Elementalist Clarification

Regarding Philosophical Controlling, does this permit the control of the elements in bulk or is only to grant a soak score and control animals?

This is to say, as Philosophical Summoning conjures up unbound material, does Controlling allow the manipulation of that element, rather like Rego magic? I suspect not, but I'm uncertain from the wording.

I said yes, with the limits about Size and material from Summoning, and using Finness to make different actions. The only limit maybe can be the Craft Magic limit, but i suspect that is negotiable.
Same thing with Taming beings.

That's more or less how I was figuring it, but I'm not sure it's supported by the book.

Yes, the same about the limits of Theurgical Summoning and waht is one Elemental, but generally can be acepted that any supernatural being (Being with Might) based upon Ignem, Auram, Terram or Aquam counts. Again, the concept of motion can be controversial... i supose that they can't use Ward exactly, but yes the bonus, and they can move matter summoned or present with theirs powers, Finness must be used just like Concentration must be with the Bonus Soak maintenance.

My understanding is that it can create Rego-like effects for the elements. Whirlpools, leaping flames, gusts of wind, sand storms, and earthquakes. Size limited of course.