Epidauros summer 1187

Margerie shakes her head, speaking in Latin. "Maybe you could do a little, but you would do more harm than good to yourself, just letting these men know you are a magician, or witch as they would more likely put it. If the situation gets desperate, that's different, but for now it's better to let them deal with it."

As you talk the goats at the front and rear impact the wagons they are charging at and you hear the cracking of wood. the one charging towards the center charges through the two warriors who stand in its path as the dodge one to each side and strike at it with swords, giving it two light wounds as the archer moves away to finish notching his bow.

Margerie will continue to move, pulling Antonio with her, to make sure they stay away from the goats and don't draw their attention.

Markos continues to hide in the wagon.

[being unable to see outside, there's no dodging if a goat slams into the wagon.]

The goats at the front and rear of the train continue to demolish those wagons, actually eating the wood they are made from as they begin tearing them apart while the middle goat engages with the armsmen who have injured it, injuring them in return and taking fire from archers for a couple of rounds before a whistle is heard from some point back in the wilderness and the goats disengage and run off, leaving an immobilized wagon train with injured defenders- the path here is too narrow to simply unload goods to another wagon and leave the broken wagons behind. the guard comes to you to treat their wounded while the merchants discuss the situation.

As soon as the combat is done, Margerie springs into action before she's even asked, roping in Antonio as a nurse because he understands Latin, whose first job is to run and grab her doctor's bag.

She also notes the whistle, and she is wary for humans who were in charge of the goats, shouting a warning in Greek, "Look out for goat owners!"

Markos, despite not understaning Latin seems to know What Marjerie needs before she even speaks it and helping to take care of those with lesser injuries.

As you treat the wounded soldiers some of the merchants arrive before long to find out how well the soldiers would be able to stand sentry- they are considering repairing the wagons and moving on instead of abandoning what merchandise they cannot carry. The soldiers in turn are looking to you to tell them what kind of recovery situation you are looking at. the wounded have an array of light to moderate wounds.

After she has done what mundane medicine she can, Margerie separates out the men with medium wounds. "These men could use rest, either riding in a wagon or sent home. The rest of you will be fine."

She will then look in her forumulary to see if she can find spells to give recovery bonuses for the specific wounds the men have.

"for them to ride in wagons we would need to have the wagons fixed, and home is the same distance ahead as it is behind." the wagon master is still looking for a recommendation on whether to proceed, "but to fix the wagons will take us into the night in our travels."

healing for a moderate wound requires a month, and charms can only have a duration up to day- I'm not certain what she would be looking for here that would help, but she can find a charm to give +6 healing bonus for duration sun and range touch for each of the 3 moderate wounds.

Margerie shrugs, "I think it's ok to proceed. Just let those three not do anything more strenuous than walking. But did you hear the whistle? We should be careful that men who trained those rams don't show up to attack us."

(That spell is what she was looking for, she will use it on the three moderately wounded men.)

"I don't suppose any of the three of you know anything about repairing wagons, or if not that destroying them quickly, so we can get them out of the way?"

Margerie shakes her head and look at her companions.

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Markos attempts to be helpful to Margerie, offering poultices and ingredients from his pack. Mostly this is of no use to her. When she looks to him he says, “I am sorry, friend, but I have never been of much use with woodcrafts.”

The caravan halts for a while as they unload the front cart and salvage goods from the rear. Lunch is eaten, lightening the load somewhat, and horses that previously pulled carts are loaded down with what they can carry. A couple of the merchants even create makeshift packs to carry goods themselves. Finally before the caravan resumes one of the merchants approaches Margerie. "We have goods we must leave behind, we are deciding whether to destroy what we can to deny the bandits as much profit as possible. It was noticed that you were using charms to aid the healing of the soldiers, would there y chance be any curses in that book of charms you have that we could leave for the bandits when they come for their plunder?"

Margerie shakes her head. "I'm afraid not, I only know charms of healing. But... if you destroy their chance at profits, won't that just motivate them to strike again?"

[there might be some in the book but she only has Succurro and Salutem so she can't cast them.]

"If there is no profit, then hopefully they will find a different way to make a living."
The group moves on, leaving a bonfire of the goods they have abandoned in their wake. It is late in the evening when they arrive in Athens, and they put you up in company owned quarters since you stayed with the caravan to tend the wounded.

In the morning you can seek ships bound for Smyrna.

In the morning, Margerie is up bright and early, and encourages her companions to get ready. "Marko, I'm happy to be ship's doctor for the time of a voyage, that should help you find a boat for us quickly."

Markos, always eager to please, hops to it. Initially he asks the guards and merchants if they might have any leads but when they don't merely asks for directions to the port where he asks around for a boat headed to Smyrna.

There isn't a boat leaving now, but someone tells you of a boat coming in that should be leaving in a couple of days that will be stopping at Smyrna.