Long time GM rthat ihas recently restarted running Feng Shui

I'm trying to compile a list of all of the Errata list for Feng Shui. I've got this so far I've manged to get the following additional Q&A, rule clarifications, to stuff that I haven't seen covered in the FAQ. I also managed to find via wayback machine a couple of the old dead sites including one of Daedalus that has some errata for the rule book and Marked for Death on it that I didn't reproduce bellow. Atlas has some corrections to Burning Shaolin posted that I didn't reproduce.

The stuff bellow comes from looking at the old Feng Shui mailing list, things I've spotted, like the poket demon, and other Feng Shui RPG sites. It is very rough draft form, needs a lot of editing.
I'm trying to make a master errata list. So please tell me what I've missed?

Q&A and Assorted Comments

Just as a heads up, there's a gun schtick in "Comeback" that combines with CoC to make it even more effective. I think I figured out that a starting
Maverick Cop who spends all his gun schticks on CoC and this new schtick can chew through an average of 30 unnamed characters a sequence. (Although in retrospect, I don't think I factored in reloading time, which would be pretty significant.)
This is intentional. I saw a bit of a gap between the gun schticks and the fu schticks. Specifically, guns have an advantage against unnamed characters (not just CoC, but all the big machine guns that take out mooks on lower Outcomes) while the Fu stuff works better against named characters. Rather than muddle them together by making Fu schticks that work better against mooks and gun schticks that work better against individuals, I decided to keep the gap intact to give the two types of schticks a distinct flavor.


Think dark, drab, dreary, and blighted. Urban decay and environmental ruin. The buildings are all huge and imposing structures of gray steel and concrete, and they all look old and worn out. Lots of pollution too.

Actually, the pollution maxed out in the 1990s. When the Buro outlawed personal vehicles, things got quite a bit cleaner. However, it does rain an awful damn lot, thanks to the world wide eco-disaster.

Everything is gray, and the few colors you see are probably dirty and faded. I wouldn't go for the art deco look myself, because I envision 2056 as being devoid of style or inspiration of any kind.

There's a little more color, relief and playfulness in "Seed" but it's ALL consumerist. The only bright, pleasant places or things are malls and TV shows (which are all pay-per-view).

Lord Shi has his name is misspelled as Lord Shih. Pi Tui is mispelled "Pui Ti", at least it's consistently wrong.

Embarrasingly enough, that character's name is spelled both ways at different points in the core book (Atlas edition, and probably Daddalus edition, though I didn't check the latter), so we just picked one and stuck with it here.

Quick question: are there any feng shui sites in the Netherworld itself? I was trying to remember if this is expressly defined one way or the other? Opinions, anyone?

In the basic book, it expressly states that there are feng shui sites in the Netherworld, but that gaining control of them cannot bring about a critical shift.

On page 56 of "Elevator", we are told "From the twelve o'clock position, working counter-clockwise, the large spokes house Command, Military, Research, and Security. The small spokes house Logistics, the secondary Military spoke, the secondary Research spoke, and Geomancy." By my count, that's two divisions that occupies two spokes. However, shortly after this passage (on pp. 56-57, in fact), we are told "The Military division is the only division that occupies more than a spoke of the wheel..." What happened to that second research spoke?

The spoke problem crept in because I switched from six spokes to eight spokes between the first draft and the final draft, for what it's worth. I'm completely unsure where the Unknown Name got changed. I don't have my draft handy so I can't say if I screwed that up or if it was an Atlas change (as per the change in Jack Donovan's name).

What are Flying Victory Bullets made from, the book doesn't say...plastic?, wood?, icky disgusting flesh?

The answer to this (as is the answer to a good 80% of your questions about the Buro) is that reliable old hand-waver: "High quality polymers."

My 2056 question: when will being beaten down start taking a toll on the chi produced by all these citizens? Will it start to make cracks in the Buro? Will they Buro decide they need to pull an Ascended and rule from the shadows (perhaps first creating a utopian-ish society)?

Beaten down? For the first time in history, everyone has enough food, somewhere to sleep, and guaranteed minimal medical care. I'd guess that most Buro citizens feel a lot less beaten down than most residents of Somalia, Tibet or Afghanistan. Sure, the people don't have a lot of rights: But historically, people have made do quite well without rights--especially when they didn't have a murderous occupation force (Romans, Mongols, Nazis) or an epidemic (Typhus, Black Plague, Spanish Flu) to cope with.

To give the devil his due, the phrase "duped and narcotized masses" is probably particularly apt for the general population in 2056. Not only are Productivity Drugs cheap and easily available, they've got TV programming that makes "America's Funniest Delivery Room Recordings" look like "Masterpiece Theater."

The Four Monarchs

The Four Monarchs should be regarded with universal, total, pants-wetting fear by even the sturdiest of PCs (hell, even Draco should have to change his suit after talking with one of them. :slight_smile: ) They used to be able to single-handedly take out armies with their bare hands--do we really need to see the numbers on that? :slight_smile:

In a universe where we have stats for Gao Zang, Wong Fei Hung, Homo Omega, and most of the heavy hitters, you think that the LOSERS of the secret war; the faction with no operations in most juncture-- should be so mighty?

Let me put it to you this way--Gao Zhang, Wong Fei Hong, Homo Omega, and Draco have all managed to nearly take over the world, or take over parts of the world, or take over China. The Four Monarchs did it. They took over the entire world, and everyone who opposed them died. The Lodge didn't even think about taking them out directly they were too smart for that. They went back to before they were born to get rid of them, because they knew that to directly contest them is to die.

