above waving what appears to be a red flag. A few moments later you see a person dive from the cliff into the water and swim over to the ship As they approach the ship it appears to be a young man wearing a suit of sheepskin.

Euphemia also casts Aura of Ennobled Presence, infusing aspects of Aphrodite and Athena into herself. Everything even vaguely imperfect about her appearance, minimal as those things might be, is smoothed over, and she stands taller and more confident. She exudes a glow, very subtle and essentially invisible, but enough to be subconsciously pleasant.

She cups her hands over her mouth and calls up, "Hello the town!"

When the man leaps from the cliff, she gasps and watches him fall.

When he comes to the side of the ship, she is the first to grab a rope ladder and throw it overboard for him. When he climbs up, she offers him her hand and smiles down at him, a perfect shining angel with a velvet voice, "That was a very impressive dive."

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Euphemia casts a spell! invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4341345/
Success! Unless there's a bad aura, then we might have a bad time.

Euphemia attempts to make a good first impression! invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4341353/
Her total for Charm to get this guy to think she's great is 20, assuming he's heterosexual.

"Thank you, you are most gracious. Might I ask what brings you to our island?"

She gestures to the other people with her by sweeping out her arm, effectively bringing them into the conversation. "A terrible storm came up of a sudden and threw us off course. We were looking for a place to repair our ships and find out where we were, and we spotted your village from the North."

He shrugs his shoulders. "We do not have the means to repair a ship, especially one so magnificent as this, but we do have some food and other supplies we can trade, if you have something to trade with. "

Euphemia nods enthusiastically. "Let me ask what we have. Please excuse me, my friend here does not speak your language." She gestures towards Ilia without pointing and being rude.

She then asks the group, in Latin, "What do we have to trade with these good people for provisions and good will? Also, do we want to tell them about our magic?"

Conveniently, this should allow her to converse with the other magi present without tipping off the villager, but, if he does speak Latin, it is true that Ilia doesn't speak Greek, so it's not a complete deception.

"I would advise... caution. At least at first. We all know how mundanes normally react to us. If we settle here, there will be plenty of time to explain ourselves later; if we don't, there's no point prejudicing them against us and risking them withdrawing their help.

Captain - what do we have to offer them?"

(ooc: It seems that Captain Ginger won't understand us in Latin)

Ilia nods in agreement. "After our experience on the last isle, caution is advisable. Can these people tell us where we are?"

OOC: By the way, Ilia does speak some Greek, just not as well as she speaks Latin. Of course, pretending that she doesn't does give us a good reason to chat in latin!

At this point the ship is provisioned with another day's worth of food and nothing else.

"Magic is what we have to trade, then, so that is what we will offer. Let us not speak of magic, though, at least not yet, as you have both suggested."

She speaks to the villager again, "Unfortunately, we lost most of our material goods in the storm." Her smile turns a little sad and could wrench sympathetic tears from a monster, "All we have to trade are our skills. I can say, that least, that I am a very skilled healer, and one of our compatriots on our other ship is gifted with plants and making them grow bountiful and healthy."

OOC: Wow, so we don't have any weapons or other equipment and we're about 3 days away from death by deprivation. That's lovely! :mrgreen:

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