Escape from the City of Brass

Crossing over the ridge, everyone feels a surge of magical energy. Even the mundanes. All spells and active effects expire. Non-Permenant Arcane Connections degrade one step, and any connections to anything in the terrestrial realm are temporarilly interrupted.
You are in the Magic Realm, Magic Aura 10, Ignem Boundary 7. This means a +17 to all magic, +24 for Ignem. It also means an additional 7 botch dice, or add 14 if Ignem.

Up ahead in the near distance you see it. At first it appears as a block of black stone with twin coumns of fire jutting upward. Further clarity reveals this to be the massive walls of the city and the two tallest towers made of brass of Andalus. The city has several gates, and on either side of the gate you are looking at there are twin pillars of fire. Really fire this time.
Roberto has the grogs set up a perimiter while the magi reset thier parma and spells.

Cecilio simply starts the Parma ritual without saying anything. No need to draw attention to herself and trigger the Gift. Magi generally weren't used to the Gifts affects...

Let us presume everyone has set up parma and other rotective spells. Everyone gets a ward against heat & flames.

Your objective lies straight ahead. How do you proceed?

Well Cecilio is going to head forward. Time to see her friend. She isn't taking this any differently than she would a normal city. Actually probably a good bit more relaxed due to the lack of a Divine Aura interfering with her magic.

Bernat takes the opportunity of the mages raising their parma to check out his surroundings. Are there any obvious immediate threats? Any good routes, or points of potential ambush?

Per 2 + Awa 4 + In Town 3 + die roll 4 = 13

Also, refreshing my Premonitions roll, since we're now In Town:

Per 2 + Prem 3 + In Town 3 + die roll 3 = 11, or 12 if relating to Bernat himself.

No immedite danger cn be discerned. But the city radiates as hotbed of trouble. Few ambush points from a mundne pov, other than the gates. But if there are aerial attacks, There is no cover at hand.

"Right," Solomon says as he draws as deep breath and takes in the sight of the city in front of them. He could literally feel the magic in the air all around him, a feeling he'd never experienced before, and he couldn't quite decide if he liked it.

Turning to Roberto he asks, "So what do you think? We should probably cover the ground as quickly as possible, this can't possibly be a safe place for us to dally."

He then watches as Cecilio takes off. He calls out to her, "If you take off on your own, you're...well, on your own. We're not going to go around hunting for you. Your decision making skills have already proven to be lacking, but it would be safer for you to stick with us."

Cecilio will wait and sigh. You say it isn't safe to dally, while dallying? And my decision making skills are the issue? Why did you come here if you are so afraid of it anyway?

I a.. a... a..gree. B... b... but IIIII'm nnnnnnot sure a.. anywhwhwhwere's sssssafe, rr.rr.rreally. I... I... I d.d.d...don't thhhhh... ink ww...ww..we're g.g.g.going to to to b.. b.. be ... a.. attacked w... w... without knnnnnnowing it, llleast. U... u... unless this haaaa has nnnas... ty fff fff flying thhings. Bernat shivers. It fffffffeeels.... ww ww wrong. Llll lll like g.g.guys .. ... ... b.but mmmmmore.

Roberto is momentarily distracted by the ability to effortlessly conjure flames, sponting CrIg10 without fatigue (or a die roll).
[color=red]Huh? Um, well, I figure nowhere is going to be more or less safe. If there is anyone in that citadel, they have probably spotted us by now. Though it is true that there is safety in numbers, I see no harm in letting her explore ahead. She can act as scout and herald.
When Cicilio is out of range, Roberto leans in an whispers to Solomon.
[color=red][size=60]We need to watch out for that one. Did you hear her mention blood drinking parties?[/size]

Keep in mind that amongst Roberto's defining traits are a reckless overconfidence and conservative morality :wink:
And he can be kind of a jerk :laughing:

And then to Bernat...
[color=red]Yeah. All genies can fly. They can all turn invisible at will and change shape. So if they want to have at us, we're pretty screwed anyway.