Wow, I have a completely different take. I percieve that the Monarchs are more gifted at shaping than at sorcery, and consider them disposable characters. A nuisance to be wiped out by whomever wants to take control of the Netherworld.

No no no no no no. Think of it this way--the Four Monarchs have almost nothing in the way of resources, technology, armies, or anything that could possibly make them victorious. Everything was wiped out by the critical shift. And yet, somehow, they're still around, and still a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because each of them is a god of war, able to take out any opposition. Sure, they can't take over the world again--no matter how powerful you are, you can only be in one place at a time. But by the same token, nobody can get rid of them because they're just too individually powerful. The Thunder King has never been defeated in single combat...and he's six hundred years old. That, along, should tell you how nasty these guys are.

Your base score for Shaping in the Netherworld is equal to the highest number of Feng Shui sites you've had attuned at any one time. Not how many you have currently, but the highest ever.

This supports my earlier statement that the monarchs are more potent at shaping than at sorcery. However, I see where you're going with this, they are SCARY GOOD at shaping. This does make them close to invincible, but only in the netherworld. An AV of 50 or more in shaping would make sense for these characters. With the other 'big names' that have been published, a shaping skill isn't listed for any of them. An oversight I wonder? Hmmmm....

50 is still too low. They've got Shaping skills in the hundreds. Meaning they've been attuned to hundreds of feng shui sites at once, for hundreds of years. Even if they're no longer actively drawing on that much chi, even if there are people who are actively drawing on that much chi (and there aren't--even the Unspoken Name and Boatman and Bonengel aren't personally attuned to that many sites)--it'd still be SIX HUNDRED years before anyone caught up to the Four Monarchs in power level. They are SCARY GOOD, as you put it, at everything. If they ever learned how to co-operate with each other, they could probably re-take the world in no time flat...they're basically a living example of why raw power isn't enough to take over the world.

In the book, under Sorcery, it mentions that you can target multple targets, at a cost of -1AV per ADDITIONAL target. Yet under Gun fighting, it is -1AV per target when shooting multiple targets. Is this an error or is this the way it is supposed to be?


p.125, Conditional Escalation states - "You may add another specified primary attribute by spending another schtick" as well as "You may add conditions by spending one schtick per condition". So, can you spend multiple schticks to get multiple points in an attribute?


Or only 1 point per attribute, to a max of four?


Also, are you spending more schticks to get more conditions?


Ah, another question. Do your mooks ever actively dodge? Or are they human pylons that are tossed around and used as human shields and treated with little or no respect?

That's the shot, man.

[b]Transformed animals apparently can't change back to human once they've reverted to their natural state. Do they still have their human intelligence?

As far as I'm concerned, no. The intent is that the character is as good as dead. (Note that it's much easier to just get plain ordinary killed than it is to get reverted.)
Of course, if the GM think's it's cool to do otherwise, who am I to argue?[/b]Who is the character who is telling the tale in the first chapter of the rulebook?
He's your basic unnamed narrator.
Is there a Shadowfist card for him?
Have there ever been any junctures open before 69 or after 2056?


Okay, so, if when Transformed Animals revert, all they have is the animal intelligence of their particular kind of critter... did the animals ever have the smarts even to decide they wanted to become human, let alone to figure out how to do it?

Back in the days of magic, animals were intelligent. Some of them decided to move up the old ladder of reincarnation without dying between each step; they were the Transformed Animals.
Once Transformed, they decided to get rid of magic, in order to remain human forever -- which, as a side effect, permanently turned off this career option for other animals who hadn't yet decided to transform.
That's some mighty bad karma to work out there...

How do you do Tasers?

Tasers make me nervous. It should never be easier to knock named characters than it is to kill them; there are always PCs who'll want to knock out and then kill helpless named characters no matter how uncinematic it is.
Tasers are omitted from action movies for similar reasons. It's very hard to stage fight scenes around weapons that inevitably put a character down on one hit. You have to essentially guarantee that no named characters ever get hit. (The rail guns in the new Arnold-fest, ERASER, follow the same dramaturgical principle.)

Here's how I'd do tasers:
(non-standard damage)/1/1, 1 sequence to reload. Unnamed characters hit by a taser are out of the fight on any positive outcome. Named characters can't be hit by tasers; they always succeed in their Dodge or Parry attempts and no attack check is necessary.


Pg 38 Atlas edition and Back for Seconds pg. 24, the Private Investigator is supposed to have 1 Gun Schtick and have Fast Draw as the Quick Schtick pick for the Gun Schtick. The original web version had the Gun Quick Schtick Pick listed, but forgot to include the character got 1 Gun Schtick, when it end up getting printed again the gun schtick error wasn’t corrected, and the Quick Schtick pick was accidentally removed. This errata applies to the Thief on pg. 44 Atlas edition an in Back for Seconds page. 2 too. (Yes, the Thief has a Gun Schtick.) As a side note, the original Daedalus web version of the Magic Cop however is wrong and a corrected version appeared in Back for Seconds.)

pg 69. Daedalus edition The 'Info' skill is missing under the INTELLIGENCE heading in the skill listing box.

PG. 66 The Colt 380 Gov’t Pocketlight is your basic diet .380 autoloader.

