Enchantments and Arcane Connection effects

First, can you show me a published enchantment that uses an Arcane Connection range effect? I can't find any.

Where does the Arcane Connection fit in to the enchantment process? For Example:

Cloak of the Distant Messenger
Cr(In)Im 40
based on Haunt of the Living Ghost (Arc, Conc, Ind), +5lvls Item Maintains Concentration, +0 1 use/day

When activated, this device is supposed to project the wearer's image, voice and senses into a fire, mirror or pool that you have an Arcane Connection to.

Does the Arcane Connection have to be determined at the time of enchanting? Eg, does it have to always use the same Arcane Connection? Does it have to appear in a more limited range of mediums? For example, perhaps the cloak can only project into mirrors?

Magi of Hermes has a few, eg. p. 95 or 104-105

This is underdefined. I'm sure there was a topic on this before, but I can't find it :frowning:

see legends of Hermes
Hermanus lab
statues and control wands

From the examples in Magi of Hermes it would seem that the Arcane connection can be chosen (and changed) after the device is enchanted. The "Halysis" effects (p.104/105) allowing Petalichus' Numerologist book to compute the exact distance of an item at Arcane connection range would not make sense otherwise.

The way I make sense of it is thinking of sight and voice ranges. Those ranges rely on the user, it should be the same for AC. The user of the device is in possession of the device.

As JeanMichelle stated before, Hermanus' Staves of the Wooden Soldiers in Legends of Hermes, p. 112, are another nice example. They include a "small chamber near the top where an arcane connection to one of the wooden dolls can be inserted".

I can imagine that one Arcane Conexion range can be made the only possible, or changeable, depending of the object.
For example one cauldron could be have one Constant effect with Arcane Conexion when full of water you put the AC on her, and when you stop the effect estracting or changing the AC in the object.
And too one magical jewell that transform one only creature on animal when you finish the object constantly or under your command and making the AC part of the jewell.
Both are Mythic and have kosher flavour to me.