Bernat nods. Oh Oh Oh Okay. Sssssso nnnnnoted. Lllet's h...h...hope nnnnothing waaants to k.k. k... kill us j...j..j.j.just ... ... yet!

Cecilio looks back at all the talking, somewhat surprised they were dragging their feet when the goal was in sight. She had stopped before she was too far ahead, enough that she could just barely make out the words. She calls out.
Well I'm going, and I have an invitation for myself, Purity and my retinue.
We're too poor to actually have a retinue.
So if the city is closed to the general public you might want to hurry!

Cecilio turns slowly before slowly walking a few paces, and looking back. She doesn't really want to leave fellow magi, but she also wants to get to her see the Queen.

As you aproach the gate, the two small colums of fire on either side resolve into a pair of efreet. Large and menacing, with dark red skin and bat like wings.
[color=red]State your name and the purpose of your visit.

As the group approaches the gate, Who should walk up behind them but Lucas. "Da'ud brought me up to the Brass Horseman, and from there I followed you here. I can't tell you how happy I am to have caught up with you. This is not exactly a safe place to be wandering alone." He wipes the sweat from his brow and pants a little. "Any chance of a fire warding spell?" he asks.

OOC: I'm assuming that Lucas re-upped his Parma as well.

There will naturally be some suspicion and doubt. We are in jinn territory after all. To expedite that, let us say there was a predetermined set of code phrases to use to identify each other just in case of such an incident Question-response, counter question-response, and such. Roberto will confirm your identity.

Lucas is happy to give any code phrases required to authenticate himself. He also provides details about life at Andorra and Sa Dragonerra that a djinn would be unlikely to know. "I understand that you can't be too careful in this place."

[color=red]Good to have you back amongst us sodale! Now here's what's up. We need to get into the city. That maga up there at the gate, the one that cast healing on you to save your life. Catch up to her. She has her own private invitation. As Herald, announce our visit and see if you can get us in.
Presuming he does, Roberto whispers to Solomon [color=red]We need to keep an eye on him. He could be an 'afrit imposter trying to trick us. Let's see if he can get us in and then we can figure him out once we are inside.

Cecilio tries not to appear impressed by the guards, but truthfully she is. Most cities do not have security like that. Hello, I am Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger. I am here on the invitation of my friend the Queen of Ice, Blood and Sand. She is having a celebration in the city and... Cecilio fumbles in her bag before finding the letter and offering it to the guards invited me, Purity here the wolf grins as much as a wolf can and my retinue. Who would be Cecilio turns back and looks at the group, pointing those people. She hopes the guards buy that last bit since it is a blatant lie. Purity tries not to laugh, but lets out a sort of suppressed wheeze and a small shower of sparks.

OOC: Actually, it just occurred to me that we have Solomon here. Lucas would voluntarily submit to some of Solomon's mentem spells to help verify his identity.

OOC: I also assume Lucas got a ward against heat and flame.

Lucas nods to Roberto and then quickly casts a spell to change his clothes into something more appropriate to the City of Brass. That taken care of, he strides up behind Cecelio, catching her response to the efriti.

"Indeed," he says, bowing deeply to the efriti. "We are her faithful retinue, and have come to accompany her into your city to see the Queen of Ice, Blood, and Sand, may she reign for a thousand thousand years. Surely a guest of the queen should not be deprived of her retinue."

OOC: Casting check for Remake the Tailor's Craft (I assume no stress): Spellcasting check: 1D10+34 = [9]+34 = 43
Trying to get something a little fancy in an Arabian style.
For Finesse roll: 1D10+3 = [7]+3 = 10

Etiquette check: 1D10+2 = [1]+2 = 3
That's either good or bad, depending upon whether this is a stressful situation or not. If was a regular die, then it's a crappy roll. If it was stress die, however, then the second roll is:
Stress die: 1D10 = [1] = 1
Stress die: 1D10 = [7] = 7
Final roll: 21+2 = 23.
That's quite a difference. Boy, I hope it was a stress die. :smiley:

Without word or exression, the guards open the gates to let you in.