Pg. 68 (pg 83. Daedalus edition ) The Colt 1911A is the classic 'Colt .45'. It's not by any means a 9mm (although the statistics remain unchanged).

Pg. 68 ( pg 85. Daedalus edition) the E.T. “Series One Laseraim” should be damage 11, not 10. As the other 10mm guns are damage 11.

Pg. 68 ( pg 85. Daedalus edition) the Glock 17 is not small. It is a little wider and a little shorter than an M1911A1.

Pg. 68 ( pg 85. Daedalus edition) Llama Large Frame. Some gunmen may prefer their Colt .45 1911A varient to be named after a fuzzy South American mammal.

Pg. 68 (pg 85. Daedalus edition ) Norinco Type M1911. That's a .45 autoloader pistol if you haven't been reading in alphabetical order.

Pg. 69 (pg. 85 Daedalus edition) the Sig-Sauer 220 is a 7+1 round gun when it is in chambered for .45, not 9+1. A .38 Super version exists that is a 9+1 round gun. The .38 Super version stats are (9/2/9+1).

Pg. 71 (pg. 87 Daedalus edition) the silhouette labeled as a Mini-UZI is actually that of an Ingram MAC10 without (or with a very short) magazine.

Pg 170 (pg 191 . Daedalus edition) The Hopping Vampires (Jiangshi) are noted as having Abysmal Spines x3 and Bod 9, yet their claws are only listed as doing 11 damage. The damage should actually be 14 (Bod 8 + 6 for the 3 levels of Abysmal Spines).

In Chapter 18 many of the guns have incorrect damage values. Use the values from the Guns chapter instead.
The description for Healing under the Sorcerer schtick "Heal" is incorrect. Use instead the more forgiving rules for Medical Attention on p. 158.

Marked For Death

The text accompanying our friend Roscoe the helicopter, it's noted that Toughness of 20 will stop most attacks from doing much damage" (I'm paraphrasing, I don't have the book in front of me.) However, his stats give Roscoe a Body of 10 with no separate Toughness noted.
Was it intended that Roscoe have Toughness 10 or 20?

That's not all. In "Blood for the Master", read the section called 'CarefulWho You Eat!'. It says Eng Fan Mei's has a toughness of 10, yet the stats or that particular demon on the page before say he has a Body of 15!

The “Unspoken Name" in "Elevator", is incorrectly repeatedly referred to as the "Unknown Name" (cf. "The Hub" pp. 53-61).

CoC cannot be used to target a Named PC.
COC= Carnival of Carnage

The Seduction Skill is incorrectly called Seduce in SNF on pg. 68.

Mr. X’s Chi stat in SW pg. 58 is most likely wrong as his stats “Chi 8 (For 8)”, having a Chi of 8 makes the listing of a Fortune of 8 unnecessary.

The Supersoldier SNF pg. 16’s Wealth Level is missing. Working stiff is most likely what it is.

The Mouth of the Fire Righteous (EN pg. 25) has his Chi stat is missing. Careful study of similar characters in EN, shows it is most likely 0.

The stat block for the Pocket Demon is missing in the Atlas version of Thorns of the Lotus. It is on page 84 of the Daedalus version. It reads:

Pocket Demon
Attributes: Bod 4, Chi 2 (Mag 8), Mind 3, Ref 8
Skills: Martial Arts 12, Intimidation 4, Intrusion 4, Creature Powers 15
Creature Schticks: Inevitable Comeback (comes back folded), Insubstantial, Armor 6

Jack Donovan is incorrectly called Jake Donovan in GC.

Draco is incorrectly called Drago in GC.

Iale Manae in GC is not a ghost, but was created using the ghost archetype.

Lord Shi is incorrectly called Lord Shih in EN.

In EN Nick Nemesis, 2-Way Ray , and Hal 2000 have a skill called Musicianship that isn’t described in any of the Feng Shui books.

In EN pg. 100 2-WayRay’s Av for his Info/Netherworld skill is missing.

In Burning Shaolin the character of Johny Ko has his name spelled wrong on pg. 17. Additionally, the name Johnny Ko may be incorrect for this character and John Tso is the correct name as that matches the character as described in Shadowfist.

The rules for the Red Principle in Blood of the Valiant, both Atlas and Ronin editions, is incorrect, this is fixed in EN.

In the Combat Briefing:
"Your Parry Action Value is always equal to your Martial Arts Action Value...". This seems inconsistent with the notion that a Parry is "a kind of active dodge."
Shouldn't the Parry Action Value be your Martial Arts AV plus 3?

The example for Concealment on 79 Daedalus Edition seems a bit unclear. Is there an errata for it.

2 numbers didn't show up in my last messege.
The Pocket Demon has a Mag of 8.
MR X's For in SW is given as 8.

Some more errata. I'm still working on a master errata list. A few others I've run accross. Please post any I've missed or any fixes for those that I don't have fixes for. I plan to compile and organize this into a nice document.

Pg. 146 FS Atlas edition only, the text states that the shot keeper shown on pg. 147 appears again at the back of the book in an appendix, it doesn’t.

FS pg. 65, Atlas edition,change the text, “Revolvers and Shot Guns take 5 shots to reload.” to “Revolvers take 5 shots to reload. Shotguns take 6 shots to reload.” The correct reload rate of a gun is what is found in the actual body of gun descriptions, FS pgs.66-74, Atlas edition.

GC gives Kar Fai a Martial Arts Action Value of 18, yet the example in the Medical Assistance section of FS pg. 137, says his Action Value is 19.

