Epidauros summer 1187


"Of course sir. We would never allow our friends to be wounded without attempting to aid their injuries," Markos says obsequiously. Glancing at his companions and motioning for them to give their assent.


Antonio smiled at the younger guard before turning to the older one. "I would be happy to work alongside my teacher in providing whatever medical assistance you may need."

Margerie nods, trying to choose her words carefully so as not to be obviously deficient in Greek. "I am Doctor of Salerno. Antonio my student and ward. Does anyone know Latin?"

The older guard shrugs "Maybe one of the merchants, but I doubt it. more likely to know Roman if they trade with merchants from Italy, but most of those speak Greek." He gestures for you to come around to the other side of the warehouse where wagons are being loaded up for the trip to Athens, and introduces you to the guard captain before returning to his post.
The captain in term suggests you have a seat "Most of my guardsmen are either eating breakfast before we leave or are still on their way here. That would be tall Nicholas, he got married this last year and tends to be a little later coming in." he grins at you. "If you ate at the inn last night you might want to have a seat, there will be plenty of walking today. I already spoke with the head merchant, so there won't be a problem with you tagging along."
The group heads out within half an hour...


[If having a seat included food Markos would definitely partake.]

Markos takes a seat to wait for everything to be ready, somewhat in awe of this flurry of activity.

Margerie sits and watches the work, trying to pick up on the greek they're speaking.

The group moves out in under half an hour nd heads East. After about three hours the caravan is coming round a bend in the road while in the mountains when three goats the size of horses with stone horns charge at the caravan from under cover- one heads for the front wagon, one for the rear, and the third charges at an archer towards the middle of the formation. Fortunately the guards are alert, and the swordsmen move to try and intercept the three goats to break their momentum while various archers draw their arrows...


Seeing these strange beasts, Markos attempts to find a hiding spot like the brave man man he is.

[I think there's not much any of us can do to affect the combat, Antonio included.]

You can decide to try, or to head to the far side of the caravan, or stay out of the way- just because you don't think you can impact the fight doesn't mean you don't have decisions to make. In modern terms if terrorists opened fire in a crowded room you wouldn't just stay in your eat figuring you couldn't impact how the fight would turn out. You would do something. Dive for the floor, run for the exit, call 911...
so in this situation, what are you going to do? Marko is hiding... probably behind a wagon that doesn't have a giant goat headed for it.

Margerie jumps out of the caravan, and runs to hide behind the wagon furthest from the goats. She isn't strong enough to drag Antonio, but she barks at him in Latin, "Come on, quick!"


Antonio was torn. He wanted to hide from the danger, but at the same time he knew magic. Didn't knowledge of magic, like knowledge of medicine, obligate you to act? I'm Latin he spoke to the only person who he thought could help him with the dilemma. "Margerie, I am an apprentice wizard. I can not perform great works yet, but I could do something, couldn't I?"

Margerie shakes her head, speaking in Latin. "Maybe you could do a little, but you would do more harm than good to yourself, just letting these men know you are a magician, or witch as they would more likely put it. If the situation gets desperate, that's different, but for now it's better to let them deal with it."

As you talk the goats at the front and rear impact the wagons they are charging at and you hear the cracking of wood. the one charging towards the center charges through the two warriors who stand in its path as the dodge one to each side and strike at it with swords, giving it two light wounds as the archer moves away to finish notching his bow.

Margerie will continue to move, pulling Antonio with her, to make sure they stay away from the goats and don't draw their attention.

Markos continues to hide in the wagon.

[being unable to see outside, there's no dodging if a goat slams into the wagon.]

The goats at the front and rear of the train continue to demolish those wagons, actually eating the wood they are made from as they begin tearing them apart while the middle goat engages with the armsmen who have injured it, injuring them in return and taking fire from archers for a couple of rounds before a whistle is heard from some point back in the wilderness and the goats disengage and run off, leaving an immobilized wagon train with injured defenders- the path here is too narrow to simply unload goods to another wagon and leave the broken wagons behind. the guard comes to you to treat their wounded while the merchants discuss the situation.

As soon as the combat is done, Margerie springs into action before she's even asked, roping in Antonio as a nurse because he understands Latin, whose first job is to run and grab her doctor's bag.

She also notes the whistle, and she is wary for humans who were in charge of the goats, shouting a warning in Greek, "Look out for goat owners!"

Markos, despite not understaning Latin seems to know What Marjerie needs before she even speaks it and helping to take care of those with lesser injuries.

As you treat the wounded soldiers some of the merchants arrive before long to find out how well the soldiers would be able to stand sentry- they are considering repairing the wagons and moving on instead of abandoning what merchandise they cannot carry. The soldiers in turn are looking to you to tell them what kind of recovery situation you are looking at. the wounded have an array of light to moderate wounds.