Escape from the City of Brass

(and it is stressed with +17 for aura and boundary and another +7 if Ignem, add 7 botch dice or fourteen if Ignem)

Lucas bows again to the guards and then gestures for the others to come up to the gate.

OOC: Wow, all spellcasting stressed with +7 botch dice. That's ... dangerous.

Solomon shrugs, "Right, well I guess that worked as well as anything. Let's keep moving."

The city gates opened, the splendor of this magical metropolis stuns the senses. Toewrs, spires, grand edifices. Wrought mainly of fiery metals such as brass, bronze, copper, and gold. There is some silver and steel, a bit of marble here and there. Grand avenues with paved streets and lined with gardens. Fountains and treed dot the scenery everywhere.
And the teeming throngs of inhabitants is nearly overwhelming! All sorts of exotic beings, mostly humanoid some with animal features. All sorts of jinn, fron Jann to Afrit, some seem human others are definetly not. There are vendors, bustlers, beggars, hawkers, and more.
Magic scroll! Magic scroll! I sell you magic scroll, three gold pennies.
Alms for the ppor. Please God have mercy. My children have not eaten in two days.
Coming through! Out of the way!

Cecilio will check her money, sigh that she only has two gold pennies and some assorted platinum, copper, tin and silver. She does still have some dried fruit slices, which she shall give to the beggar.
Purity asks in a somewhat worried tone "Was that the last of our food."
"Yes? But we're here. We'll get some more from the Queen. Plus his children need food!" Cecilio replies apparently unworried.
"We're gonna die of starvation one of these days."

Bernat has never seen anything like this, even in his dreams. He stares momentarily at the strange and wonderful sights, before remembering why he's there; a place like this will be full of pick-pockets and other scoundrels. Briefly checking his weaponry is still in place, he starts keeping his eyes out for any sign of trouble.

((And yes - I know he won't be able to do anything about any such trouble...))

Bernat senses potential danger all around, nothing imminent though.

Lucas tries to remain focused on their goal. He has no doubt that there were hundreds of distractions that might keep them from completing their task. AS enticing as some of them might be, it was imperative that they remain focused. "Where to from here?" He asks Solomon.

Magic Scroll! You buy? You buy! Magic Scroll! Two gold pennies! Or one penny and kiss from lady :smiley:

Solomon shrugs and glances toward Roberto, "I'm not sure, but I'm guessing we're looking for the largest palace with the tallest spires. I'm not sure a full frontal assault is the best idea. Does anyone have any recommendations?"

[color=red]A full frontal assault is never a good idea. But still...
This is not at all what I expected. I read that story, or a Castiian version of it anyway. I thought maybe the place was a hideout for invisible jinn in that story.
I didn't think it would be the same as in that story. But I did not expect this. This is like Constantinople in the Twilight Zone! It is literally a city of genies!
I suppose it might be as simple as asking directions. Ask that magic scroll guy if he has a city map.

Lucas, still dressed in his Arabian finery, approaches the scroll seller. "My good fellow," he says, bowing his head to the efriti. "Would you have a map of the city along with that scroll?"

OOC: Cast Aura of Beguiling Appearance before walking up (silent and no gestures). That's +3 to win trust and make friends.
Spellcasting check: 1D10+27 = [7]+27 = 34; Success!
Botch Dice: Base 8 - 3 (Cautious Sorcerer) - 2 (Gold Cord) = 3 botch dice
Botch Dice: 3D10 = [7, 9, 7] = 23; no botch
Whew! Glad for Horus and Cautious Sorcerer.
(Whoops, rolled one botch die too many. I was thinking about the undersea kingdom's aura.)

Actually, you roll NO botch dice unless you rolled a zero. Nothing special there. If you did, then you roll an additional 7 (or 14 if Ignem. You also add +17 to all magic rolls and totals. As if it was a level seventeen Magic Aura. Add another +7 if Ignem.
What you have here is a Magic Aura of 10 and a level 7 Ignem Boundary. The Magic Aura of 10 is constant throughout the Magic Realm. No oddities or hazzards there. However, every "location" is within a Boundary associated with a specific Form. The level of that boundary adds to all magic and magic botch dice, double the level if the magic matchess the Form.

He looks at you with a regretful expression and speaks in a normal tone, droping the hawker jibe.
That I do not have. I should start. Second time I was asked that today. I could conjure one, but that would be expensive. At least seven gold coins infused with fire.
Heck, for only five I'll be your tour guide for a long sun. You seem like a good kid. Didn't make that offer to the last guy. Told him I'd charge him nine to conjure a map, and when he found out that by "fire infused" I mean Ignem Vis, as he called it, well he flipped! Told him to bugger off. That was three short days ago.

Ah, now I understand.

OOC: What do we have with us in the way of conventional wealth?

He is not interested in material wealth. There are literally gemstones miced in with the gravel on the gold paved streets.
He wants vis. "Gold Coins Infused with Fire" means Pawns of Ignem Vis. That is the currency here. Jinn can conjure whatever they want, but it costs Might. They replenish that Might by consuming vis. A coin imbued with might counts as vis, so the economy works both ways.
He might accept a different Atr if you haggle.

"You are too kind to us poor travelers," Lucas replies with a bow. "If I may quickly confer with my companions, I will see if our purse will allow us to take you up on your most generous offer." Again, there is some bowing and a few more niceties before he quickly returns to the others.

"Apparently ignem vis is the currency here," he reports quietly to the others. "He says that he could conjure a map of the city for the princely sum of seven ignem vis, though he said that he would be willing to serve as our guide until sundown for only five. It may be that I could convince him to accept some other kind of vis instead of ignem. I didn't want to try until I knew if we were going to bargain with him. I was uncertain of how much vis we brought with us, and whether this would be a wise investment of some of it." He looks to Solomon in particular. "How should I proceed?"

OOC: FWIW, on a pretense of adjusting his footware, Lucas will pick up a few of the gemstones from the street.

Cecilio will approach the scroll seller as well, "When you say one coin and one kiss for a magic scroll, you mean one of those fancy vis infused coins don't you?"

Selim steps forward as he hears talk of bargaining, "Ah, perhaps you fine Magi would allow me to bargain with the is what I do."


Solomon turns to Lucas, "I'm not sure how to determine if that's a fair price or not, but perhaps Selim here can help you to negotiate a better deal." He turns to Roberto (Ie. the SG 8) ), "Roberto, how much vis do we have, and can we afford to spare some for this expense? It seems like a good investment assuming the genie actually can take us to Malik's palace."

You guys really need a guide. "Gold Coin" has a dual meaning. The physical object is the mundane meaning, and is applied to the physical object of containment. Usually a literal god coin, but it could be an apple for all anyone cares. The streets are paved with gold here. There is virtually unlimited mundane wealth for the taking.
The value is in the magical energy. So when people here speak of "Gold Coins", they refer to units of energy. A pawn of Vis, a point of Might, these are valued as a Gold Coin.
Mind you, the translation with Tongues can get tricky with slang and technical jargon. Whatever I say is not exactly what you hear. But whatever I mean you understand in general terms as if spoken in your own language.
You need to be careful here. Mortals get used and exploited all the time, and the occasional wizard is an easy target to get taken advantage of. Like that last guy, Leolinus. Some magus looking for the secret of brass bottles, the one that yelled at me about my asking price for a map. I was overcharging him because he was an uncouth rube. You guys, I was being fair with.
Tell you what. 5 Gold Coins for a conjured map, three for guide services, and only one for the Magic Scroll. A kiss from the fox lady is worth a gold coin to me :wink:

Roberto scowls and seems lost in thought.