FS pg. 170 (pg 190 Daedalus edition) the damage for the Buro Godhammer and Buro Hellharower in the Weapons part of the stat block for The Reconstructed are incorrect. They should read Buro Godhammer (12/4/5) and Buro Hellharower (14**/8/20)

FS pg. 223 in Shi Ho Kuai stat block the damage of a spear is given incorrectly as 8. The correct damage is 9.

The $10,000 Man on pg. 97 of GW has only one Signature Weapon if using the Quick Schtick Picks. His two quick picked weapons are the Buro Godhammer and the Buro Blue Spear.

The juncture modifer to arcanowave is -2 in 1850, not +2.

The Atlas edition doesn’t have some of the information that was given for each of the factions described on pgs. 8-9. In the Daedalus edition the Shadofist icon for each faction was shown and text for a color and a meaning of it was given. The color and meanings are given bellow:
The Eaters of the Lotus: Blue & Black Dynasty Yet To Come
The Ascended: Yellow Imperial
The Guiding Hand: Jade Wisdom
The Architects of the Flesh: Silver & White Death
The Jammers: Corroded Metal Entropy
The Four Monarchs: Purple Royalty (Western)
The Dragons: Red Good Fortune

A page of the story that runs between each chapter of the Atlas Feng Shui core rulebook is missing and parts of it aren’t in order. In the Daedalus edition the story is all printed in one chapter. The correct order of the story for those with the Atlas edition is bellow:

January 11 (pg. 4)
February 25 (Missing in the Atlas edition)
May 22 (pg. 162)
May 28 (pg. 200)
June 2 (pg. 75)
July 19 (pg. 190)
August 13 (pg. 60)
September 5 (pg. 108)
October 17 (pg. 116)
November 30 (pg. 126)
December 20 (pg. 172)

The missing text for February 25 is bellow:

[i]February 25

The first time I went to the future screwed my head up bad. I grew up like most kids watching TV, expecting the future to be a better place, with spaceships and food pills and rocket backpacks. Then of course growing up I realized that the future was going to be like now, but more of it. Faster traffic, louder music, worse craziness. It was something I didn’t give much thought to, ‘cuz by the time you get to the future it’s always turned into the present, right?

Of course, that’s before I got involved in all of this big fight for the feng shui sites. Who’d have guessed that I’d find myself in the Netherworld, which is everyplace and no place at the same time? I sure never thought I’d be walking through a gateway into the future. 2056. Where I wasn’t due to be until age eighty-seven, not that I expected to make it anywhere near that far.

The Prof made me put on some crummy threads before I went through for my mission. Nasty denim jumpsuit. Worse crap than my grandfather wears back on the mainland. This is the future, I wondered? What’s the matter, they don’t have GQ anymore in the twenty-first century? The Prof got cranky and shoved me through the gateway.

This is not the speed-paced go-go future I signed up for. I was on a big broad street, with gray rubber stuff instead of pavement. Gray. Everything was grey and brown. There were these big block-like concrete buildings on either side of the street. The sky was grey, too like it had just rained. Streaks of nasty weather crawled down the sides of the buildings. They were all cracked, too. There were hundreds of tiny windows lining each building, and lots of them were smashed and covered over with this plastic-looking sheeting. You guessed : it was grey, too.

I looked around the street for signs of life. The place seemed deserted. A big old truck appeared in the distance. I looked into the cab, but there was nobody driving it. Must have been automated or something.

I shrugged, shivering from the damp cool of the day. I wasn’t there to make new friends. The Prof had given me a real simple assignment. I was to find myself a bar with the exciting name of RecFac A-180, which was somewhere on Street 8292. I had a map of the city to get me there. Inside RecFac A-180, I would find a table full of guys, one of them with an eye patch. If this guy with the patch was wearing a red cap, I was supposed to split. If he wasn’t, I was supposed to use my special talents on ‘em. I had a special talent strapped to each pec under the jumpsuit, and a third on my ankle.

This old woman, with a dried apple face just like my grandmother’s, came up to me and tugged on my sleeve.

“Consumer, you not from here.”

I looked down and mumbled something vague. I missed my shades. Didn’t anyone wear sunglaases in 2056?

“I neighborhood Consumer Watch,” she said. She reached into a filthy plastic handbag and pulled out a plastic card with her face hologrammed onto it. “Your whereabouts authorization?”

Prof had prepared me for this, given me fake documents. I fished them out, just like she advised: don’t be too quick to flash them, or you’ll seem suspicious. I pulled them from my wallet after a little fishing around. Prof had taken my sharp leather wallet and replaced it with a grey plastic thing that felt sticky to the touch.

The old lady squinted at the document. Prof had said that snoopy old birds were the backbone of the police state. I thought the Prof had been making some kind of joke I didn’t get it, but evidently she was just giving me the facts. There was something in the lady’s expression that creeped me out even more than all the magic and weird stuff I’d see so far. It was like she was hoping there’d be a reason to call the cops, that seeing me hauled away would just completely make her week.

She handed me back the document. Then she looked down at my legs. Damn, I thought she’s seen the bulge of my .38.
“Those pedal insulation units,” she said.

It took me a few seconds to realize she was disturbed by my socks.

“Those are non-standard, Consumer. Are they black market?”

