entering the game and character creation

if you are interested in joining the game, first apply to be part of the wiki: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/home:home
When you have a concept add a page for your character and create a Gifted companion between the ages of 5 and 14. The page may b created by editing the main page and adding a link with the format: [[[magus:character name]]] Despite the regular rules from the apprentices book, their improved education before being brought to the tribunal means characters over the age of 8 may have either educated or the arcane lore virtue. Children over the age of 11 may have both, while children under the age of 7 should probably have (but are not required to have) covenant upbringing.

Threads will then be opened here to discuss those characters and their advancement.

once an apprentice character is finished, players may construct a (non-apprentice) companion and grogs. If a player completes 6 grogs, they may then make a second non-apprentice companion, and then another apprentice if they desire. Magi may end up in different covenants, and magi of the same player must wind up in different covenants, but companions and grogs may be with the magi of other players to allow for better group dynamics.

for characters who do not have educated or arcane ability, the assumption will e that they have spent enough time in the school to have developed up to a level 2 ability in magic theory or Classical greek and up to a level:1 in arts liberales. These are paid for normally.

I was thinking of getting Hermetic Experience. Allowed?

If it is taken at age 14 or it can be substituted for one of educated or arcane knowledge if taken with covenant upbringing

I've posted my gifted companion child under thebes tribunal for review.

Can i used Privileged Upbringing to represent a Gifted Child Apprentice who is coming from a wealthy background? Arcane Knowledge and Educated are specifically called out, but i wanted to clarify before i get too attached to having all 3, or if i need to remove one, etc

For an apprentice in the Theban tribunal? No, or at least not with educated and/or arcane knowledge. I would allow them to substitute for one of them, but to be old enough to have benefited from a privileged upbringing you would have to have been discovered late enough to have given up one of the others.

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