The good thing about old ladies is they stay down after one punch. The bad thing about old ladies is that punching them attracts attention. Before I knew it there was a sleek black cop car hurtling at me from an alleyway. As I pulled my special talents from their holsters and started blasting at its windshield, I realized that the cop car was the most attractive thing I’d seen all day.[/i]

FB pg. 28 the Hopping Vampire’s claws are damage 14, not 11. (Bod 12+ 2 for the level of Abysmal Spines). Remember to add +1 to the 14 damage if the claws are used in a punch, and +2 to the 14 damage if the claws are used in a kick. These Hopping Vampires are weaker versions than those on page 170 of FS.

FB pg. 14 in the stat block for Ilyas and Ortsu a Fu Schtick called Zikr Dance is listed. No description of how this scthick works is given.

MFD pg. 61 some text is missing about the mooks. The text on the mooks is supposed to read as bellow:
Phanom Rung magically dominated these hoods, making them even stupider and more brutal than usual. The controlled mooks have glazed white eyes, like the sorcerer himself. As the sorcerer exercises more power, his eyes turn deeper shades of red, and the mooks' eyes change to match his.

MFD pg. 71 the stat box titled Thugs, is supposed to be titled Triad Thugs.

SW pg. 114 in the stat block of the Genocide Lodge Staff, add that the IntraTec-9 takes 3 shots to reload.

SW pg. 119 in the stat block of the Triad Mooks, the Glock 17 is a 17+1 round gun, not a 17 capacity gun, not a 17 capacity one.

SW pg. 121 in the stat block of the Triad Mook Disguised as a Demon, the Glock 17 is a 17+1 capacity gun, not a 17 capacity one.

SW pg. 122 in the stat block of the Triad Mooks, the Glock 17 is a 17+1 capacity gun, not a 17 capacity one.

GA pg. 50 the Naga (Unnamed) is supposed to have the Blast (chi) Sorcery Schtick, and the stat box calls Sorecrey Schticks incorrectly Magic Schticks.

FS. 66 the Beretta 92FS Centurion is incorrectly called the Beretta 92 Centurion.

The text and stat block on Sun Chen on pages 71-72 of the Ronin Publishing Edition of Blood of the Valiant is missing in Atlas Edition. The text on Sun Chen is to go in between the descriptions of Wong Fei Hong and Fong Sai Yuk in Chapter Five. The text and block information is bellow.


Note: Sun Chen was recently killed in Operation Killdeer. His stats are provided for those who have chosen not to incorporate Killdeer into their own campaign. Or, if you are looking for a kick ass archer to put up against your PCs, just change the name and your good to go.

Sun Chen was born into a peasant family in northern China. While he was not the cleverest boy in his village, he knew the oppressive taxes of the government and landowners were wrong. He knew, as he watched his family sink deeper into debt, that something must be done to change the way of things. When he realized that he had become more of hindrance than a help to his aging father, he ran away from home. On the road, he encountered a wandering monk, who brought the young lad back to his Shaolin temple. There, Sun Chen learned of Neo-Confucian way. More importantly he learned the art of the bow.

Though none would bad mouth Sun Chen now, the truth is that wasn’t much of a scholar. He learned about the Three Masters like any disciple at one of Quan Lo’s temples, but most of his ideas about justice and morality came from his peasant upbringing. He left the heavy thinking to others in the Guiding Hand and concentrated on what he did best: archery. And in that field he excelled. No one in the Guiding hand, and possibly the entire Secret War, could touch his skill with the bow. On innumerable occasions, Sun Chen went up against Pledged or Buro operatives armed with a serious firepower and he always came back alive. He only faltered when Quan Lo sent him on a mission that required more thought than action. When he faced with the Thing with 1000 Tongues, Sun Chen could not stand to fight. To do so would have gone against all his long-cherished beliefs. Instead, he stood up and fought and gave his life for the Guiding Hand. As Quan Lo, said, “The road to victory is slick with the blood of the valiant.”

Sun Chen
Sample Dialogue: “My arrows will send you to hell.”
Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 4 (Fu 9), Mind 6 (Int 4), Ref 9
Skills: Info/Neo-Confucianism 9, Guns 19, Leadership 10, Martial Arts 13
Unique Schtick: Has the same schtick as the Guiding Hand Archer type (see Chapter Six).
Schticks: [Fu Powers]: Abundant Leap, Bite of the Dragon, Breath of the Dragon, Claw of the Dragon, Dark’s Soft Whisper, Friend of Darkness, Fire Strike
[Gun Schticks]: Carnival of Carnage (x2), Eagle Eye, Fast Draw (x3), Lightning Reload (x3), Signature Weapon (bow), Versatile Ammo (x2) [see Thorns of the Lotus]
Weapons: bow (9), fist (7), kick (8)

Please post any others I may have missed.

some more errata in rough form. I'm starting to clean up my master copy and correct any typos, etc.

FS pg 69 Change the Walter PPK’s text to read:

Walter PPK 9//1/7+1

James Bond carried this 7.65mm autoloader pistol. He had to be ordered into it though. A 9mm version exists that is 10//1/6+1.

SW pg. 68 the Walter PPK Mr. X has is a 7+1 capacity gun.

FB pg. 23 The Unnamed Demons have the Abysmal Spines schtick. The claws and teeth dame of them would not be 8 without one schtick of this. They may also have the Abysmal Tentacles Combo described in GC.

FS pg. 68 The .357 Desert Eagle is 9+1 capacity gun, not a 10+1 one.
FS Pg. 68 Replace the text “Desert Eagle .50 Magnum 12/3/9+1” with “Desert Eagle .50AE 12/3/7+1”

pg. 70 the Thompson M1A1 is not a 30 capacity gun. It is a 20 capacity gun when using a clip or a 50 capacity gun when using a drum.

Fantasic Stuff Jay,

Appriciate the effort you've went to to collect all this stuff, I'll make sure to copy and paste this into my handy FAQ/Errata Document.

Actually, are you planning to make a single location/document will all this stuff in one place? If not, I can upload my one once it's complete. :slight_smile:

Thanks again man,

Your welcome Scot,

my goal is to get this alll organized and double checked to make sure it is all correct. The guns have so many problems that they are going to need to be checked throughly.
I right now have everything in a Word file that is my rough version. I have a 2nd Word file that has some the rough errata written in a very neat style suitable for a good errata list.
When it is in a finalized form I'd like to send Atlas all the errata that has been compiled. Any help on cleaning it up and orginizing it is appreciated. I can send any one interested in this my Word file and anything I may not have posted. Incorporate it into a FAQ/Errata page is something I'd like to see happen to it and the more people that have it the better, so they don't become lost.

Regarding the shaping skill:
Please do not make the mistake to use clear PC advancement rules (combined with out of character player bonus) on NPCs. While the masters of the world (4 monarchs, ascended, buro etc) are surely attuned to hundreds of sites, giving them a shaping skill in the hundreds would break the entire world and game system. No force in the netherworld would even have a chance. I strongly suggest that after a certain "breaking point" the attunement simply becomes a plot device, not an actual game mechanism. Give them a shaping skill in the area of "some dozen", this is still enough to create an army of netherstuff combat killer robot bunnies out of thin air in a second or two.

Regarding the stats of the monarchs:
We have Stats for old dragon emporers and exiled gods ... and demonic islands. Surely there is some place for a monarch or two. :wink: Don´t forget: a normal Killer with an AK and 10k Bullets can kill 30-40 moonks per secquence - giving the monarch a sorcery/martial arts skill in the 20-30 should take care of the army-thing, if you don´t forget that most army mooks have an AV of 8-10 (champions/eltes a little bit higher), of course the monarch should have enough magic points to increase the area effect).

Regarding Flying Victory Bullets
These kind of ammunition exists in the reality - google the KGB Troika project. And yes: it was indeed polymer ammunition combined with an electrical charge. Pretty interesting weapon.

Regarding attacking 2 targets with sorcery
Whats the source for "its an error"? Because if its not official I would rather say "it seems like an error, many groups houserule it"

Regarding actively dodging mooks:
I suppose it cant hurt to make a difference between SAS/Delta/KSK/Speznas/SEAL-Mooks and your average Triad-Thug.

Regarding Tasers:
I would suggest taking out mooks and working with impairment for named characters.

There was another topic often discussed on the mailing list:
Old Master, their chi flow special schtick (kick/punch str + 6 damage) and the use of damage enhancing or changing fu powers. There was a widely used opinion that both things cannot be combined, mostly to preserve game balance. While I support game balance: from a rule point of view both schticks can be used, as long as the fu power reads something like "increases damage by 2" and not "doing str+4 damage". Of course, an old master with some knowlege in both snake and crane would be a nightmare ... but hey, after all they are old masters. They kicked ass when we were still unborn (and now they have body 4). :wink:

As for the errata: on several occasions there are Chi points or magic points mentioned. There are not Chi points, it should probably be fu points or fortune points.


The Monarchs' stats appear at the end of Out for Blood, which is probably as close to their official stats as we're ever going to get.

I know. However while I think that "Out for Blood" is a fantastic work, its still a fan work. I indeed prefer the values laid down in this fan work, although I would prefer to raise the sorvery AV a little bit higher and more inline with each other. The difference between thunder and ice is a little bit much.


The Q&As and comments about the monarchs came from the mailing list. John Seavey gave the answers explaining why no stats existed for them. The not giving stats for NPCs is well established in FS by the way. In Back for Seconds no Netherworld stats for the demon Tanbi Guaiwu are given as they go out of the realm of game mechanics and into the realm of a plot device.

The taser answer is the one Robin D. Laws gave when asked about tasers on the mailing list.
Jose Garcia gave a diffrent answer.
Taser did get handled in an "official" book, Iron & Silk, years latter.

Jose's answer and comments are:

Tasers don't automaticaly knock people out do they? Didn't Rodney King
get hit by Tasers four or five times and was still kicking?

 As a GM I wouldn't have problems with PCs getting zapped by Tasers,

get stunned a bit but still have fight in them, no more than I would have
them shrug off 12 gauge shotgun blasts at point blank range.

 But I definitely agree that it shouldn't be easier to knock named

characters out than it is to kill them. If anything it should be more
challenging to pull off.

 How about the following:

 Tasers take out unnamed characters on an outcome of 5 or more.

 Against named characters they do 12 pts of stun damage. This is non

lethal damage that can cause a named character to go unconcious when they
fail a death check instead of dying. Stun damage only lasts a minute or two
before fading away. Because the Taser is such an akward (and most
importantly uncinematic weapon) it can't be used with any gun shticks
except for Eagle Eye (no signature Taser weapons!). This means that taking
down a named character stickly with a Taser is a huge pain in the butt
which is how it should be.

    However beating a named character within an inch of his life and

then zapping him with a Taser when he's broken and bloody works just fine.
And I think its pretty cinematic too, bad guys need ways of knocking the
good guys out after they've beaten them instead of mortaly injurying them.
And since stun damage fades away promptly the PCs can be in good shape and
ready to fight after the come to, which is important.

The sorcery one you ask about is this one I think:

In the book, under Sorcery, it mentions that you can target multple targets, at a cost of -1AV per ADDITIONAL target. Yet under Gun fighting, it is -1AV per target when shooting multiple targets. Is this an error or is this the way it is supposed to be?


The answer saying this was an error was given by Robin D. Laws.

The Flying Bullet answer is what Greg Stolze said on the mailing list when asked that question.

The active dodging mooks answer was given by Robin D. Laws.

The Old Master's unique schtick got covered in good detail on the FS FAQ. The answer on the FAQ is "official".

I didn't give any of the stuff covered allready on the FAQ as this is to supplement it. I could just do an updated FAQ and put this stuff on it.

The chi points and magic points is what was said in the actual discusions on the mailing list. You get a lot of this sort of stuff in some of the conversations on the mailing list.

Found these more after digging recently on the old FS archives. Answer to questions indicate who answered them.

Q: How do folks handle Un-named Hopping Vampires? They regenerate 2 wp at the beginning of the sequence. Being mooks, they don't have a wound point total.

A: Don't treat the monsters in the rulebook as unnamed characters.

Take care >>> Robin

Q: Robin, is Monsters=Named characters explicitly stated anywhere in the rule book? If not, I think this might be a good candidate for the Errata

A: Agreed.

Take care >>> Robin

Q: In "Shaolin Heartbreak" (my favorite, by the way) on pg 62, the book suggests that the monks use their "Natural Order" fu shtick to evade bullets. Looking at the monks' stats, none of them appear to have this particular shtick. Later, on pg 71, the book says that one or more of the monks can use "Healing Chi" to aid in the ritual. Once again, none of them seems to have this shtick. In fact, looking at the monks, they all seem to have the same shticks. Is that an error? It seems kinda dull. What should the proper shticks be? Or, do they just inherit whatever shticks are needed to keep the plot moving (not a totally bad idea, mind you, but somewhat incomplete)?

A: In the original draft, the monks all had the same fu schticks but they included Healing Chi and Natural Order. The schticks weren't chosen properly, though; they were selected from all over the available ones and didn't follow the fu paths. (This was because the playtest copy's fu path chart was almost indecipherable.) So I just picked schticks from some appropriate paths to conform to the rules, and ditched the rest.

Unfortunately, I forgot that the text referred to those two schtick. You're welcome to just assume that the monks have them.

John Tynes

I also saw this post made by Robin about the Sorcerer schtick Heal. The page number he mentions is for the Daedalus version.

The description for Healing under the Sorcerer schtick "Heal" is incorrect. Use instead the more forgiving rules for Medical Attention on p. 158.

Some more errata. I found that I had about 6 months worth of old FS mailing list archives archives that I never finished checking. (It will take several hours to go through them. I only got half way through one month last night after 5 hours.)

I reedited the Private Investigator and Thief missing a Gun schtick in the 1st post of this thread to make the error clear. I also found last night an email in which Robin D Laws said again that the Private Investigator had that error which is why I reedited that post.

I also found some corrections for some well known MFD errors and more on named & unnamed monster. I've added who said what when multiple designers answered a question.

Do note that page references will be different in the Atlas version. (i don't have time to find the Atlas page references.)

Ok on to the Q&A and errata

Q: If all monsters are supposed to be 'named' why do 3 out of the 6 official scenarios feature extensive use of 'unnamed' monsters?
Hell, even the FS RB uses an 'unnamed' monster as an example of an 'unnamed' character getting beaten up. (p. 170. Under the heading 'Fighting Unnamed Characters').

A: The monsters in the FENG SHUI book should be treated as named. This does not mean that there are no unnamed monsters.

Take care >>> Robin

A (Given by by Jose Garcia): Walking corpses, there's always "mook" monsters.

Q: In "Blood for the Master", there's a discrepancy between Eng Fan Mei's Toughness attribute. His stats say one thing (well, Body implies toughness), but several times in the text and side bars (Careful who you eat), it says another. Details left out on purpose. Ttfn.

A: Yup. I bumped up his Bod score (to raise his Toughness) in the final round
of pre-press proofing, but didn't catch the other references. Doh!

Q: In the text accompanying our friend Roscoe the helicopter, it's noted that his "Toughness of 20 will stop most attacks from doing much damage" (I'm paraphrasing, I don't have the book in front of me.) However, his stats give Roscoe a Body of 10 with no separate Toughness noted.

Was it intended that Roscoe have Toughness 10 or 20?

A: Ditto here, in reverse. I gave him a Toughness of 20 originally (I made up the whole Roscoe thingie while editing the scenario) but had second thoughts at the last minute and dropped him to 10 out of fear that he'd be TOO nasty with those rockets of his (a good hit on the PCs' van, and ouch!)--but I didn't catch the other reference elsewhere in the text. Use 20 if you like, since you'll have a good idea of what your players can dish out.

Error: Pg 80 (Column 1). Johnny Tso is firing his Walther at the gnarled marauder. It then erroneously refers to the gnarled marauder as a 'vampire'. It's not, it's a 'demon'.

Q: 2 Chi on either tranimal or fu schticks. The Chi points come from the same pool and the rules text on p129 is incorrect.

A:I am now declaring it incorrect, because the other possibilities aren't simple enough.

Take care >>> Robin

Q: Okay, so what part of it is the oversight? (ie, is the PI supposed to have a gun schtick available, or not supposed to have the one he does listed under QSP?)

A: Give the poor guy a gun schtick.

Take care >>> Robin

Q: I generally just use the usual multiple target attack rule, with the added dictum that A Grenade Always Blows Up Something Interesting.

Is this how you would handle the effects of a shotgun blast against multiple targets as well?

A:I don't think that there's a Shotgun Always Hits Something Interesting corollary to the grenade dictum, but you may have a different perception of how action movies handle this.

Shotguns in action movies are more often like hand-held howitzers than something that a gamer might identify as an "area effect."

Take care >>> Robin

Q: p.125, Conditional Escalation states - "You may add another specified primary attribute by spending another schtick" as well as "You may add conditions by spending one schtick per condition".

So, can you spend multiple schticks to get multiple points in an attribute?

A: No.

Q: Or only 1 point per attribute, to a max of four?

A: Yes.

Q: Also, are you spending more schticks to get more conditions?

A: Yes.

Take care >>> Robin

Some cuts and past of some old mailing list questions and answers, etc.. Typos are in some of the of the G&A and I added some comments before thequestions if it was needed.

You can't take a LAW as a signature weapon according to what one playtester of 1st edition FS was told by Robin during a playtest of the rules.

Robin got asked about if Eagle Eye worked against Natural Armor that produced by schticks like Creature armor or the transformed bear's Rage, for example.) on the list and said this after several long posts discussing it.

Eagle Eye, Called Shots, etc. do work against natural armor.

Take care >>> Robin

Questions about the Fertility schtick with Greg's answers

Q: I'm just wondering how far this can go, and whether it's been reworded in the latter Daedalus or the Atlas editions. At the moment it seems tobe saying that with one casting, the fertility sorceror cancels out any current magic or acanowave effects within range, in the sense of "any and all", as opposed to "any one".

A: The text hasn't been changed. I'd go for "any one," not necessarily because that's my best guess about what Robin meant, but because it seems to be better game balance to me.

Q: Does this include arcanowave induced changes in abominations?

A: If you mean mutations, I wouldn't think so. To de-mutate someone, I'd make a Sorcerer combine Fertility and Healing. But YMMV.

Question with answer about Seed of the New Flesh.

Q: Hey Greg? Is CATS still playing? You mentioned it in all the advertising but its nowhere in the book...

A: Dammit, did that get cut?

There was a magazine article bit about how the musical "Plath!" had been knocked out of the #1 spot on broadway by "Star Trek: The Musical" and it mentioned in passing that "Cats" was still playing -- especially poignant since Felix Domesitcus is practically extinct in 2056...

This got asked about Golden Comeback and Bruce Baugh gave this answer

Q: Where are the rules for boxing? Actually this is just a nitpicky point.
The back cover said that the book had rules for box ala the Marquis of Queensberry. It didn't. I doubt I'll have to rack my brains over it but if a book says it has something in it then I expect it to have it.

A: After I wrote Savate up I literally couldn't think of anything boxing should cover that it doesn't.

Bruce Baugh

SNF pg. 90 The Damage of the Blood Squid's tentacles is Outcome + 21, not Outcome +20.

SNF pg. 74 and pg. 106, IYFA pg. 50 incorrectly give the damage of the Bouncing Benjis's claws as 11. The correct damage is 15.

SNF pg. 91 The bite of the Flaying Bladder is incorrectly given as 9, it is 8.

SW pg. 41 the Av for the Intimation skill is missing for the Typical Named Jackal Agent.

OL pg. 16 The Wounded Patient has an Info/Handyman Av of 0. It is most likely 10 or 9.

BC pg. 111 Atlas edition only Tízoc is missing the acute accent mark over the letter I in his name in the stat block. His name has the accent market in other places of the text in the chapter.

BFS pg. 6 The Disintegrator Ray is not an arcanowave device. This was fixed in SNF.

More Q & As

Note: I put in info to explain who answered each question before each question.

Hal Mangold who wrote the Orange Monk for Back for Seconds and gave this answer abut them

Q: Named Orange Monks have a Fu schtick titled "Migration of the Crane", yet there's nothing like this in the rulebook. Well?

A: I think its the Orange principle (they renamed it from what I wrote if I (remember correctly).

Hal Mangold

Carl Rigney wrote the statt for White Ninja in Back for Seconds and gave this answer. Carl did not write the transformed shark but did give answer to question about it in the same email exchange on the old mailing list.

Q: The description of the White Ninja's ability "Kuji-Kiri" seems incomplete. The phrase 'many of her Fu powers use Kuji-Kiri' is confusing. Am I missing something here? How does this ability contribute to her Fu?

A: It just means that she wiggles her fingers in funny ways to accomplish several of her Fu Powers. Devout researchers may wish to actually research Kuji-Kiri to lend an additional air of authenticity. It's basically Ninja Magic, a way of concentrating and focusing. She also uses Kuji-Kiri to neutralize the ability of her targets.

Do NOT get into a tickle-match with her!

Q: Anyone wishing to play a tranimal shark might feel ripped off. Starting tranimal characters get 5 schticks, yet the shark has only 4, and none of them can be taken multiple times. What up?

A:Its so the player will feel properly mean and do a good job playing the shark viciously.

Carl Rigney